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The major population are belonging to the worker population as the Shramik are people who work continuously for the welfare of the society and plays an important role in the nation building. The Madhya Pradesh government started a scheme for the welfare of the people of the Madhya Pradesh mostly the unorganized worker or people belonging to the sector od unorganized workers. The planned worker from this sector who could not raise their voice against the odds of the social society, security and the upliftment of the people. The Madhya Pradesh Government has taken this historic step for the welfare and upliftment of the people belonging to the unorganized sector. The workers are provided with the opportunity to register themselves at the Shramik portal to avail the benefit of the Shramik Sewa.

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In the article below you will be guided about the Shramik Sewa,  Shramik portal, how to do Shramik Panjiyan for which you have to read the article below:

The online Shramik portal of the Shramik Sewa has been designed by the government to help the people of the unorganized sector or the people belonging to the sector of the Shramik Sewa to provide them the benefit under the scheme under a Shramik portal of the Shramik Sewa.

The employed workers or the Shramik working in the unorganized sector are urged to contact the office of the Gram Panchayat or the Zone in charge and the registration could be done at the Shramik portal.

Need for the Shramik Sewa

The Shramik Sewa is the Shramik portal designed by the government to organize an online Shramik portal for the service so the poor laborers or the Shramik in every district of the state. The people of the poor deprived families. The scheme was started under the Prime Minister Ujjwala Scheme for the poor laborer of the state providing benefit to the Shramik of the various government schemes or the LPG connection.

Unorganized poor laborers

The following are the Shramik people who were to the unorganized sector or work in those areas. These includes the laborers,  fishing workers, streetwalkers, wooden workers, Leather goods and shoemakers, shopkeepers, stone breakers, sewing-weaving-embroidery workers, auto rickshaw drivers, Shramik working in the Flour, oil, pulses, rice mills, Farmers and so on are the people who belong to the Shramik sector or the unorganized sector.

Shramik Sewa welfare scheme

The main objective of the Shramik Sewa to provide the benefit to the unorganized workers as already mentioned in the article. The people of the Sewa can do their Shramik Panjiyan means register them at the Shramik portal. To register for the scheme to get the services provided to the unorganized poor laborers of the state Madhya Pradesh. The benefit of the includes is Free gas connections, Free treatment, Free education, Training, and Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna.

Services at Sambal Madhya Pradesh Janakalyan Shramik Portal

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The services which are available at the Sambal Madhya Pradesh Janakalyan Portal.Check the list below:

  1. Funeral/ Grace Aid Scheme Benefit Dashboard
  2. Training Registration Dashboard
  3. Sambal Sahitya Samiti Dashboard
  4. Health Plan Benefit Dashboard
  5. e- payment monitoring and management
  6. Energy Department Dashboard
  7. Registration
  8. Proactive Governance
  9. Document Verification
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Benefits of Madhya Pradesh Shramik Welfare Scheme

  • The Benefits of an affordable home is provided under the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme.
  • Free gas connection under provided under the  Prime Minister Ujjwala Plan to the registered Shramik or who have done their Shramik Panjiyan.
  • Free medical treatment is another benefit
  • Free education for children of the Shramik
  • Free training to the youth is provided under the Shramik Sewa
  • Relief in death relief is also provided.

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Eligibility criteria

The following written is the Eligibility criteria for one who is interested to apply or do Panjiyan for the Shramik Sewa at the online Shramik portal. So one should know the eligibility for applying the Shramik Sewa.

  • The Applicant should be a worker.
  • The people should not be employed in any government services.
  • The income of the Shramik should not be so as he should not be the taxpayer.
  • The Shramik should not hold agricultural land.

How to apply or do Shramik Panjiyan?

If you are interested to get the benefit of the government schemes as you are the poor Shramik can apply or do the Shramik Panjiyan or can register at the Shramik portal. The steps for the do Shramik Panjiyan at the online portal are written as follows:

You can make use of the the official website given along. As after the Shramik Panjiyan Process you will be issued a Shramik card which will act as the registration card for the people who have registered at the online Shramik portal.

To apply Visit

Shramik card/ Shramik status

You can also check the status for your registered application at the portal of Shramik Sewa Madhya Pradesh and you will be issued a Shramik Card which you can make use to avail the services which are listed in the services paragraph above. As the Shramik card will be issued to you after the Verification process for the application you have registered either online or the offline method. Then the people can make use of the card which will be provided to the deserving Shramik candidates who has availed the benefit of the government jobs, insurances, pension or the Gratuity.

Login Shramik Sewa Sambal

You can log in the to the Shramik Sewa Sambal by making use of the link given below. If you are already registered at the Shramik portal of the Sambal Madhya Pradesh Janakalyan Shramik  Portal.

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Offline method for Shramik Panjiyan at Shramik Sewa

The offline method to do theShramik Panjiyan for the Shramik Sewa is you can visit the Panchayat of your area or the Zone office. As the government is also organizing the labor registration camps which will be organized in 2-3 villages nearby set up where the people can visit an do the Shramik Panjiyan for the Shramik Sewa. The Department of Urban Administration and Development are also be taking the process of the registration of the worker of the Rural areas at the Panchayats and the Urban areas are under the Registrar.

More about the Shramik Sewa Sambal

Registered labor – 2,23,00,526

Registered family – 1,07,46,957

Associate partners – 1,47,594

Contact info

Office Address

Madhya Pradesh Unorganized urban and rural workforce Kalyan Mandal,

82, Harshvardhan Nagar, Bhopal

Helpline Number

+ (0755) 2555530

Email Id[email protected], [email protected]

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