Kamdhenu Dairy Farm, Gopalak Yojana Form UP, *यूपी कामधेनु डेरी योजना*

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Uttar Pradesh Kamdhenu Dairy Farm Scheme (उत्तर-प्रदेश कामधेनु डेरी स्कीम)

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Uttar Pradesh Dairy Scheme is based on Uttar Pradesh Agriculture which is one of the Country’s States. In UP 68% population lives in the village and cultivates. There is also a source of business and livelihood along with animal husbandry. In milk and milk products UP is a rich state that’s why a large part of the population turning into milk production. In the year 2013-2014 241.99 lac metric tonne milk was produced by the UP and for this reason, UP is at first position. But if we compare the cost per animal so we know that milk production of the household cow is 2.5 Ltr, but in Haryana and Punjab the percentage of production is double, so if we talk about Buffalo, then every buffalo gives 4.4 ltr milk, but in both situation the ratio is double in Haryana and Punjab, UP sub-animal milk production ratio is lesser than the Punjab and Haryana.  कामधेनु योजना 2018

Kamdhenu Yojana to Gopalakrishna Yojana

The Government of UP has stopped the  Kamdhenu dairy farm Yojna or we can say the name has been changed. Now the Gopalakrishna Yojana has come into its place. The Gopalakrishna Yojana has been started by the  Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh. A few changes have been made in the Gopalak Yojana as so far the Under the Kamdhenu dairy farm Mini and micro Kamdhenu were the schemes now according to the new government the subsidy provided to the people will be reduced as earlier a subsidy of Amount 25 lakhs were given to the cattle owner now it has been reduced to 9 lakh rupees and under which a loan of 7 lakh will be given to the owner of 10 MILCH ANIMALS.

Uttar Pradesh Kamdhenu dairy farm Yojana Purpose

  • To ensure the availability and production of animals with high production capacity in the state
  • For making excellence centers of high productive milk animals in Uttar Pradesh
  • Ensure the availability of livestock for the future for high-quality animals in the future

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Key Features of Uttar Pradesh Kamdhenu dairy farm Scheme

  • Under the Kamdhenu dairy farm Yojana 100 milk, cow/ buffalo milk units will be opened
  • Under the milking category only hybrids, jersey, HFF and Sahiwal will be stored
  • To organize, one unit of 100 milk animals, the animal keeper will decide that in one unit all animals, or cow or buffalo both will be. But in one unit must be one species of cattle
  • All animals will be bought from the external state
  • To develop work, the beneficiary should have 2-acre of land
  • The total cost of the unit is 121.52 lac, in which 100 dairy cattle purchase and cattle house, procurement of grain warehouse, dung gas plant, feed mix plant etc.
  • 7 % of the total cost of the unit, 25 % according to the amount 30.38 lac beneficiaries will be given as margin money and 75% of the balance will be received through the loan
  • The cost of the bank plan or the loan received from 75 % of the beneficiary, which is less, 32.82 lac will be reimbursed in the form of the maximum amount for a period of 5 years by the state government at the rate of 12% interest
  • Animal Husbandry Department has been designated as a nodal officer for the Yojana

Benefits of Kamdhenu Dairy farm Yojana

  • An additional production of 225.00 lac liters of milk per year is expected in the state
  • Net profit of Rs 208.00 lac is possible to the livestock keeper in 5 years per unit
  • It is possible for livestock keepers to have productive capacity animals available within the state
  • 80 unit of  electricity production per day is possible


Uttar Pradesh Kamdhenu Dairy farm Scheme Cost

  • Capital expenditure (Animal Purchase) 

(100 milk animal, 1 Murrah Buffalo, and transport Insurance)  7,868,600.00 Rs

  • Establishment expenses

(Animal house, straw warehouse, silo pit, and other buildings)  210 9 000.00 Rs

  • Equipment expenditure 

(power chef cutter, feed mix plant, dung gas plant, jet pump, milking machine etc)  2174500.00 Rs

Total Amount 12152100.00 Rs 

Uttar Pradesh Gopalak scheme loan amount

If you are interested to start a Dairy then you can opt for the Gopalak scheme as the Raya Government is making it possible for the Dairy farmers or the owners to boost their business by providing them the financial assistance in the form of the Bank loans. You can apply for the Bank loan Under the Gopalak scheme. The loan will be provided to the aspirants in the form of two installments. As the applicant will be given 40k per year for 5 years as a loan amount. This will encourage the Unemployed youth to start their own business by vailing the benefit of the scheme.

