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Udyami Sakhi Mandal Yojana to Empower Rural Women in Jharkhand

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

A new scheme named as Udyami Sakhi Mandal Yojana will be launched by the Jharkhand Government to empower the rural women in the state. The announcement of the new scheme for women was made by the chief minister Raghubar Das while addressing the gathering in Jamshedpur during the 43rd Rajim Lochan Mahotsav at Sidhgora Town Hall.
The scheme will empower rural women by providing them financial assistance to become independent and confident by starting their own small businesses. Under the scheme, a group of 15 women can set up small industries which in turn would increase their annual income and get become financially strong.
Chief Minister has also appealed to the public not to discriminate between boy and girl and provide education to both. The state government would also provide financial assistance to those who are not able to teach their children due to lack of money.



There are many rural households in Jharkhand in which women are living a miserable life. This scheme is a way to improve the condition of women in the state.


The main aim of the government is to empower the women of the rural areas. Due to lack of proper resources and exposure, they are not able to do something productive.


Raghubar Das said that people who are not financially strong would be provided financial aid so that their children can continue their education for Udyami Sakhi Mandal Yojana.CM announced to provide Rs 3 lakh to the Daily community and appealed the residents to send their wards to the school and educate them so that poverty can be far away from you.


  •  Under Udyami Sakhi Mandal Yojana a group of 15 Women can set up small industries which in turn would increase their annual income and become financially strong.
  •  On this occasion, the Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that the state government of Jharkhand is doing social works for the society which is a difficult task but the Sahu society is performing its duty skillfully and they deserve a round of applause.
  •  CM Raghubar Das appealed the society to stop discriminating between a boy and girl and give equal education to both as today girls are touching new heights and making their parents proud under Udyami Sakhi Mandal Yojana.


The concept of this scheme is to create equality which is still not present in the rural areas. Women do not get access to adequate resources. They are not even aware of their basic rights which are not a good sign of a developing country. This scheme is centred entirely around women and indirectly covers many other issues.

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