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UP Madarsa Online Registration, Last Date to Apply

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UP Madarsa Online Registration forms for the year 2019, Registration Procedure at the official site madarsaboard.upsdc.gov.in. You can also Log in to the UP Board of Madarsa Education by filling the Registration Form Madarsa.

To get the details as above you have to read the article below. Have a look at the article below.

UP Madarsa

Madarsa Board Timetable For 2019/ Last Date to Apply

As per the information, only some people are registered at the online portal. As Still, 2682 madrassos have not yet uploaded their data at the official site. In such condition, the government of the Uttar Pradesh has increased the last date to register and upload the data. Now the Madrasses can upload the data up to October. The date to upload the data has been increased from  September 30 to October 15

Get the details of Online Registration as follows in the article.

Purpose of UP Madarsa Portal

The reason or the condition for the setting up of the online portal for the registration of the Madarasa of the state Uttar Pradesh.

  • On the Portal, The photo of the Madarsas will be uploaded.
  • Complete details of the posts of the teacher and the other staff appointed and the vacancies will be made available at the online portal.
  • Payment details of the employees and the other staff and teacher along with the other bills along with the salary can be done by the Madarsa at the official portal.
  • All the above services can be accessed online from the portal.
  • As per the approval from the concerned department officials, the salaries of the employees would be transferred directly to the bank account of the employees.

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Madarsa Online Registration Uttar Pradesh

As per the order of the government, the Madrasas of the state Uttar Pradesh has to get Registered at the official portal. It will help to conduct the examination online for the Munshi / Maulvi / Alim / Kamil and Fazil level 2019 examination will be done through the portal. Also will make the system more reliable, Transparent and ensure the quality of services. With the implementation of the online services as given below available at the portal.

  • Examination Fee Details
  • Mini-ITI Form
  • Examination Form
  • Exams Guidelines
  • User Manual
  • For Madarsa Registration
  • For DMO
  • Public Reports
  • Examination Results
  • Madarsa Wise Student Details
  • Exam-Center Wise Student Report
  • Madarsa Institution Report
  • Madarsa Staff Report
  • Madarsa Student & Infrastructure Report

Benefits of Uttar Pradesh Madarsa Portal

This web portal will help the students of the backward areas or the minority students in the state. It will make sure that the problems of corruption and irregularities in the sector of education could be avoided.

The benefits of the Online portal for the Uttar Pradesh Madarsa is as follows:
  •  All the aided or non-aided madrassas of the state will make online.
  • It will help to improve the educational system of madrasas.
  • The government will contribute to improving the condition of the Madarsa of the state.
  • As online Portal will help to tackle the problem as the benefit will be settled online for the services like salary payment, scholarship.
  • Almost 6725 madrasas will get recognition by the online registration at the portal.

Online registration process on the Madrassa Portal

It is important to register online for the Madrasa at the online portal. Make use of the link as follows to register at the official site. The procedure is as follows to register at the online portal.

Click Here

Reference Image:

UP Madarsa registration

Step 1: Click on the above link or visit the official site of  madarsaboard.upsdc.gov.in

Step 2: Then you have to  Click the Madarsa registration at the third column,

Step 3: Select the registered Madarsa now.

Step 4: Fill the form for the online registration of the Madrasa at the official portal.


Step 5: Upload the photographs.

Step 6: Then click on submit option to submit the application form.

Step 7: After submission your registration at the portal will be completed.

Contact Details

Telephone: +91-9044622532,7275295860
Email:[email protected]
Website: madarsaboard.upsdc.gov.in

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