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State Subject Certificate j&k Permanent Resident Certificate, State Subject Form

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State Subject Certificate J&K

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The state Subject certificate is the legal document which is issued to the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir as in other states the State Subject Certificate is also known as the Nativity certificate or the Domicile certificate. Like the other states, it also serves as the legal document which is issued to the people of the state for their convenience in case they have to prove their residence in order to avail the benefit of the government schemes or the facilities.

Jammu and Kashmir Permanent Resident Certificate

As per the Rules or the procedure 1968, the Jammu and Kashmir Certificate has launched the facility of providing the Permanent residence certificate as for the permanent residence of the state it has been made compulsory to get the Jammu and Kashmir Permanent Residence certificate issued to them. The concerned department will consider the procedure to make sure each individual is living permanently in the state should have the Permanent Residence certificate issued.

In the article below you will gain more useful information regarding the permanent residence certificate Jammu and Kashmir, Benefits, Eligibility, State Subject Formas it is to be known in case you are the resident of the Jammu and Kashmir state.

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Benefits Permanent Residence Certificate J&K

Following given are the benefits of the Permanent residence certificate Jammu and Kashmir as mentioned earlier you should be aware of all the information regarding the Residence certificate in case you are the resident of the state. So if you are interested to apply the Permanent residence certificate or the state subject certificate then you should check the benefits which you can get.

  • To get the benefit of the Residence certificate of a Particular you are residing
  • To get the benefit of Preference the state subject certificate is required.
  • In case of the students, they too require the state Subject Certificate to get the admission in the educational Institutions or to get the benefits of the scholarships started under various programs.
  • To apply the Ration card one has to give the proof of Residence so State subject certificate can be used.

Eligibility Criteria Permanent Residence Certificate

The following given points contain the eligibility criteria for the permanent residence certificate as if you are to get the State Subject certificate then you have to be aware of the Eligibility Criteria for the same make use of the points given below:

  • The candidate applying for the state subject certificate should be the permanent resident of the state.
  • Foreign migrants are not eligible for the State subject certificate as they have not attained the citizenship of the country.
  • If the candidate forefathers have been living in the state before 1942 then they can apply for the state Subject certificate.
  • The candidates who are the Permanent Ration holder of the state are eligible.
  • Married/unmarried person both can get the benefit of holding the PRC.

Documents Required state Subject Certificate

If you are interested to apply the State Subject Certificate then you can make use of the following information regarding the documents which are required in case you are to get the State Subject Certificate. So make use of the information below:

  • An application form is required according to the format of the concerned department issued.
  • An affidavit is also required in the name of the candidate by the any one of the following:
  1. Applicant
  2. father
  3. guardian Adult children
  • In case you don’t want to give the affidavit then you have to submit the photocopy of the Parent’s Permanent residence certificate.
  • Photocopy of the ration card is required.
  • Birth certificate of the candidate or the Marksheet of the Class 10th.
  • Name in the Voter list should be registered and you have to give the proof in the case asked by the concerned department.
  • The documents regarding the Revenue record of your Jamabandi r the Khasra or land details you own.

Documents required – In case of nomadic family

If the applicant belongs to the Nomadic family such as the Gujjar and Bakerwal community and hold no immovable property in the state Jammu  and Kashmir then the applicant has to gove the document mentioned below:

  • The applicant has to give the Permanent Resident certificate of father or grandfather to get the state subject certificate.
  • The candidate can also give the Copies of voter list from 1957 onwards if his/her name is registered in the voter list.
  • The aspirants can give the Copies of revenue record if they avail any immovable property in the state.
  • If you have obtained any Immovable property under the Agrarian Reforms Act-1976, then the copy for the same is required
  • Copy of Choola-Bandi is required
  • Copy of Forest Moto of 1944 is also required.

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Permanent Residence Certificate Application Procedure

If you are interested to apply the permanent residence certificate then make use of the Guidelines for applying permanent residence certificate which is explained to the reader on the page below in step by step procedure here.

Concerned department J&K PRC

In case you have to apply the Permanent residence certificate hen you have to visit the concerned department office as you can Approach Competent Authority or Tahasildar.

You have to submit the application form along the documents. You can submit the application form and the documents to either the competent authority or to the Tehsil of the candidate.

State Subject Form

The following given is, the State Subject form as if you are interested to get the Permanent residence certificate issued to you in form of State subject certificate then you have to give the State Subject form by filling the state Subject form along the documents mentioned above. Make use of the state Subject form below:

Disabled person – Overleaf certificate

In the case of the persons suffering from any kind of disability then the application is required to be submitted by their guardians as the overleaf certificate is required in that case. So the overleaf certificate is given below make use of the overleaf certificate:

Migrated person – Approach Assistant Commissioner

If you are the migrant and you want to get the Domicile or the nativity certificate issued to you as in the form of State subject certificate then you have to get the application from the  competent authority or the Assistant Commissioner/Tahsildar of the area for writing the cause of migration to the other division in the state. Then only you would be able to get the Domicile certificate.

Affidavit JK PRC

As mentioned in the documents that the applicant has to also submit the Affidavit along in case the candidate parents also don’t have the PRC so the affidavit is required in that case as the correct format of the affidavit is required to be submitted at the concerned department. So for the convenience fo the reader the affidavit is also given below. You can make use if the Affidavit below:

Verification of residency

The verification of Residency will be done after the submission of the application form to the concerned department and the candidate will be called for the report from  Assistant Commissioner or Tahsildar of the Area the candidate lives.

Then the application will be sent to the Assistant Commissioner or Tahsildar to get the verification done.

Verification by Naib-Tehsildar

The application of Grant of the certificate is then forwarded to the department for the verification process by the Naib-Tehsildar of the sub-division Naibat who is resident of the Niabat.

Then the concerned Naib Tahsildar will send the application to the Tahsildar for the further verification process.

Then the application will be sent to the competent authority for the inquiry process.


As soon the application reaches the Tahsildar/Assistant Commissioner or the competent authorities then the witness will be required for the inquiry purpose.

Check the application form as below:

Then after the Enquiry process by the Tahsildar or AC then the application form will be submitted to the competent authority along with the report along with the documents.

  • Then the following procedure is carried out.
  • The thumb impression of the applicants is required.
  • In the case of Males, the left-hand fingerprints along signature.
  • In the case of females, right-hand fingerprints along signature.
  • Marks of identification has to be mentioned.

Grant of State Subject certificate

As mentioned earlier in the article your details will be verified by the concerned department as if the details mentioned by you are accurate then you will be issued the Permanent Residence Certificate or State Subject Certificate.

Note: If in case the department is not satisfied with the details then the application will be forwarded for further verification to the concerned Deputy Commissioner.

Time Frame PRC

The candidates will get the State Subject certificate Issued to them within 30 days from the day of applying as the documents and the details mentioned in the application form is verified by the concerned department before issuing the residence certificate to any candidate.

Validity of PRC

The Validity of PRC means the Permanent Residence Certificate or State subject is for the lifetime once availed or issued then it has lifetime validity in case of daughters who are the permanent residence of the J&K their state subject certificates are valid up to marriage.

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