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Shauchalaya Nirman, Ghar ka Samman – (Help Build Toilets)

Mukesh Jindal
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The Sauchalaya Nirman is another initiative by the Government of Bihar, after the central, to provide a healthy sanitized environment to all households in the State. The scheme concentrates on the people from rural and remote rural area where there are more than 75% households still do not have a proper toilet system.

This scheme is one such initiative taken by Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar to provide and a promote healthier and more hygienic private toilets to the people living in slums and rural areas across the State.

In the month of September 2016, the scheme was launched in an event and is said to be one of the 7 resolves that will be taken by the State Government for the growth and development of the State. Along with this scheme, the Government of the State has also launched another scheme known as the Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal.


The Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal Scheme

This scheme is under the 7 resolves that launched with the Sauchalaya Nirman. Under the scheme, the Government has promised to provide free drinking water to every household below the poverty line or living in the slums with pure drinking water being provided through taps.


What are the features the Sauchalaya Nirman?

  • The Sauchalaya Nirman, Ghar Ka Samman in one of the 7 resolves that the Government of Bihar has taken for the development of the State. This scheme was launched in September 2016.
  • The Government of Bihar will provide financial assistance to every household that is in the slum or rural area where there are no private toilets.
  • The scheme is aimed to provide a healthier life for the inhabitants of the State by providing proper sanitization to the family, especially children and family.
  • The scheme is a part of the 7 resolves schemes initiated by the Bihar Government. Along with this scheme, there is another scheme called Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal has also launched.
  • The scheme will be funded by the Government of Bihar under the supervision of the central government and the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan.
  • Under this scheme, the people who belong the poverty line or to the low-income group will be given a lump sum one-time amount to build a toilet attached to their house.


What is the objective of the Sauchalaya Nirman Scheme?

  • The Government of Bihar is very keen on providing a healthy and hygienic life to the people of the State. As the main aim is to stop people from defecating in open areas.
  • The inhabitants, living in the slums and rural areas get affected by infections and diseases frequently due to open defecation.
  • The State Government of Bihar is hoping to provide everyone a private toilet within the year 2019. The scheme has 1 million toilets have been built.
  • The Government of Bihar is aiming to bring up the socio-economic growth and develop the State.
  • The Government aims to bring a change in the living styles of the people in the slums. The Survey says that these are used to unhealthy life, as they defecate in open areas and don’t understand how important to have a private toilet.


 How will the Scheme work?

  • The scheme, Sauchalaya Nirman is a yojana that helps to build a proper toilet in every house. When the Swacch Bharat campaign launched many people started reacting to the campaign.
  • According to the Chief Minister of Bihar Shri. Nitish Kumar, they are not spreading any awareness by this scheme but directly providing financial help so that the people can immediately start working on building the toilets. Many people do not understand the importance of hygiene so the Government has decided to give out funds to the households and supervise the work in progress to trigger the scheme.
  • Under the scheme, every household will receive INR.12000/- to build a private toilet in their houses. The amount will be given to the citizens of Bihar only and those living in the slum areas with no sanitization system.
  • There will be two sets of selection of villages under the scheme, in the first set 100 villages will be selected and 50 villages will be selected in the second set and gradually the funds will be distributed for each set.


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