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Vishesh Mahila Uthaan Yojana For Woman In Moral Danger, Himachal Pradesh

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Vishesh Mahila Uthaan Yojana To Provide Stipend, Subsidy For Woman Who In Moral Danger – Under this scheme financed by the Government of India, grants are sanctioned by the Government of India to link the employment of women of the minority to employment. Proposals received from the self-union organizations are forwarded to the Government of India by amending the provisions of the Empowerment Committee. Women’s economic empowerment has taken place through this program.
Vishesh Mahila UthaanYojanaTo Provide Stipend, Subsidy For Woman Who In Moral Danger, Himachal Pradesh


Organizing women in small viable parties and providing facilities through training and credit.

Providing training for skill development.

Enabling women parties, so that they can run self-employment and income generating programs through favorable and advanced contacts.

Providing support services for further improvement in training and employment conditions for women.

Implementing Agency

This scheme happens to be run through the District Rural Development Agencies, Public Sector Organizations, Voluntary and Co-operative Organizations, Associations, Voluntary and Non-Governmental Organizations that are registered under Registration Act of 1860 of Societies or equivalent State Government. Under this scheme, bodies, agencies or agencies seeking financial assistance should be employed in the rural area even if their headquarter is located in urban areas.
Vishesh Mahila UthaanYojanaTo Provide Stipend

Target class / Beneficiary

Under this program, the target category to be included includes marginal, non-affluent rural and urban poor women. They include workers receiving wages, without wages daily personnel, family head of women, marginal workers, tribal and other displaced persons. Under this project, SC / ST Special emphasis is placed on families and families living below the poverty line.

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Support system

(A) 100 percent assistance

Project Personnel and Administrative Cost,

Training Scholarship, Training of Trainers, Skill Upgradation Training-cum-Production Center and Training for Goods,

To provide cooperative societies to support the formal legal organizations formed in the form of members, producers, and workers,

Support Services- Education, general awareness, health care, sanitation, nutrition / infantile facilities for dependent children Where the consolidation of these services is not available, in those cases, the said services will be made available as part of the project cost,

Marketing assistance-marketing / sales personnel, stock provisioning and customer loans, warehouses, marketing clearance, quality control and management support.
Subsidy For Woman Who In Moral Danger

(B) 50 percent assistance

The construction of separate workshops and unconstitutional production centers- 50 percent of the total cost for this component will be borne by the government and remaining 50 percent will be borne by the implementing agency.

(C) Working capital / raw material requirement

Financial assistance will be provided in a phased manner for working capital and raw materials, which will be 100% in the first year of the project, 50% in the second year and 30% in the third year.

The method of financial nutrition at the rate of percentage for total project cost will be limited to the following percentages:

  • Administration and project employee cost
  • Technical skill training and orientation to training-beneficiaries and project workers

How To Apply :

Proposals in the prescribed form through the State Government should be sent to the following address:

Deputy secretary (step), Women and Child Development Department, First Floor, Life Deep Building, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-1,

Documents to be attached with the application

  • A copy of the registration certificate
  • Constitution of the Organization and Confluence Article
  • List of executive committee members in which details of their business and land area are given
  • Accounts Receipt of audited details i.e., receipt and payment of last two years, income and expenditure and balance sheet
  • Copy of updated annual report
  • Map of project area

State government’s recommendation

Support for training and employment program for women (step)

  • The application should be submitted to the child development program officer of the project area in three copies.
  • Applications received without incomplete or attachments will not be considered.
  • Part and part of the application form will be filled by the applicant organization and will be filled by the Divisional Child Development Program Officer and Part D will be filled by the State Government.

Contact Details

  • The child development program officer

PDF of the scheme

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Conclusion :

Nowadays, the government is making many efforts to make the women of the country financially
strong. In which the public and private sector banks of the country are also playing important
role. So that women can also participate in the business sector. Among them, women are getting
loan at cheaper rates on all schemes like Vaibhav Laxmi, Synde Mahila Shakti, and money
scheme. These schemes are also known as Woman Special Schemes. In such a case, let’s know
about the special plans that are going on these days for women.

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