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Ujala Yojana Gujarat LED Bulb, Online ,Pricelist

Mukesh Jindal
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The Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri. Vijay Rupani has decided to reduce the prices of led bulbs following the overwhelming response by the people of Gujarat under the Ujala Yojana. As per his verdict, the bulbs will now be sold at the price of INR.65 per bulb for cash and INR. 70 per bulb for EMI along with keeping a similar rate for both residential and commercial consumers of the State.

Shri. Vijay Rupani has also decided to initiate the selling of LED tube lights and five stars rated energy efficient fans under the Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme that was launched by the union government. His decisions state that a 20 watt LED tube light will be given to the consumers at a cost of INR. 210 by cash with a total reduction of INR. 20 in its prices that were assigned by the union government.

The five-star energy rated efficient fans will be sold at a cost of INR. 1,110 with a total reduction of INR. 40 in its prices assigned by the union government for the whole nation. The EMI cost of the LED tube light and the fan will be INR. 230 and INR. 1260 respective of its original price.


Objectives of Ujala Yojana

The main objective is of making use of the light efficient electrical types of equipment such as bulbs, fans which make use of less energy so that energy/ power means electricity can be used for other purposes and resources can last for the upcoming generation. The other objective is to enhance awareness of using efficient equipment which reduces electricity bills and the burden of bills on people will be also reduced and they will also help to preserve the environment.

Overall targets of the scheme

Talking about the Ujala scheme the target of the scheme in case of LED lights is mentioned as below in the following points. To know about the target of the scheme read the points given below carefully.

  • The overall target is to replace 770 millions of LED lights in 3 years.
  • 105 bn KWh is the expected annual energy to be saved.
  • 20,000 MW amount of peak load is expected to reduce
  • 79 million tonnes of CO of greenhouse gas emission is estimated to reduce annually.

Implementation agencies of Ujala

The Electricity Distribution Company and Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) a public sector owned by the Government of India is aiming to implement the programme throughout the country to save the expenses of the electricity as well as the resources for the future generations. The scheme is planned to be implemented in almost all of the states within the country.

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How the scheme work

  • Energy Efficiency Services Limited provides the LED bulbs to households at 40 % of market rates to the customer for ease to purchase by the customer.
  • All type of investment and risk coverage is borne by EESL
  • DISCOM pays EESL from actual energy savings over 5 years.
  • No subsidy is availed from the government.
  • Electricity tariffs will not be affected.

Procuring LED bulbs

The bulbs will be distributed to the customer through special counters which are set up at designated places within the city. These will not be available at any other location including shops etc. Phase wise distribution will be there for the shopkeeper who will offer you these bulbs. The counters are set up to generate the awareness among the consumer about the scheme as well as the bulbs.

Documents for getting  LED bulbs

  •  You should have the Latest electricity bill Photocopy
  • A photo ID proof such as Aadhaar card, voter card.
  • A  residential proof of the applicant.
  • Cash is required to be submitted in advance in case of on-bill financing or full amount in case of upfront payment for each bulb and in that case you need not submit the documents photocopy.

How to Benefit of the Ujala Gujarat Yojana/Scheme?

  • Visit Nearest Electricity Distribution Center
  • Submit Copy of Fully Paid Electricity Bill
  • Copy of Photo Identity Card (Original and Photocopy)
  • 63 lakh LED bulbs have been sold through 615 distribution centers across the state during the last one month. Looking at such a huge response, we have decided to slash the price for domestic users.

Online portal

The portal is available online for the customer so that they can get the detail about the scheme as early as possible and they can make use of the scheme if they are aware of the scheme. The portal also provides the facility of feedback as well as other details can be found on the portal. The image of the portal is given below for your guidance. Check the image to know more about the portal.

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The other services offered at the portal beside the Ujala. The image below is revealing all sort of other services which are available at the portal. Check the image below:

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Purchasing the bulb online


The prime objective of Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LED for all (Ujala) scheme is to promote the usage of LED lights, enhance awareness about energy efficient equipment in order to reduce electricity bills of consumers and help preserve the environment. The Gujarat government is planning to distribute over 12 crores LED bulbs to 1.21 crore electricity consumers across the state.

Ujala dashboard

The Ujala dashboard below indicates the number of LEDs distributed so far. You can check the dashboard result by checking the link given along and the image is also attached below. NATIONAL UJALA DASHBOARD

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How to Buy Ujala Gujarat Cheap LED Bulb Online?

  • Visit the Nearest Electrical Company Office
  • For Home Use User get LED Bulb at Rs.80/ and Rs.85/- as on EMI
  • The user needs to Bring Latest Original Light bill and Copy of Same at time of purchase
  • Help Line Number of Ujala Gujarat: 0265-2343678

Ujala Yojana Pricelist

Bulb/Tube-light/Fan By Cash By EMI
LED Bulb Rs. 65 per bulb Rs. 70 per bulb
LED Tube-light Rs. 210 per tube-light Rs. 230 per tube-light
Five-star rated energy efficient Fan Rs. 1,110 per fan Rs. 1,260 per fan

Number of bulbs owned by a household

Through the Ujala scheme, the consumers can avail the scheme to purchase the bulbs but there is a limit to the scheme as for how many numbers of bulb can an individual purchase under the scheme is described in detail on the page for your guidance. A person can purchase a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 10 LED bulbs, depending on the region he belongs to. Studies have indicated that in an average household there are 5 to 6 light points in a house.

Defected bulb

LED bulbs have a very long life period which varies from  10 to 15 years depending upon the use of the bulbs. If a bulb used from 4 to5 hours a day then according to a study it will last up to 15 years normally. They do not get fuse easily. If the bulb purchased has stopped working due to any of the technical fault then the EESL will provide you another bulb without any cost as the LED bulbs have a warranty of three years. So all the cost of Expenses for the fault in the bulb would be born by the company. The replacement of the bulb will be done as easily and on time as you can get another bulb from the nearby store associated with the scheme. During the distribution, DELP will take care of the replacements and they can be done through any of the distribution counters that is operating within the city. Any EESL LED company will replace the bulb without much delay for the comfort of the customer.

Register complaint

If you face any problem regarding the working of the bulb means LED bulbs or any other electrical type of equipment you purchased under the scheme. Then you can register your complaint easily on the official page of the Ujala scheme or you can make use of the link given on the page below:

 Register Complaint



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