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SWADHAR Greh Scheme – PDF, Contact Details

SWADHAR Greh Scheme
Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

SWADHAR Greh Scheme – Recognizing the should avoid females from abuse also to encourage their survival and rehab, the plot of Brief Stay house for girls and women has been introduced since societal safety mechanisms, from the then Department of Social Welfare at 1969. The strategy is supposed to supply temporary lodging, care and rehabilitative solutions to girls and women left homeless as a result of household discord, offense, violence, and emotional pressure, social ostracism or so are increasingly being pushed into prostitution and have been at ethical threat. Still, another strategy using the identical goals Particularly Swadhar -A Scheme for Women in Challenging Conditions was introduced from the Division of Women and Child Growth at 2001- 02.

The strategy throughout the terms of food, shelter, clothes, counseling, coaching, medical and legal-aid intend to induce those ladies in an awkward position. Centre for Researching the Market and Social Improvement, New Delhi ran a test in 2007 to evaluate the Operation of those strategies. The test document whilst mentioning the efficacy and favorable effect of actions adopted under the strategies for counseling and rehab decided the account and also kind of taxpayers, entrance process, counseling, grade of assistance, vocational instruction, rehab and follow procedure will be alike in either the approaches. It, hence, advocated merger of those 2 strategies for far better operation and better consequences together using lower administrative weights and processes. Additionally, it suggested the new strategy should concentrate on setting one particular house in the most area. The beneficial findings of this test review have supported the Ministry to indicate that this brand new strategy that may aim the ladies victims of a regrettable situation that come needing of systemic aid for rehab, therefore, they can contribute their life with dignity.


Underneath the Scheme, Swadhar Greh Is Going to Be Installed in every Discipline with Power of Thirty Girls with These Aims:

SWADHAR Greh Scheme 2001

(a) To appeal to this key requirement of refuge, food items, clothes, health therapy and attention of those ladies in misery and that are with no societal and financial aid.

(b) To allow them to recover their psychological power which will get hampered because of their experience with regrettable conditions.

(c) To supply them with valid guidance and assistance to allow them to consider methods to get their re-adjustment from family/society.

(d) To rehabilitate them efficiently and mentally

(e) To function as a service system which comprehends and matches many different prerequisites of ladies from misery.

(f) To allow them to start out their own life together dignity and certainty. For massive metropolitan areas along with also other districts using significantly more than forty lakh people or people districts at which there’s a demand for extra aid for their ladies, significantly more than 1 Swadhar Greh can possibly be created. The power of Swadhar Greh might be enlarged up to 50 or even a hundred on based on demand examination and also other essential characteristics.

SWADHAR Greh Scheme

The good thing about this component can possibly be availed by most ladies over 18 decades of the age of these classes:

  1. Girls that are abandoned and therefore are with no societal and financial aid;
  2.  girls survivors of all-natural disasters who’ve been left homeless and aren’t without the societal and financial aid;
  3. Girls offenders discharged from prison and therefore are without relatives societal and financial aid;
  4. Ladies victims of violence, and household pressure or discord, that are forced to abandon their households with no way of subsistence and don’t have any exceptional protection against manipulation or confronting lawsuit due of marital disputes; and even electronic Trafficked women/girls rescued or run-away from brothels or alternative regions in which they encounter manipulation and Girls influenced by HIV/AIDS who usually do not need some societal or financial aid. Yet for females/ ladies really should find aid beneath UJJAWALA Scheme in locations at which it really is in performance.

Women can stay up to a year old. For different groups of girls, the utmost amount of stay might be up to three decades. The elderly women previously mentioned the fifty-five decades old could possibly be adapted for the greatest amount of five years later they might need to change to older era homes or comparable associations. Swadhar Greh centers might even be availed with most youngsters corresponding ladies inside the aforementioned types. Girls upward to age 18 decades and boys up to age eight years are permitted to remain in exactly the Swadhar Greh by making use of their moms. (Celebrities of over 8 decades of age have to get changed for the kiddies households run beneath J-J Act/ICPS.

SWADHAR Greh Scheme 2001

How to apply

Contact Any One of Those followings:-

  • District Collector
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Superintendent of Police
  • District Social-welfare Officer/Women along with Child Improvement Officer
  • Consultant of District Legal Services Authority
  • Consultant of this Occupational Corporations/Panchayati Raj Establishments
  • Other distinguished men of this district in the discretion of District Collector

Eligibility and conditions for SWADHAR Greh Scheme

(I) Some of the next agencies/organizations can find guidance under the Scheme:

  1. Condition Authorities bureaus, for example, Women improvement Businesses created by their state Governments
  2. Central or Condition autonomous houses.
  3. Municipal Bodies
  4. Cantonment Boards
  5. Panchayati Raj organizations and cooperative associations
  6. Departments of Women and baby Development/Social Welfare of those State Authorities that might assemble Swadhar Greh and conduct them independently on their let them company
  7. getting necessity practical experience for this time as a considered suit, such as handling the surgeries under this scheme gram) general public Trusts enrolled under any legislation for time being in effect
  8. Civil Society businesses such as for instance NGOs etc. ) demonstrated a track record of functioning at disciplines of women’s welfare/social welfare/ women instruction field into the state which such association is enrolled under the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860 or some pertinent State Act;

(ii) The company insured below and needs to satisfy these standards:

  1. It ought to function as comprehended by their state/ UT Administration below present Scheme/law or really should function as known with all the aid of employed within the area to get three or more decades and its particular job needs to be claimed to be adequate with their state Government/Union Territory Administration anxious
  2. it will generally happen to be participating in the business of ladies’ welfare/social welfare/women’s instruction for at a minimum duration of 2 decades before the petition grant and below the plot
  3. It needs to involve centers and tools, staff and knowledge to take on the managing of the undertaking,
  4. Its economic standing needs to be solid to look after the cost to get a couple weeks in the event the grant is postponed.
  5. it will run exactly the Swadhar Greh onto the no — benefit foundation.
  6. The company should possess centers such as computers, and online relationship etc.

Procedure for SWADHAR Greh Scheme

The executing agencies will distribute the application form with all the followings records:-

  1. legitimate Registration Certificate and also Prospectus of their agency/voluntary organization/institution or even perhaps a concise outline of its own items and things to do;
  2. Structure of this bureau/ organization/institution; crucially.

iii. Yearly Reports to the past few decades

  1. Duplicate of this lease arrangement. A grim print of the website approach giving information on this swadhar greh regarding no. Of rooms, their dimension etc..
  2. A report on whole receipts and cost of this bureau/ organization/institution for that past few decades and also a duplicate of the balance sheet for the past few years accredited by licensed auditors/chartered accountant to analyzing the fiscal viability of their candidate and also the longevity of this swadhar greh.
  3. An certification of all this suggested assumptions to be used because of swadhar greh in your nervous civil authority/Panchayati Raj establishment etc.

SWADHAR Greh Scheme 2001

Contact details

Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India
Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi
[email protected]

Shri B. B. Baseshankar, Web Information Manager, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi
[email protected]


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This Strategy Swadhar -A Scheme for Women in Challenging Conditions is Supposed to Present temporary accommodation, Care, and rehabilitative services to Girls and Women Left homeless as a Result of family discord, Offense, violence, Emotional stress, Societal ostracism or so Are being Pushed into prostitution and Come at Ethical Threat. Swadhar -A Scheme for Women in Challenging Conditions was pioneered with the Division of Women and Child Development, Govt of India. This strategy offers food, shelter, clothes, counseling, coaching, medical and legal-aid intends to assist females in an awkward position.

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