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Widow Re-Marriage Scheme in Himachal Pradesh

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A good marriage does not simply happen. Widow Remarriage is a big question and a task for the women in India. Life is unceasing misery for millions of widows living in India. Remarriage in India is considered as a neglected factor and women are not allowed to marry again after the sudden death of her spouse. But recently the trend is changing and more widows are willing to get married again and the most welcoming aspect is that more young men are willing to accept widows. Central and State Government made many laws and launched various schemes for helping widows to marry again.

Widow Re-Marriage Scheme in Himachal Pradesh

The Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of Himachal Pradesh launched a new scheme for women named as Widow Re-Marriage Scheme. The main objective of this scheme is to encourage remarriage of widowed women. This scheme provides financial assistance to widows of the state. Under this scheme, financial assistance of Rs. 25, 000 is provided out of which cash grant of Rs. 10,000 will be given to widow at the time of marriage and Rs. 15,000 will be kept in the form of Fixed Deposit jointly at least for five years. The applicant may get their application form at nearest District welfare office in Himachal Pradesh.

Benefits of Widow Re-Marriage Scheme

    • All widow permanent residence of Himachal can apply to the scheme.
    • Benefits in the form of financial assistance to the eligible widow.
    • Benefits in the form of financial assistance of Rs. 25, 000 is provided out of which cash grant of Rs. 10,000 will be given to widow at the time of marriage and Rs. 15,000 will be kept in the form of Fixed Deposit jointly at least for five years.

Widow Re-Marriage Scheme in Himachal

Eligibility and conditions applying for Widow Re-Marriage Scheme

    • A widow must be residents of Himachal Pradesh.
    • Widow and men both are the permanent residents of Himachal Pradesh.
    • Men not less than 21 years of age.
    • Women not less than 18 years of age.

Widow Re-Marriage Scheme

Required Documents for Widow Re-Marriage Scheme

    • Passport size photograph
    • ID proof
    • Bank Passbook photocopy
    • Name and address of person to whom widow is marrying
    • Residence Proof of both men & women
    • Aadhar Card
    • Application form
    • Date of re-remarriage
    • Date of first marriage
    • Date which she become widow
    • Death certificate of widow’s first husband

Widow Re-Marriage

How to Apply for Widow Re-Marriage Scheme

  • Applicant widow wishes to apply must confirm eligibility and can visit the District or Tehsil welfare office for applying.
  • The application form can be obtained at same office or can be downloaded from the link mentioned below.
  • Fill all the required information carefully and submit the application form at same office with all required documents and application should be submitted within six months of their marriage.

Contact Details

  • Applicant women can contact nearest Women and child development department in the Himachal Pradesh.
  • Tehsil welfare office
  • Social justice and empowerment office.
  • District welfare office.
  • Women and child development officer.

Widow Re-Marriage yojana

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Widow Re-Marriage yojana in Himachal Pradesh

Widows considering remarriage may face conflicting emotions. When a woman lost a spouse, it is very difficult for her and her family to find a good match again but when they get help from the government then half burden of the girls family has been shared. When a widow marries again she not only get a new life but also entered a new world of happiness. The state government of Himachal Pradesh finds that it is possible to save and rehabilitate the life of more number of widows through sensitizing the young men to come forward to get married to widows. Mass widow remarriages may be organized by the political and religious leader to mark the occasion of women’s day. Let us stop giving yesterday’s solutions to today’s problems.

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