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Soil conservation – Soil conservation defined as the best of Paresh mint and handful techniques majorly focusing on preserving the soil in its prominent state.  Due to various reasons soil main loss its natural strengths and changes in the environmental climate is also affecting on soil,  at the same time over usage of soil for agriculture,  erosion and also chemical contamination affecting.  Due to all these circumstances, the soil becomes unsustainable and unable to deliver prominent productivity in terms of agricultural farming and other factors.  To overcome the situation and also to bring equality output in the agricultural farming department for agriculture Haryana state drinks and the new scheme called soil conservation which will help to get a proper analysis and report about the soil.

Based on the inputs and the information given by the department for agriculture after performing soil conservation test for a particular land,  officials can able to estimate the overall effect till the date for the soil and what are the other alternatives available to overcome the situation and also to bring the soil into its natural state.  The main objective of soil conservation is to increase the productivity and sustain the soil strength.

Soil Conservation

  • Soil erosion removes most of the organic substances from soil and also nutrient values in a poor state resulting in the overall productivity of the soil.the main reason behind soil erosion is due to lack of awareness on a proper agricultural farming and what kind of approach mint needs to be followed by the farmers.  At the same time over the use of chemicals and other improper appointments to increase the productivity of the agriculture farming.  Most of the times preparing over usage of chemicals is also decreasing the soil strength.
  •  by taking a proper analysis and approach mint in terms of soil testing by the department of agriculture Haryana as per the standards they can able to identify and analyze the overall picture of the locality soil condition.
  •  this analysis part will take a couple of days time letter officials can give a complete detailing at the picture of the soil and also in addition to that they can also provide a complete step to be taken to restore the soil strength and its nutrient values.
  • Soil conservation involved with various types of techniques which will help in bringing the soil into the original state,  this will reflect the next agricultural farming productivity and also the quality of the product.
  •  taking the soil to the normal state by doing several things will make to regain soil normal state and also environmentally friendly.
  • Under the soil conservation scheme provided by the government of Haryana,  government officials from the agricultural department will visit each and every village and rural localities where majorly soil erosion is high.
  •  agricultural exports will give complete analysis and their inputs for soil conservation to avoid chemical composed agricultural farming and the best apartments can be the developer for performing the best agricultural farming.


  • The main objective of soil conservation designed by the government of Haryana and department of agriculture is to bring back the original form of the soil and to improve the quality agricultural farming.
  • the scheme is not meant for any specific location or area.
  • it covers the complete state rural and urban localities where the agricultural farming exist.
  • as a priority the first visit of the government officials from agricultural department scheduled for the high oil erosion happening locations like,  where the productivity of agricultural farming decreasing drastically in terms of quality,  quantity and also environmentally.
  • Chief Minister of Haryana Shri Manohar Lal Khattar had taken many steps for the agricultural sector of the state.

Soil Conservation

Benefits of Soil Conservation Scheme

  • The major benefits of the soil conservation scheme are applicable to all the villages who are dependent on agricultural farming.
  • under the scheme the owners are farmers of agricultural land can get complete soil analysis for free of cost and also based on the analysis government officials from agricultural department provides complete information like what kind of farming have to perform and what are the best methodologies to follow to increase the productivity without affecting the soil conditions.
  • also, suggest what kind of agricultural farming is suitable for a respective paddy location based on the condition of the soil.
  • this whole process will take 10 to 15 days of time to complete and provide information for better agricultural farming.

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Eligibility and conditions applying for Soil Conservation Scheme

There are no specific eligibility criteria described for soil erosion scheme by the department of Haryana agricultural department. This scheme encourages all the farmers to avail the checking process of their agricultural land soil testing with a nominal or for free of charge.

all have to do with the farmers is,  just as instructed by agricultural department officials farmers have to take the agricultural land soil samples and send it for testing.  In a week time the testing process will start and it 2 weeks will get a complete report about the soil and what’s the condition and also what are the major things affected the soil.  Based on the details, the agricultural department officials will give suggestions and assistance to improve soil condition.

Required documents

For availing testing process your agricultural land soil testing,  farmers have to submit their land details and identity proof which will help in identifying the location easily.  There are no other are additional documents required to proceed with or to avail this soil conservation scheme.

Contact details

Farmers can directly contact the department of agriculture official or else can approach gram panchayat office in the village to get more details about the scheme and what are the basic coverages comes under the scheme.  Apart from this by providing soil testing samples as per the given instructions like,  how to take the sample from where to dig the soil.  By sending the sample to the testing department they will do the complete analysis and testing and send a complete report along with the basic changes or suggestions need to be taken for betterment in agricultural land.

Soil Conservation

Soil Conservation Scheme PDF

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Soil conservation scheme designed by the government of Haryana and department of agriculture.  The main reason behind come up with such a scheme is to encourage paddy or agricultural farmers to understand the current condition of their land or soil and also the necessary actions to be taken place for the future usage of the soil. At the same time, this will helps in reducing soil erosion ratio and improves the quality of soil condition and nutrition value growth in the soil.  This will also help in bringing soil environmentally-friendly and can get chemical free or chemical less product. This scheme can avail by anyone who is doing agricultural farming and the forming is not up to the expected result and also the farmers who are not able to understand their agricultural land or soil condition.

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