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Women Helpline Scheme (WHS) – PDF, Contact Details

Women Helpline Scheme 2015
Mukesh Jindal
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Women Helpline Scheme (WHS) – Plan for Universalisation of all Women help-line is supposed to offer 24-hours emergency and immediate answer to women. The Union Ministry of Women and Child Growth is implementing because from 01 04 2015 this strategy. The States/UTs fortify or may use their women help-lines through a single range. Women help-line (WHL) is dealing together with the 1 end Centre Scheme (OSC) underneath what type OSC is going to be installed at most State/UT to supply incorporated service and support to girls influenced by violence, and both privately and community spaces underneath one single roof.

Women afflicted with violence and also needing of services will probably be known during WHL to OSC. The Scheme of Universalisation of all Women help-line is supposed to supply 24-hours emergency and immediate answer to females influenced by violence during referral (connecting with correct authorization like authorities, 1 end Centre, healthcare facility) and advice relating to women associated with administration plans applications around the nation through one uniform variety.


The plot of Universalisation of Girls help-line is only built to encourage women afflicted with violence, and both in public and private areas, for example in your household, local community, office etc. Women that are victims of sexual, physical, psychological, emotional and financial abuse, no matter of age, class, caste, instruction position, marital status, race, society, and geography is going to be given an assist. Additionally, girl confronting all kinds of violence thanks to tried honor-related offenses, acid strikes, witch-hunting, sexual harassment, child sexual abuse, and trafficking and so forth will likewise be given together with emergency and immediate companies. There will not be a discrimination of any type which has an effect on this aggrieved’s treatment. That really is exclusive with regard wed females/ girls in heterosexual sexual associations that are mistreated with their own romantic partners, gender workers along with transgenders. Who are sexually attacked but have been denied treatment as a result of prejudices and mindsets.

Women Helpline Scheme 2015

This Scheme’s goals are:-

  • To supply tollfree 24-hours telephony support to females afflicted with violence searching service and facts
    to greatly help emergency and non-crisis intervention by means of referral into the ideal services like police/Hospitals/Ambulance services/District lawful support Authority (DLSA)/defense Officer (PO)/OSC.
  • To give info on the subject of the right service solutions, federal government programmes and schemes readily available to this woman influenced by violence, and in her distinct circumstance in the neighborhood field in that she resides or has been utilized.

Women Helpline Scheme (WHS)

Professional services of these ladies help-line along with different companies supplied under the strategy Social Audit are also undertaken that will Be Run By Civil Society teams to acquire direct responses from people who have obtained The Scheme will be assessed in the conclusion of this 12th 5 Year Want to Estimate its own Impression and accept corrective steps. Mapping practice, evaluation poll, activity research executed with the State/UTs within this respect wouldn’t just support the diagnosis of beneficiaries but may likewise assist in analyzing the effect or impact. Through evidence collecting procedures that are appropriate.

How to apply

  • Telephone for some of These Women Help-line Nos.
  • Webby means of emails, web-posts, web-interface, societal media internet sites i.e. webpage, facebook, twitter, my gov and so forth might be contemplated.
  • The Ladies Help Line is going to probably be active and up 24 Hours per day seven days per week for woman afflicted misuse or every girl or even in distress at the Subsequent fashion:
  • Telephone to Women’s Help Line: 181 Toll-free
  • Telephone to 1091- Police Help-line, 102 (hospital/Ambulance) & 108 (Crisis Reaction Products and Services)
    Contact to an End Centre(OSC)

Women Helpline Scheme 2015

Eligibility and conditions for Women helpline scheme 2015

Division of Telecom (DoT), vide its own amendment5 into the CMTS/UAS Permit requirements, outdated 31st might 2011, has falsified telecom suppliers to give precise information of these cellphone subscribers according to the subsequent —

(a) The Licensee will offer precise information of cellular clients from the Permit service field according to under specified period framework from your day of difficulty with this modification and precision. It ought to be component at the kind of latitude and longitude of cdr, form coordinate of their cell websites, that is among the areas of CD-R.

(b) To get started using all these details will probably be given for given mobile amounts. However, position info will likely be a portion of CD-R for several calls. Determined by the technological progress that the constraints of precision can possibly be shifted every moment later on”

Procedure for Women helpline scheme 2015

Girls‟s helpline will probably be available through one worldwide toll-free amount around the nation. A female in misery or at awkward conditions or somebody along with her behalf should have the ability to predict this toll-free telephone number and also certainly will attain the responder named there. Predicated around the urgency and also what’s needed clarified from the females, the responder will consult to important aid services such as medical assistance, authorities guidance or join into a single end Centre for skilled counselling, shelter, legal support, if a women has to be preserved or has been in immediate need of health attention subsequently your PCR Van in your closest police channel or unsubscribe from closest healthcare facility/ 108 agency/ one-stop Centre (whichever is nearer), would be discharged.

If a woman wants information on the subject of the legislation and also present methods of federal government afterward telephone could get in touch into this nearest one-stop Centre that’ll offer this advice to both ladies. The helpline may likewise be retrieved through text-message for anyone not able to converse and will probably be painful and sensitive to the demands of men that are speech and hearing impaired or individuals having a handicap. It should get supply to discover from that a telephone was obtained, / T-Race exactly the number. If a woman was disrupted throughout her telephone or couldn’t define her trouble along with her speech owing to currently being sick/disabled then your exact same will be tracked and over moments that the help-line will alleviate an unexpected emergency reply through closest one-stop Centre/ authorities station/ clinic.

Women Helpline Scheme 2015

Contact details

Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India
Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi
[email protected]

Web Information Manager
Shri B. B. Baseshankar
Under Secretary
Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi
[email protected]

Women Helpline Scheme 2015  PDF

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Present laws and regulations and laws admit that the limits of active systemic answers i.e. intervention throughout the authorities along with other executing organizations, a huge area of females afflicted with violence consent to approach the authorities or even the court in the exact earliest case. There is a requirement to create aid service using integrated and strong service shipping system which women may approach they’re coerced into conditions.

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