Yogi’s Tourism Master Plan

Mukesh Jindal
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The great woo for Yogi Adityanath govt. in U.P. The master plan for tourism is going to implement and execute very soon with the huge investment of 5000 crores. All tourist places of U.P will direct connection with the tourism in few days. To attract foreign investment Yogi govt. already agreed all the foreign companies for this project. The Yogi Adityanath govt. set a target of generating five lakh jobs every year in the state of utter Pradesh. The main motto is to attract tourist, jobs and also to provide better service with safety. This is really very good strategic start by yogi Aditynath due to this all tourist places of UP will become richer with better reforms.

Tourism Plan

To boost the investment yogi already approved industrial development employment policy in 2017. This new policy will not tease the business but help them to flourish their business widely without any hassle. Around 50 companies of US willing to invest in U.P in like P&G, Azure power, Oracle, Honeywell, Uber, Monsanto, Cargill, Facebook, Coca coal etc. Chief minister already allocated 70 crores for this project in a very few period of time and focusing on the investment of 1000 crore in the first phase of this project. Now up govt. also, gear up tourism as an industry to attract more revenue and more jobs.

Yogi's tourism master plan


  • To create More than 5 lakh jobs UP.
  • To Strengthen Industrialization and tourism.
  • To develop all the circuits for tourism with expansion.
  • To provide better services and homely environment in all the major tourist places of UP.

Significance and importance

  • Under this tourism policy investment will be done in 10 cities around the 20 km radius of the tourist spot, Which would boost more opportunities and benefits for the society as well as to the traders.
  • State Govt. also target one lakh tourist to the national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and heritage buildings every year.
  • State Govt. will also focus on the environment and swatch to attract more tourist. Under this scheme state govt. also going to provide subsidy 10-25% on sports, cruise activities, wellness programmes, resorts, small budget hotels.
  • For this project govt. will also take huge land from the department of revenue and irrigation on lease for long period of time.
  • The whole project divided into circuits like Ramayana Mahabharata, Buddhist, Skaktipeeth, Krishna, eco-friendly wildlife sanctuaries etc.
  • Due to this master plan, more tourist will come UP from India as well as from abroad.

Major Places to develop

  • The Sufi circuit-It will majorly cover Kantit Sharif Dargah, Badaun, Fatehpur Sikri,  Lucknow, Bahraich, Allahabad, Bareilly, Syed Kadak Shah Dargah Kichocha Sharif,  Dewa Sharif, and Rampur.
  • Shaktipeeth-it will cover whole major Shakti peeth in Utter Pradesh out of 51 in the whole India.
  • Mahabartha circuit– It will cover the area from Hastinapur-Meerut to Kampilya-Farukkhabad.
  • The Krishna circuit-This circuit includes Mathura, Vrindavan, Gokul, Barsana, Govardhan as well as Pandagon.
  • A Jain circuit-This circuit will cover Agra, Meerut, Varanasi, Shravasti, Ayodhya,  Kaushambhi and Farukkhabad and Deoria.
  •  Freedom struggle circuit -This circuit will cover kakori, bathroom, Meerut and other those involves in freedom struggle movements.
  •  Kanwar circuit-This circuit will cover Ayodhya, Kalinjar, and Gonda,  Ghaziabad, Lakhimpur, and Kheri.
  • Ramayana circuit- this circuit will cover and Chitrakoot, Shringverpur and Ayodhya   in Uttar Pradesh,
  • Buddhist circuit-This circuit will cover Kapilvastu, Kaushambi, Kushinagar,r Sankisa, Sarnath, and Sravasti.
  • Eco-friendly and wildlife circuit-This circuit will cover pilibhit, Katrina and Dudhwa national park.

Tourism plan for UP


After the implementation of this plan, lots of good changes can be seen in UP especially in the religious places. it will also attract more tourist throughout the world. big change can be done with the great vision.

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