VOTER CARD (Issued by Election Commission of India) – Status, Registration, Download

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VOTER CARD-An identity proof

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The Election Commission of India issued a VOTER ID Card. This photo Voter ID card is an identity document. This ID card is also known as the EPIC-Electors Photo Identity Card, Election card, Voter ID, or Voter Card. This photo ID card is issued to all the individuals of the country who is eligible for the vote.

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The voter card is an identity proof when the person cast their vote. The voter ID card introduced in August 1993. It is introduced in the tenure of  T.N Seshan, former Election Commissioner of India. In May 2000, the commission issued revised guidelines for the EPIC programme for taking the benefits of innovative technology.

In India, more than 450 million voter ID Card is issued till now.This ID card is used as the ID proof and as the address proof for getting a new gas connection, to open a bank account etc. This voter ID is essential in the case of Migration.

For registered the Voter ID Card OFFLINE the applicant must be eligible as He/She holds the Citizenship of India. Above 18 years of the age is eligible and qualified for the Voter. For Voter ID Card the form 001A has to be submitted. if your name is already on the voter’s list then fill the form 001C to the ERO and collect the signed receipt from ERO. After the verification of all the details, the Election ID Card will be issued after the specified period of time.

To apply ONLINE the applicant have to visit the website of Election Commission When you click on National Voter’s Services Portal the new page will be open directly and click on APPLY ONLINE FOR REGISTRATION OF NEW VOTER ID. The form no. 6 is open and it is divided into 4 parts. The applicant has to fill all the required details in the form. When all the documents with your photograph are uploaded you can check your Voter ID status through the reference number sent by them.

If you apply online then you have to enter your personal details like Name, Gender, date of birth, place of Birth, the Name of Father’s, Mother’s or Husband’s Name, Address or details of family members. You have to choose the state or constituency of your locality. You also provide the scan copy of the following documents like your photograph, Address proof, and ID proof

The DOCUMENTS required for the Voter ID card are addressed proof of one of them like [electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill, ration card, driving license, and passport etc.] Identity proof, age proof, and photograph. The — USES of the Voter ID card is that It is acceptable as the Personnel Identity proof, As a registered Voter, the voters have to carry this ID Card in the elections as a proof. In this voter ID card, the features like signatures, photo, fingerprints etc are included.

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You can verify your Voter ID by using the Voter ID number online or offline. You can check online by visiting the official website of the election commission. You also can verify offline by visiting the election’s commission’s office.

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The old Voter ID Card was issued in black and white in color. But now new Voter ID card is issued in a colored laminated look like a bank card. It is not a smart card. It is a plastic laminated card. In India, the elections are held after every 5 years because of the largest democracy in India. To Vote is our duty or right as a citizen of the country. During the elections days, voters must carry their voter ID card.



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VOTER CARD – Status, Registration, Download

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