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Swabhimaan Campaign – PDF, Benefits

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Swabhimaan Campaign – Swabhimaan Is an initiative taken by the central government in Association with Indian banks To fulfill the gaps between the rural and urban population in India in terms of economic growth and accessing facilities.  Please scheme or program aiming 2 words marking a big footprint In bringing the socioeconomic equality in rural and urban villages.  According to the service The acting and availability facilities of banking and financial sector is majorly by the urban locality only the growth rate and accessing rate in rural localities is very slow. This was a great initiative taken by the Ministry of Finance India.

This Scheme is launched in the year 2011 with the naming to providing the complete banking facilities to the rural population and making the banking facilities as a habitation to the rural villages.  This Nationalised program towards the financial inclusion completely taking care of the banking sector. The allows constructing a prominent bridge between the rural and urban localities irrespective of their economic status.  This enables availing and accessing all the banking network services and benefits by everyone at all levels.  Which means there is no additional burden or conflicts will arise Accessing any kind of Banking or financial sector-related things.


Swabhimaan Campaign


It’s been a great challenge to the banking sector for providing access the rural population who are huge in India. For boosting the program The Ministry of Finance India allocated a budget of 500 million for the project to make it a success in rural population and to provide the complete access and services to the population of rural villages. The public banking sector is playing a key role in the scheme to bring back the socio-economic equality in rural and urban villages. There are some more benefits can avail under the scheme by the rural population like credits,  agricultural ferning and also Various financial support for there personal our self-growth.

Benefits of Swabhimaan Campaign

This scheme is major beneficiary to the rural population by removing the barriers between the rural and urban population in terms of accessing banking and financial sector and also availing all the access network of Banking to the rural population without any difficulty.  This is leading to bridging a better growth factor in the financial growth of the nation and individuals as well.  This also allows availing various other subsidies and loans by The Eligible rural population.


  •  The farmers of small and marginal will get credit at the very low rate of interest from the banks and also other financial sectors.  This will help the farmers to avoid approaching money lenders who charge a huge.
  •  Small loan amount per hours by going through a simple process can get the loan amount within no time duration The Other benefits under the scheme can also get weather rural population.
  • Bring the banking facilities to the villages where the population should not be less than 2000
  • Opening an account by an individual without facing any difficulty and the documentation as many as required for the normal bank account
  •  By Usage of Technology without having any branch facility in the village,  people can get the complete access to the services and facilities offering by the bank sector
  • Can avail government subsidies and social security benefits under the scheme
  • The money withdrawal made easy just by approaching business correspondents in the village itself can withdraw the amount there itself  which is namely called as Bank Sathi
  •  Under the scheme, the government also offering microinsurance And pension.  These two additional facilities or advantages also associate with respect to the bank account only.
  • Forms also can get the credit benefits and overdraft facilities recurring deposits and remittances.  Banks provide Kisan credit card,  gentle credit cards and check correction to the people who required based on the request only.
  • The account opening buys a villager is made as simple as just by providing thumb impression which is linked to their Unique Identification Authority of India number called as Aadhaar number is sufficient for a bank account opening.

 How to apply and eligibility criteria

  • Eligibility criteria for availing all the scheme benefits of Swabhiman is a village should belong to any rural locality and should reside in the village itself.
  •  By approaching any of the Bank nearby or else the gram sabha authority’s or else by approaching banks are the representative of the village itself can get complete details and bank account opening accessibility.
  •  For opening a bank I’ll just have to do is providing Aadhaar Card number or else thumb Impressions on a biometric machine which recognizes Aadhar card number is sufficient.
  •  Based on the economic status and the type of job which means doing agriculture activities or any other associated activities of the agricultural waste eligibility criteria for additional benefits like Credit and pension will be determined.


Some Important  Links

Swabhimaan Campaign – PDF


Swabhiman is a Nationalised scheme which was proposed and animal to improve the finance and banking sector facilities accessible to all the rural population to avoid the gaps between rural and urban localities.  By providing simple and easy banking facility services to the villages, allowing to get the benefits of the banking sector by the villagers.

Under the skin there are some more additional benefits are providing to the villages like credit assurance,  micro pension, and micro insurance, the small number of loans without having any Additional documentation process and also allowing  The villages to procure any kind of subsidies and other scheme benefits through the bank account which was opened.  All other schemes and benefits of a particular account holder linked to the account only.

The complete information and benefits will be provided at the village itself without visiting any nearest branch way the villages.  Who provides the complete banking Technology at the village itself namely called as Bank Saathi enables to provide complete access to your bank account and also money withdrawal and deposit as well.

In addition to this, the account holder can also eligible to get the subsidies in agricultural farming and other equipment for agriculture.  The complete accessibility of all banking networks enables rural population to get the benefits with ease of access in their respect to the village itself.  In any further improvements for bank loans and credit or else overdraft issues can also be resolved at the village itself.  In very rare situations a villager needs to visit the nearest branch for getting additional information or transactional matters.  The scheme is running very successfully in rural will Indian India by providing bank accounts to the majority of The Villages.

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