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We will guide you today about the SSSM yojana started by the Gov Which stands for Samagra Social Security Mission which will provide the overall security to the people, one of the schemes which the government started for the benefit of the people. The scheme was initiated in the year 2010

We will guide you about the Samagra Id MP, Samagra Id Portal MP and more about Samagra.

About SSSM

The SSSM is an interdepartmental portal designed in such a way to provide the benefit to each and every individual under a single portal. In the article below we will guide you about the each and every point in the detailed view for our reader. The Main aim of setting up the single portal is to maintain the transparent result of the schemes announced or implemented as earlier the scheme announced have no record with the other departments. As before the beneficiary has to apply the scheme again and again to avail the benefit which now can be avoided.

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SSSM Portal

The SSSM portal designed by the Madhya Pradesh Government to make the life of the people easier. The portal has integrated facilities or the services as the portal is designed in such a way A common integrated program for facilitating paradigm shift from a conventional demand-based model of governance to an all-inclusive, holistic, proactive and entitlement based model.

Reference Image for the SSSM portal.

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Online link to SSSM Portal Given Below

Objectives of SSSM 

The reason for launching the Samagra Portal ( समग्र पोर्टल ) will be clear to you when you will read the following mentioned points which will guide you about the advantages or cause for setting up the SSSM.

  • The Portal aimed to assist the people with services.
  • The procedure to search or getting information is easy.
  • It has provided the Transparency in the implementation of the schemes.
  • The people avail the facilities under a single portal which had made it more comfortable for the user.
  • Each and every sort of information about any scheme or the program is delivered to people.

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Services Available at Samgra Portal

As mentioned earlier all sort of services are available at the portal and below is the list given for the same. You can check the list and know about the services available at the SSSM Portal.

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  1. Urban Body: – Find Colony / Ward
  2. Go aggregate ID, see the profile
  3. Overall Citizen Services
  4. Overall Population register
  5. Holistic pension Portal
  6. Holistic Marriage Portal
  7. Holistic Food Portal
  8. Holistic Education Portal
  9. Holistic Proof Portal
  10. Overall BPL
  11. Overall Workers

How Portal Came into existence?

The Samagra scheme of the Madhya Pradesh has solved all sort of problems which were faced by the people while availing the benefits of any scheme they desire. Now the database has been generated and formed a single portal.

What is Overall id and composite Id, Family Id?

For forming the portal the survey has been conducted in the state and all sort of information about the family, its member is gathered and submitted to the portal and then each of the family has been assigned with a unique composite user Samagra id number of 8 digits and each member has also the unique overall composite ID of 9 digits  which has been registered at the portal.

Now the people Can make use of the overall id and the overall composite id to avail the benefit of other schemes such as food at low rates (PDS), scholarship, insurance, pensions, Family assistance schemes, Marriage assistance many other as mentioned in the paragraph of the services available.

Family ID

Click the link given you can now easily log to family id by entering your Email and password.

Check the image below.

samagra | SarkariNiti

View Family ID Click On Link

If you have Family id then you can search for the complete id by the link given. Click the link to view Family id by entering the family id unique code and the captcha available.

SSSM id Search

You can search your Id with the help of the 9 digit number given to you as the steps for search are as follows.

  • You are eligible to get the ration from the PDS Scheme of the state from the ration shops nearby every month but as the resident of the state MP, you should have the overall id of all the member to get the ration for each member.


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View the eligibility slip format 

  • If you don’t have it you can get the slip of eligibility list by searching from the link given, you will get the overall Family id.

search list:-

  • To avail, the facility of scholarship which is for school students up to class 1-12 as it will be Samagra online provided after the result of class mapping done and there approx 30 scholarship schemes which will be given after the eligibility of children by the overall Education Portal.

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You can make use of the Holistic education portal for it as the links are also given for some :

Scholarship schemes for students: Classwise

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  • To search for the Whole ID click the link below. If the mobile number of any of the family member is registered at Samagra Yojana then you can make use of it to know the overall id.

Search the Whole ID

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Samagra Id Gram Panchayat

 list of in-charge of the area

If you are not able to get the id from the above mentioned then you can visit the village panchayat/district panchayat office if you are the resident of the Rural area or the ward and zone office in case of the urban area. Then you can get the Overall id from the register of the resident which they have a record.

If you are unable to find your name then the new id will be issued to you by the same office free of cost.

Village or ward list SSSM

New registration at SSSM

You can register at the Gram Panchayat level in the rural area or to the  In-charge of the ward in the urban area for the new registration. For more info click on the link given below.

Population register

SSSM login

If you are interested to log in at the portal of the SSSM Samagra portal then you can either visit the official site of the portal or make use of the link given below.

Enter the username and password to login to the sssm portal.

Reference image:

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Samagra Id form Pdf

To get the pdf of the Samagra yojana id form click on the link below to view or download the forms of id from the Samagra Id Portal.

Samagra Id form Pdf.

Contact info

Mr. Raghuram M Rajendran (IAS)
Mission Director
Directorate of Social Justice
1250, Tulsi Nagar
Bhopal (M.P.)
Phone number 0755- 2558391

Fax- 2552665

For queries, Regarding the  to Pension Plans, Schemes, Family Cards,

please email: [email protected]

Search Office Details By District Wise/ Block wise

Important links

If you face any problem or you have any query regarding the Samagra yojana you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below. we will try to solve your problem as well as you will get the satisfactory answer to your query.

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