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Startup India, Standup India – PDF, Registration, Loan, App

Startup India, Standup India
Mukesh Jindal
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Startup India, Standup India – India happens to be a country consisting of many personalities famous worldwide due to their works, sharp minds and high skills. The initiative is completed by very talented, highly skilled and innovative ideas. These plans will be very helpful for them to use new and innovative ideas in the right direction.


  • The main aim of bringing stand up India is to make women strong and professional.
  • Under this scheme, our government was mainly meant to have a creditor fixed cast and a woman of all cast, in the branch of every bank, who has the Greenfield Enterprise, which is the enterprise of manufacturing.
  • This program is a great start to enable start-up with financial support so that they can use their new innovative ideas in the right direction. Prime Minister has requested all the banks to support at least one Dalit and one woman entrepreneur.
  • These plans will encourage new initiatives towards enterprise and will develop their career and economic development of the country.
  • A plan has encouraged entrepreneurship at the grassroots level in the country which will ensure the benefit of the youth of the lower classes of society.
  • The young mind is fresh (full of new ideas), new paths and new thinking, so it is better to startup. For the successful launch of this program, IIT, NIT, Central universities and IIM need to be contacted through direct-connectivity.
  • The main objective of this scheme is to encourage the startup business along with bank finance to encourage entrepreneurship and new employment generation among them.

Startup India, Standup India

Benefits of Startup India, Standup India Scheme

  1. Income tax will be exempted for three years before the commencement of business on the profits earned by startup businessmen.
  2. After the investment made by entrepreneurs to promote financing in such enterprises, the sale of their property will also be exempt from the capital gains tax of 20%. This exemption will also be available on the investment of venture capital treasures recognized by the government.
  3. The ‘Start-Up India’ program of the government is to create a suitable environment for promoting innovation in the country so that economic growth can be encouraged and the employment opportunities can be provided in large and growing areas in the country.
  4. The government proposes to set up a National Credit Guarantee Trust Company, in which budget allocations for 500 crore rupees annually for the next four years will be done.
  5. A liberal patent system will also be introduced for these new enterprises based on technology, which will come up with innovative thinking in the country. In the patent registration, these enterprises will be given 80% discount in the registration fee.
  6. According to the Prime Minister, there will also be the provision of simple issuance options for closing the business to start-up enterprises in bankruptcy law. Under this, start-ups will be able to close their business within a 90-day period.
  7. Courses of Innovation for students will be started and in 5 lakh schools, it will be raised by focusing on 10 lakh children.
  8. Prime Minister said that the self-certification based compliance system will reduce the regulatory burden on startup. This system of self-certification compliance will be available to employees in case of gratuity payments, contract employees, employee provident fund funds, water and air pollution laws.
  9. In order to support the startup funding, the government will form an initial fund of Rs 2,500 crore, in which the total funding of Rs 10,000 crore will be in the next 4 years.
  10. The third largest number of startups in the world is in India. The government will also give many exceptions to the norms in respect of taking government procurement contracts to these enterprises. Start-up enterprises will be given exemption in terms of experience and business limits in government contracts.
  11. In addition, special arrangements have been made for women. These initiatives are essential for leadership in India’s right direction. The main point about this campaign is that it involves the youth of the country as a startup because they have a fresh thinking about fresh and innovative minds, necessary perseverance, and leadership of the business. It is a part of the youth society’s energetic and high skill, so that is a better goal for this campaign.

Startup India, Standup India

How to Apply:

The standup India scheme was launched for the women of the SC / ST cast of our country. You can get more information about this scheme from here, such as how to apply for stand-up India loan? And Eligibility Criteria, Objective of Stand Up India.


  • SC / ST women whose age is 18 years or above 18 years.
  • It is very important that women who are engaged in business and only run greenfield projects or enterprises.
  • Any woman who applies for the loan in the bank under this scheme should not be the defaulter in any bank.

How To Apply For Stand Up India Loan?

To apply for Stand Up India Loan, you have to follow 4 steps which have given you the following list.

  • Registration
  • Hand Holding Support Selection
  • Fill Application Form
  • Apply to Preferred Lender

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Startup India, Standup India

Startup India, Standup India Registration

Some Important Links

Startup India, Standup India PDF

Stand Up India Loan

  1. Registration

You will first need to register yourself for the Stand-Up India portal. All applicants in this portal can register as A Trainee Borrower either Ready Borrower.

  1. Hand Holding Support Selection

Now, people select the HandHolding Institute of Tax which will provide you the loan. You may like your own bank and your nearest bank.

  1. Fill Application Form

Now, to apply for stand-up India loan, you can fill up the application form and take care not to be corrected after submitting the form.

  1. Apply To Preferred Lender

You can apply for a loan from a preferred lender while applying.

A new campaign titled Startup India standup India was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Independence Day 2015 speech and it was established on January 16, 2016. This is an effective plan to help the youth of the country by the Modi government. These initiatives have been made by the Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to provide youth an opportunity to become industrialists and entrepreneurs, for which there is a need to establish a start-up network. Start-up means giving finance to the youth of the country through Banko so that they start well with better strength so that they can create more jobs in India.

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