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Unique Book Banks Scheme in Punjab to be launched Soon

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

The government of Punjab is set to launch an innovative scheme that would help the needy students get the books needed for their academic year free of cost. The whole aim of the setting up of the book banks in all the schools targeted within the state. The book banks would reach out to children and ask them to take a step forward and submit all their old books so that all the needy children could use those books in the coming batch. Government officials said that the scheme will help the needy save money and it will also reduce costs and environmental damage associated with printing new books.


Highpoints on the book bank scheme

  • Educating the poor children from backward areas of the state
  • The scheme was named under the Unique Book banks Scheme-Punjab

Purposes of the scheme

  • The plan would enable the poor understudies and guardians to bear the cost of books expected to contemplate
  • The books banks would ask for understudies to store their old books with the goal that the penniless understudies in the following cluster can utilize them free of cost.
  • The point is to set up book banks at the schools inside the state.

Aids of the scheme

  • This educational helper scheme would enable students and parents to afford the rising cost of new books
  • These services could be reached out easily

Execution of the scheme

The plan will be deliberate, which implies that students won’t be compelled to part with their utilized books. NGOs that have been running comparative plans will enable the legislature in the usage to prepare.


The plan would surely have a beneficial outcome on the poor segment of individuals who are not ready to bear the cost of the books being sold at stationery shops. This would likewise profit the legislature with the normal man’s vote on their side in the coming races as each vote makes the most of them accounting.

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