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Welfare Scheme of Manipur Homeguard Employees Launched by MHGEWA

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A welfare scheme dedicated to all the home guards who are employed in the state of Manipur has been launched. This scheme was launched on the 15th of February 2017 at a press conference held in the capital city of Imphal. This scheme was aimed to provide all the dues, the home guards had, in terms of the salary benefits and other service benefits.


Highlights of the scheme

  • The scheme is named as the Welfare scheme for home guards.
  • The scheme was launched 15th of February 2017.
  • The head of the MHGEWA is Y Mangi.
  • The scheme was the result of a 15 days agitation by the home guards.
  • The scheme was launched in Imphal.

Advantages of the Home Guard Welfare scheme for employees

The government of Home Guard Employees Welfare Association (MHGEWA) Manipur has said that it would give INR. 1 lakh as money related help to a home monitor part at the season of retirement, less than ideal death or whatever other disastrous conditions.

Eligibility Criteria

Home Guard Employees belongs to Manipur state are eligible for this scheme

Main points of the Welfare Scheme for Home Guard Employees

  • Manipur Home Guard Employees Welfare Association (MHGEWA) (Government of Manipur) began another welfare plot for Home Guard Employees. MHGEWA aims to provide financial assistance to the Home Guard Employees as they are deprived of others schemes like pension
  • MHGEWAformed a committee of seven members to monitor the scheme
  • The post of home guards is not a permanent one and also has no service security. There are several differences in terms of income benefits of home guards and other ranks like constables in the police service. What’s more, the home gatekeepers did not have any retirement benefits as well.
  • The MHGEWA would each contribute INR 200 and will be given 1 lakh as monetary help to a home watch part at the season of retirement, unfavourable destruction or some other grievous conditions.

Implementation of the scheme

The scheme is completely under the control of the MHGEWA team who have taken the initiative to take this important step to benefit the social and economic lifestyle of the home guards.

References & Details

For more details about Welfare Scheme for Home Guard Employees visit


The scheme will benefit thousands of home guards employed in the policing service of Manipur and was unsatisfied with their service benefits that were being provided by the Manipur Government. This ended the agitation by the home guards.


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