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In the state of Kerala, about 75,000 children under the age of 18 are living in orphanages and around 1500 orphanages are working in Kerala. Most children have family and relatives, but most of them have lost their parents for many reasons. Children are more likely to have abuse and exploitation without proper adult care and protection. To save them, the state government of Kerala has started a scheme named Snehpuravam.

The basic focus of this scheme is to identify orphans in families and fulfill their needs, to provide social security to extremely vulnerable groups, improve basic education, social integration, encourage families to stay within their families and To help the children of these orphan families through financial assistance for the education of these orphan children The government has set a target of bringing in the mainstream of society. , The government has made a very good decision regarding orphans in Kerala.


Objectives of the Snehpurvam scheme

  1. Identify orphans and help them get that dream family they had missed of their own.
  2. Provide them with social security so that they are not found vulnerable.
  3. Bringing an improvement in the lives of the children.
  4. Encourage families to adopt and also not let go of their children as they are most precious.
  5. Financially assisting orphan families as well.

Benefits of the Snehpurvam scheme for orphans

Children below 5 years of age: Children below 5 years of age can get the benefit of 300 rupees per month financial assistance. Quantity 1 to 5: 300 rupees per month for children studying in classes 1 to 5 Benefits of the scheme from 6th to 10th class: Benefits of 500 rupees per month from class 6th to 10th standard. 11th and 12th grade: Benefits of 750 rupees per month for class 11th and 12th class. / Professional Atykram degree / vocational courses are taught the student of 1000 rupees per month.

Eligibility Criteria for Snehpurvam Yojana for orphans

  • The applicant should be a resident of the state of Kerala
  • Annaad children are eligible for this scheme.
  • Earned, abandoned children, children who have lost their parents in war, communal riots, natural calamities and accidents etc. eligible for this scheme Are there.

Required documents for Snehpurvam Yojana for orphans

Identity card such as Aadhaar CardSchool CertificateAonath Certificate School Certificate

How to Apply for the Snehpurvam Yojana for orphans?

Visit the official site http://kssm.ikm.in/ Now, click on the beneficiary/institution login button. Then click on the new registration and once registered successfully, the applicant will get the — USERNAME and password. Login with. Now click on services and click on new beneficiary registration. Fill out the required details and submit it.

Contact details

Executive Director, Kerala Social Security Mission, Pujapura Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695012 Phone- 0471-2341200, 2346016 (Fax) e-mail: [email protected]

Reference and Details

For more information about the Snehapuravam scheme for orphans


Http://kssm.ikm.in/startlogin.htm for online application form

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