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Now waiting too long in the Queues is reduced with the use of technology and the Mobile apps each sort of service is available online to the people at a click away so same has been changed in the Indian Railways’ as the Indian Railways’ has launched the UTS mobile app, the app basically aims to benefit the people who are interested to get the unreserved tickets online so it would n’t be a dream anymore as from  1 November, according to the information released by the official of the Indian Railways. As the scheme has already been started in a few regions in the last 4 years.

Implementation of UTS mobile app

As mentioned earlier the UTS mobile app was earlier started 4 years back but couldn’t gain much popularity due to the large people preferred to travel in locals as the UTS was first implemented in Mumbai.

As now the scheme or the UTS mobile app again come back with more number of services or the facilities for the people across the nation India, to ease the access to the Indian Railways by providing the all sort of services Online by the UTS mobile app.

The UTS mobile app has been already implemented in 15 zones as only the Northeastern Frontier Railway and West Central Railway being the remaining two zones which are left for the implementation of the scheme.

UTS mobile app features

  • As the focus is to promote the scheme more and more across the nation so that it can reach each one and people would understand the benefit of the UTS app and try to make use of the scheme benefiting themselves by buying tickets online.
  • As from  1 November will also be covered under the UTS mobile app scheme.
  • As according to the survey being conducted by the department in the last 4 years there are 45 lakh registered users who registered on the app.
  • An average of 87,000 tickets is bought each day by making use of the UTS mobile app scheme.
  • As according to the data the Government earns ₹45 lakh per day through the sale of Unreserved tickets through the online process.

How To Download UTS Mobile Apps?

You can get the IRCTC’s UTS app from either Android app Google Play Store or OEM application store or window app store. The UTS mobile app is free of cost as no charges for downloading it. The tickets can be booked or canceled and all sort of services mentioned in the article are available at the UTS mobile app. You can also renew, booking platform and more type of services.

You can get the Mobile app UTS from the Link given below.

Click here

Benefits of UTS mobile app

The following given are the benefits which you as a citizen can get by making use of the UTS mobile app.

  • Avoid the use of cash, carrying cash along.
  • It provides the citizen with the facility for the exact payment and the transaction costs are reduced.
  • The ease to make payments, management of bills, purchases and other transactions.
  • It maintains the proper record of the payment and will help in better tax compliance and increasing the tax base.
  • Digital payment will reduce the use of Cash.

Services at UTS mobile app

The following mentioned are the services available at the UTS mobile app.

  1. Quick Booking – Ticket for the frequent travel route.
  2. Normal Booking – Ticket for defined route/city.
  3. Season Ticket – Ticket for any route for the defined city.
  4. Platform Ticket – Getting the platform ticket.
  5. Cancel Ticket – Cancelling the ticket, print on paper or paperless
  6. Booking History – Details of the previous booking to rebook.
  7. Show Ticket – Paperless ticket
  8. Profile – Check balance in the wallet online
  9. Sync Ticket – Remove the old tickets and sync the new tickets.
  10. Logout – To close the application.

Who can book ticket Online at UTS mobile app?

  • The scheme is for the people who are interested to buy the tickets for the long distance Journeys.
  • The passengers who are around 25 to 30 m away from the station can make use of the UTS app.
  • The people are allowed to book 4 tickets at a time using the UTS Mobile app.
  • As an individual interested to book tickets at UTS app has to get registered at the app and about which you will be guided in the article below.
  • The registered user can buy the tickets online along even the platform tickets and the monthly passes can also be availed using the UTS mobile app.

How to register at UTS mobile app?

To get the benefit of online booking at the website www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in  or the UTS mobile app can be accessed as the user can only benefit of getting the booking done online only if they are registered at the Online portal of website www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in.

For registration you have to give the following mentioned information as the reference image and the Link to register is also given below. The reader can make use to register themselves at website www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in.

Click here

Reference Image:

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  • Enter the mobile number and the name of an aspirant.
  • Select Gender.
  • Select the date of Birth.
  • Enter the Captcha Code and you will receive the OTP on the registered mobile Number.
  • Enter the OTP to proceed with the Application.
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  • Then you have to enter the default booking train type, class, ticket type, number of passengers, and frequently traveling routes etc.
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How will the ticket be booked?

In case you have registered at the UTS mobile app as now you are interested in Book tickets then follow the steps given to know how will the tickets be booked at UTS mobile app.

Log in uts Mobile app

You have to visit the website www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in. or make use of the mobile app of UTS.

Click here

Reference Image:

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  • You have to Login to the www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in.to book the tickets.
  • Enter the user Id, the password you receive on your registered Mobile Number.
  • Enter the Captcha Code.

You would be able to Login to the UTS mobile app.

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Then after the Login process, you will get two options to book the tickets.

  1. Normal Booking
  2. Quick Booking
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  • Select the desired Option.
  • Select the Route.
  • After that Fare for the Journey to be paid online.
  • Then passenger confirmation is needed to submit the application for Ticket booking.
  • You can also get the Print of the Ticket if you desire to get the printed tickets or you can also make use of Show ticket in the mobile app uts in case of TTE/TC comes during the journey.

Customer Support Number

Phone: –
Mumbai users- 138
Kolkata users- 138
Secunderabad users- Secunderabad users
Chennai users- 044-25351621
Delhi users-  011-23361955
SECR users- 07752-407668
SWR users- 08861-309572
ECoR users- 08455-885961
NER users- 138

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