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Unemployment Allowance Scheme in Andhra Pradesh

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

The government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to give a monthly allowance after they realized that nearly 12 lakh youths are unemployed within the state of Andhra Pradesh. The scheme was announced by the finance minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, who said that the steps being taken by the state government of Andhra Pradesh with the objective of developing skills and creating more job opportunities for the youth of the state.

As per the survey of the government, some youngsters would not get the job of their choice and some are only trying for government jobs, so the time period when they do not get any job opportunities after their education is completed, the government will provide them the financial support.


Highlights of Unemployment Allowance for Youth AP Scheme Yojana 2017

  • Month to month stipend sum under the plan might be settled at INR. 2000, more than what unemployed youth gets in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.
  • The help would be accommodated 2-3 years or until the individual lands a position, whichever is less.
  • Youth enrolled with the business trade for most recent 5 years would be given inclination under the plan.
  • Just a single unemployed individual in the family would be qualified to get the plan benefits.
  • Recipients would be offered opportunities to volunteer to do any group work.
  • Recipients may be asked for to contribute to group improvement extends in towns.

Objectives of the scheme

  • The scheme would help the youth who are unable to find a job given the circumstances of today
  • The scheme would allow for the parents to save up more for themselves considering the child would have some funds to support himself while looking for a job
  • This would allow those children who are visionaries to help start-up a very small scale idea to benefit the society
  • To provide the youth with skill development and training to get more job opportunities

Financial support put into the scheme

  • The government is currently looking at an allocation of INR. 1000 crore for the scheme
  • The scheme would give the eligible candidates an allowance of INR. 1000-INR. 2000 per month person every month along with at least one job in each household.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate must not have a job
  • The candidate must be a part of any other kind of scheme that represents at the same level
  • He/she must have completed education

Limit of the scheme

  • The scheme would only be granted to those registered at employment exchanges without a job for at least five years but the assistance is expected to be extended for 2-3 years.

Unemployment Allowance Youth Scheme in Andhra Pradesh Yojana 2017

Andhra Pradesh government has additionally dispensed INR 398 crore to give aptitude and business visionary preparing to unemployed youth. There are a few different strides being taken by the state govt. to guarantee more openings for work for youth.

The present legislature of TDP has guaranteed the unemployment stipend plot in its 2014 race declaration.


The government would really help the youth in a vast manner to employ them and provide them with a self-sufficient skill development and hope to find a job in the long term. This would also allow the complete benefit to the government judging by the no. of youth that may benefit from the scheme.

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