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Technology Mission On Cotton (TMC)

Mukesh Jindal
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Technology Mission on Cotton – TMC – The Technology Mission on Cotton with the Mini Mission – I was first launched in the year 2000 in February, also it has launched with another three mini missions. The main is to launch for the development of cotton production and productivity with an internationally competitive fiber quality. The missions will be getting a special interest for the Cotton and it will be considered to improve the cotton industry. As the cotton technology mission will be having the Mini Misson – I, which will be initiated with the help of financial outlay from the department of agriculture and cooperation, also from the ministry of agriculture and government of India, as everything will be implemented by the Indian Council of agriculture research. And the national Agricultural Research system will comprise of ICAR institution’s and also with State Agriculture Universities.

However, the Mini Mission – I programme has been designed to conduct the work on basic, applied and strategic improvements of the cotton research to bring forth tangible outcome as a Mission Mode, it could be widely practiced immediately by cotton growers in all the 3 cotton growing zones in all over India. The Central Institute for Cotton Research in Nagpur act like a Nodal Agency for executive and will be providing the approval for the cotton and also planned to research projects, which are under the Mini Mission – I. Also it would be monitoring the researching the activities which are assigned for participating centers.


As we know that the Cotton is one of the principals of commercial crops in India by having a 9.0 Million of the area, which is the largest in the world. However, the limits of our agro-climatic situations are against the world with an average of 558 KG per hater. Although the cotton will be playing an important role in the national economy by providing a huge employment opportunity and also in farm marketing by processing sectors. Cotton and Cotton based textile will be accounted for the about 70% of the overall export. As we know that India’s share of textile exports will be having the global textile market by having only 3.1%.

Technology Mission on Cotton – TMC

To Enhance country’s share of global exports in WTO government of liberalized trade, there we have to accept the challenge of competition, in following aspects like Price and Quality. As the large supply of raw material of quality at a reasonable price, as this will be a very crucial part for us. As there are many significant growths in production, productivity and also the quality of Indian cotton, during the last 50 years of time. As this was much low productivity and also less compared to the general quality requirements.

Benefits of the Technology Mission on Cotton:

  • The Government of India has officially launched the Technology Mission of Cotton in the year 2000, February. As the benefits of this mission are.
  • They will also have an integrated water, nutrient, and pest management technologies.
  • This mission will be helping the people by increasing the income of the cotton growers by a cost-cutting system of cultivation as well as by increasing the yield per hectare. This can be implemented properly by using the technology to the growers.
  • To improve the quality production of cotton and its processing in a matter of trash, contamination etc, it can only be done by improving the infrastructure in the market yards of cotton.
  • The cotton could improve by the modernizing the existing ginning and also press factories and install the new units as per the availability.

Technology Mission on Cotton – TMC

Contact Details of TMC

For any information regarding the Technology Mission on Cotton, you can contact the officials at the following address given here.

The Cotton Corporation of India LTD.

Registered office “Kapas Bevan”

Plot NO. 3-A, Sector 10, Post Box NO. 60,

CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400614, Maharashtra.

Phone NO. 022-27579217,

The office is registered with the Government of India undertaking this mission, this is working as Under Ministry of Textiles.

Technology Mission on Cotton – TMC

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As the technology mission on cotton, which was launched in February 2000 with three Mini Missions.  As the cotton will keep the standards of India and by improving the cotton quality and price. The adoption of this technology was done through Technology Mission on Cotton. The Cotton industry has given a lot of employment opportunities for the people all over the country. Those who have coordinated efforts with cotton can have the lead to success. India has done the experiment with a cotton mission, they are looking for the quality of the cotton. With the production of cotton, there are a lot of outcomes from cotton. The main factors of developing the cotton industry can be done through the Central Government Ministries, State Governments and also with the favor of Private sector by providing the seeds to the farmers. The quality of cotton can produce only with seeds.

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