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Statue of Unity

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The statue of Unity is the statue which will help you to memorize the great freedom fighter of the country which not only got freedom under his visionary ideas but also took a path towards the Brighter nation. I guess it would be clear to you whom I am talking about? Yes, he is Sardar  Vallabhbhai Patel, the Iron man of India. India got its ideologies for the unity, patriotism, growth and the good governance all sort of things under his guidance. The statue of Unity is the monument which has been built in the memory of the great leader of India. The best part of the Statue of Unity is that the monument is fully functioned, purpose serving a tribute to a leader ever in the history of the world. The statue of Unity will help in the better connectivity, healthcare, education, research infrastructure under the various development initiatives.

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Project Statue of Unity

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The statue of Unity is the iconic Project started in India. It is of the Height 182 meter as it has become the first ever building with the maximum height in the world leaving behind most of the popular monuments such as Statue of Unity. It is the dream project of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The monument is built in the state Gujarat. It is located facing the Narmada Dam, it is about 3.2km and it is 2.0 mi away from the River Sadhu in the Vadodara in Gujarat. The Statue of Unity is surrounded by the artificial lake which is 20,000 sqm. The statue has become the world tallest statue. The Project is established by the Gujarat government and the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rashtriya Ekta Trust (SVPRET), a statue of unity progress 2018 will also be guided by the respective department. The project covers the area of  19,700 sq. meters. The project has been provided with the joints of rocks and the 1850 Metric Ton of Bronze cladding has been provided without any external staging. More than 2500 workers are working to achieve the task of Monument.

 Features of Statue of  Unity

You should be aware of the features of the Statue of Unity and statue of unity progress 2018. You can check the feature as follows:

  • The iconic statue of India
  • Audiovisual Gallery and Museum
  • Light, sound and the laser show
  • Research center
  • Monument view
  • Entertainment and Hospitality
  • Ferry services are also the part of the Statue of Unity.
  • Fast elevators
  • Boat ride along

Project Objective

The project objective of the Monument statue of Unity s the memorial as mentioned earlier as it will remind you the Great nation freedom struggler and he will also inspire the people of the country to build the vision like  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

It has the underlying are the more about the points which will clear the Project objectives.

  • Livelihood Generation for the people.
  • Social Infrastructure which will build the nation strong.
  • The Tribal Development is also part of the project
  • Employment Generation under the project.
  • Environment Protection is the most important part of the project initiation.

Ironman Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Sardar  Vallabhbhai Patel is the great leader and the freedom fighter of India. He was born on October 31, 1875. He becomes the first Home Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister. When gained a lot of success in the political career as a leader of the Country. He was known as the Bismarck and the Ironman of India. The Sardar is titled which the Vallabh Bhai Patel after Bardoli Satyagraha and the women gave him the title. He died on  December 15, 1950.

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Statue of unity cost

The monument is built in the form of PPP Model as most of the money raised by the Gujarat government. The Government of Gujarat is working, Statue of unity cost for the project Statue of Unity. The project cost was included in the Budget in the year 2012-13 for the Rs.100 Crore and in the year Rs. 500 which was announced in the year 10 July 2014, Rs. 2 Billion allocated for the construction for the statue. The total cost estimated, Statue of unity cost by the Government for the building of the monument is Rs. 2063 crore for the first phase and more on the maintenance and the other project related task could cost and all the cost, Statue of unity cost is taken by the Gujarat Government and the Center government together for the statue of unity progress 2018.

Construction of Statue of Unity

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The statue of Unity is a consortium of Turner Construction who have also been involved in the construction of the  Burj Khalifa, Michael Graves, and Associates and Meinhardt Group, are supervising the esteem project. The project is to be completed for the people and to make them the use of the Historical Monuments.

Contract and the Project Initiation of Dream Project

The Project is estimated to be completed in the time span of 56 months which will 15 months of planning, 40 months for the construction and 2 months are required for the consortium. The tender bits took place in October 2013 for the first phase of the initiation of the project. The contract was given to the Larsen & Toubro on October 2014 for the Lowest bit cost of 2,989 Crore The foundation of the Project was laid on 31 October 2013 on the 138 Birth anniversary of the Sardar Vallabhbhai by the Prime Minister Narender Modi and the LK Advani and the public were announced about the tallest building of the world to be built in India. The monument design is done by  Ram V. Sutar.

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Statue of unity completion date

The statue of Unity Project is inaugurated on the 31 October 2013 as mentioned already in the article above, the statue of unity completion date will be described to you. The timely completion of the project is, a statue of unity completion date it is to aim to be completed by the month of October as on 31 October 2018 the inauguration for the Monument is to be done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the statue of unity completion date as discussed earlier.

Statue of unity progress

15 Feb 2018: Statue & Statue Base

16 Sep 2018: Bronze Erection, Structural Steel Erection.

30 Sep 2018: Building of Shrestha Bharat Bhavan, Panchamuli Bridge, Suryakund Bridge, road Works, Service Building, Land Scaping Works at M & VC, Column Cladding Works.

9 Oct 2018: Statue & Exhibition Hall construction took place and it can be Viewed From Dam; the work of RCC, Steel & Bronze took place, Structural Steel, Bronze Erection; Exhibition Hall Garden Roof, Interior Finishing, Building of Memorial & Visitor Center.

12 Oct 2018: Statue has been build that it can be viewed from the main street.

The above mentioned is the project detail of the Project progress till the date of Statue of Unity in the current year 2018, the statue of unity progress 2018. And soon you will get the Statue will be completed.

Important Facts about Monument

Check the important facts about the monument the Statue of Unity as follows in case you want to gain more:

  • It is the world tallest building ever built across the world.
  • The Monument is the fastest built monument in the history as it took just 42 Months for the completion of the Monument construction.
  • The best part of the monument is that it can withstand the vibration, earthquake; velocity of 60 m/sec.
  • 22500Mton of cement is used for the construction of the Monument.

You can read more by making use of the link of the Official website to gain more about the statue of Unity.

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