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Swavalamban Scheme – PDF, Benefits, Contact Details

Swavalamban Scheme
Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Swavalamban – Swavalamban Yojana is an initiative taken by Ministry of Finance Government of India.  The main objective of the scheme is to protect the people who are not covered under any of the schemes which are determined state or central.  This scheme covers all the people who are citizens of India and working in an unorganized sector where there is no proper organizational improvement towards individual employees.  The people who are in a category of the unorganized sector should be part of the National pension scheme which is running by the Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority Act 2013.

According to the national government survey, more than 30% of the population in India are working in an unorganized sector without having any pain quotes after their retirement at the age of 60.  This is happening due to lack of information and awareness on retirement security policies.  The organizations or films which are running without maintaining any proper guidelines provided by the state and Central authority for the Welfare of employees.

To avail, the scheme benefits as said,  an individual who belongs to unorganized sector first need to be a part of the National pension scheme which means the person should join in the National pension scheme.  Under the scheme, a contribution of rupees 1000 from the central government ministry of finance will be deposited in the year 2010 to 11 and continuous for 2011 to 12 and 2012 to 13.  To avail is benefit the beneficiary contribution should not be less than 1000 per month and the maximum contribution should be 12000 per annum.  This scheme guidelines and benefits along with the complete lunch program made in the year 2010 to 11 budgetary session by the Finance Minister.


Swavalamban Yojana is replaced with a replacement of Atal pension Yojana Which is Halloween people who are below the age of 40 years or eligible to get the pension after 5000 per month at the time of their retirement at the age of 60 years.  The government contribution of rupees 1000 annually will continue till 2016 to 17. This scheme majorly beneficiary to the nongovernment sector like Anganwadi workers,  construction workers, and other classes categorized as the fisherman, farmers,  daily workers,  Weavers add money other categories.  This scheme is operating by 62 other aggregators to encourage for covering all on organized sector employees.

Benefits of the scheme

This scheme is majorly beneficial to the people who are living in an unorganized sector where there is no a prominent financial security in feet at the time of retirement.  It includes and encourages unorganized sector employees to avail the benefits of getting rupees 5000 as monthly pension after the age of 60 years through the slumber Yojana scheme which is running by the Ministry of Finance Government of India.


To encourage the beneficiaries the government allocating iPhone for the scheme which will help in providing the complementary contribution from the Government of India to each account holder who opens an account and contributes Muncie rupees 1000/-.  Annual benefit of rupees 1000 will be credited to the beneficiary account and will continue up to 2016 to 17 financial year.

How to apply and contact

For availing the scheme benefits a person first need to be a member in National pension scheme where the eligibility criteria determined as self-attested address and identification proof along with the employment details have to submit at National pension scheme available Financial Institutions or else any banking sectors.

After successful completion of joining in the National pension scheme, a particular beneficiary is eligible to gain the complementary contribution from the government side rupees 1000/-  which will continue up to 2016 to 17.

At present, this problem and Yojana scheme renamed as Atal pension Yojana which is associated with all private and public sector banks.  By approaching the banks the beneficiary can get all the benefits available under the scheme.



After connecting the existing Bank account or else new account created for National pension scheme will be debited rupees 1000 on monthly basis to renew or deposit in the scheme of Atal pension Yojana which was earlier named as Swavalamban Yojana.  In any case, the sufficient amount is not maintained in account then in the next month both months amount will be deducted.  The transaction process is made automatic to avoid unconstructed planning towards depositing of the minimum amount to be paid towards National pension scheme.  All the benefits will be carried throughout the financial year under the skin and after completion of 60 years at the time of retirement,  no need of paying any amount the continuous process of the scheme.  Under the skin, the beneficiary will get a monthly pension of rupees 5000/-  after the age of 60.  Which means of the first month of 61 years of a beneficiary will be counted as the pensioner and the number of monthly pension rupees 5,000 will be deposited in the respect to bank account itself.

Contact Details

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Swavalamban PDF


The main objective and aiming of Swavalamban Yojana which is named as Atal Pension Yojana is to provide financial security to the individuals who are unable to access pension benefits at the time of their retirement.  Due to lack of Information and awareness about the pension and its requirements, many of the people are neglecting to avail benefits of pension and suffering at the age of 60’s.

To avoid such situations and encourage unorganized sector employees to get benefits like pension at the age of 60 this game is a perfect choice.  The minimum amount of rupees 1000 have to pay by the beneficiary with your maximum annual limit of 12000 rupees and under the scheme, the beneficiary will get rupees 1000 contribution for each year up to 2016 to 17.

Scheme benefits from the guidelines can get from their respective Bank account or branch manager itself.  There is no need of additional Apartments need to follow for availing the benefits.  The complete retailing and the proceedings will be provided by the private and public Financial Institutions along with complete detailing of both benefits.

In order to pertain the financial security everybody should have to execute pension scheme which will give the monthly pension of rupees 5,000 as an individual to make day daily routine without difficulty in terms of economic status.  It’s a cure financial abilities of unorganized sector employees. The overall scheme benefits and guidelines monitor by the Ministry of India where each and every account detail it will be monitored and the proper Information sharing happens to the state governments.

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