How will Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Yojana work?

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  • Under the scheme, the aspirants will be charged 1.8 lakh for the 10 animals to open the Dairy farm.
  • The applicant will to eligible to get the loan to 3.60 lakh for the 5 cattle from the banks.
  • The applicant can also apply for the loan for the second installment if he/she desires.
  • The applicant can avail the loan of 9 Lakh under the Gopalak scheme loan.
  • Every animal cow or the buffalo the grant will be provided of 20k so if you have 5 animals then you will get a total of 1 lakh and for 10 animals you will get 2 lakh.
  • The amount will be provided in the form of installment as 40k will be provided every year for 5 years as mentioned.

Eligibility for Cooperative scheme UP Gopalak Yojana

If you are interested to apply the Gopalak Yojana then you should be aware of the Eligibility criteria in order if you want to apply for the Gopalak Yojana form up you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria given below. Have a look at the points given below.

  • As if you are to apply then you must represent it on Bonafide letter.
  • The person applying for the Gopalak should be unemployed.
  • The aspirants should be the permanent resident of the Uttar Pradesh State.
  • People of other states cannot apply the scheme.
  • In order to get the loan under the Gopalak scheme, you must have at least 10 cows or the Buffaloes.
  • The maximum 20 animals can be held by the aspirants.
  • Before applying for the scheme you must be owing at least 5 animals.
  • Only partial financial help will be provided by the government for the Gopalak scheme.
  • Only those candidate who have a desire to run the business, apply for the scheme.
  • The income of the aspirant applying for the scheme should not be more than 1 Lakh Rs. Annually.

Documents required for the Gopalak scheme

If you are interested to apply the Gopalak scheme then you should be having the documents which are mentioned as follows because these are the documents which will be asked from you if you are to apply the Kamdhenu now Gopalak scheme.

  • The applicant should have a valid Aadhaar card.
  • Proof of the family income such as bank statement.
  • Proof your caste such as caste certificate, reserved category certificate.
  • The applicant applying for the Gopalak should not be the defaulter by any of the banks.

Selection of animals for the Gopalak scheme loan

The animal to be selected for the Gopalak yojana should be in the Gopalak Yojana form up that the points mentioned below could be satisfied if you are to apply for the Gopalak scheme Loan.

  • The animal should be bought from the cattle fair.
  • The animal bought should be Milk giving.
  • The animals bought should be healthy and should not be having any type of disease.
  • The animal bought should be giving the milk of 8 to 10 liters per day for the first and the second rites.
  • The Gopalak scheme will ensure all the animals.

How to apply Cooperative scheme in Gopalak Yojana UP?

To apply the Cooperative Scheme in UP or the Gopalak Yojana form up then you can apply for the scheme by making use of the steps given below. Check the steps given below.

  1. You have to first visit the medical officer of your area to get the application on your behalf from him.
  2. The medical officer will then send that application to the veterinary officer.
  3. The application then will be sent to the Headquarters.
  4. Then the team appointed at the headquarters such as Nodal Officers or CDO will verify the details and the application you have submitted.
  5. Then the loan will be approved and you will become to get the loan from the cooperative in UP under the Gopalak scheme.

Contact Info

If you face any problem in the Gopalak scheme loan then you can contact the Medical officer near your area. You can also comment your problem regarding the scheme in the comment box below, we will try to resolve the problem for your convenience.

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