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The Uttar Pradesh government has started a New project named PC-PNDT Which stands for the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques the reason for starting the project is to ban the sex determination of the child. The project has been initiated by considering the decision of the Parliament to stop the Female Foeticide and it would lead to maintain the equality or reduce the downfall of the female ration in sex ration data of India. The act enacted by the government to ban the use of the sex selection techniques before and after the conception. The misuse of the technology will be reduced such as the prenatal diagnosis for the sex-selected abortion.

What is PCPNDT?

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The PCPNDT is the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques as already mentioned. The PCPNDT techniques have is the procedure which includes the gynecological or obstetrical, medical processes such as Ultrasonography, Foetoscopy, Taking or removing samples of Amniotic fluid, Chorionic Villi, Any tissue, Fluid, Blood of man or the women sent to the genetical laboratories to determine the Sex of the child.

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A procedure of Login panel at the Pyari Bitiya

The Pyari Bitiya portal is the online portal which is designed by the government under the key functionaries of the PCPNDT login panel are  Shri. Yogi Adityanath the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Uttar Pradesh and the Smt. Rita Bahuguna Joshi the Hon’ble Minister of Women, Child & Family Welfare, Uttar Pradesh. The people can apply online or register themselves at the login panel of the Pyari Bitiya.

Registration at Login panel

All the people running the Genetic Counselling Centre or the Genetic Laboratories, Genetic Clinic under the PNDT cannot run their centers without being registered at the Login panel of the Pyari Bitiya Portal. It doesn’t matter whether the body or the functionaries are government, private, part-time, contractual or consultative or honorary. All have to register their centers or the clinic.

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Procedure for Registration

The people or the aspirant wish to register at the Chief Medical Officer of the district, or any other medical officer constituted from the Medical officer constituted of the subdistrict.

  • You have to fill the application form in duplicate and the form filled as Form A.
  • The applicant has to submit the affidavit containing the undertaking effect Genetic Centre/Laboratory/Clinic/ Ultrasound Clinic/Imaging.
  • An undertaking for not conducting the test or procedure for the sex selection or detection except for the case of the disease.

An application fee for Registration

The application charges or the fee which you are required to submit at the Pyari Bitiya to access the login panel registration are mentioned as follows:

  • Rs.3000.00 is the application fee for Genetic Counselling Centre, Genetic Clinic, Ultrasound Clinic, Genetic Laboratory or Imaging Center.
  • Rs.4000.00  is the application fee for an institute, hospital, nursing home, Genetic centers, laboratories, Imaging center.

Payment Procedure

You can pay the Fee or the charges in the following mentioned methods:

  • By the demand draft Drawn in the favor of the scheduled bank or the Appropriate Authority linked with the  Pyari Bitiya Yojana.

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Eligibility criteria for Registration

You have to fulfill the criteria of eligibility if you want to get your medical centers linked at the Payari Bitiya. Only a few centers will be registered who will fulfill the criteria mentioned at the official website of the Pyari Bitiya portal.

Some of the eligibility criteria are mentioned as follows:

  • Adequate space for the setting up of the Genetic or the medical centers.
  • Types of equipment and the technology used should be proper.
  • Proper care for the Hygiene
  • Qualified and reasonable number of staff employed.

Process of Certification

After the complete process of registration, the verification for the registered centers would be done by the PNDT or the other appropriate authorities employed for the verification of the centers. The center visit will also include in the verification. The Medical centers which would fulfill all the measures for the setting up of the medical or the genetical centers, laboratories or the clinic will be given Certification and only the Certified centers can carry out the process related to the PC PNDT.

Login Panel

The certified centers registered will be issued the Username and the password and they can make use of it to log in at the login panel of the Pyari Bitiya Official portal for PCPNDT.

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Status of application

The user is also provided with the assistance of the Online status check of the Application registered at the portal of the Pyari Bitiya. You can make use of the link given below and check the status of the application registered at the Pyari Bitiya.

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Register Complaint

The people who face any of the problem or the people can also register a complaint against the medical centers, laboratories who are doing the misuse of the Prenatal Diagnostics services. The complaint registered at the portal will be taken into consideration and the legal steps would be taken against such genetic centers such as cancellation of the Certification of such centers.

Note – The complainant should have given the legal notice to the person who’s against he is registering the complaint.

Status of complaint

The status of the complaint registered could be checked at the online portal of the Pyari Bitiya. You have to just enter the details of the complaint registered at the portal to know about the action taken against the registered complaint.

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