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Today the article is based on the information regarding the school accomplishment. As through this article, you will be guided how the school accomplishment and how it takes place and why is the need and what are the advantages or the uses of the school accomplishment. The school completion portal has been made for the online procedure of the school accomplishment and the portal is named as Shaala Siddhi which is a Hindi meaning of the school accomplishment.

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The registration process is to take place where each school has to register it on the Shaalasiddhi portal. The registration can be done online as mentioned earlier as the Shaala Siddhi portal is a web portal where the schools can register them with proficiency. Under the web portal ShaalaSiddhi each school have to make its entries so it becomes more necessary the process of Registration at the Shaala Siddhi portal.

As mentioned earlier the schools have to enter the information at the web portal of Shaala Siddhi. The process will begin with the Shaala siddhi registration and then the school is required to fill the completed form at the Saala siddhi portal online. In the article below we will guide you with the process of registration as well as the process of filling the completion form. Read the article below to grab each info regarding Shaala Siddhi.

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What is Shaala Siddhi?

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The Shaala Siddhi means school accomplishment is the project which is controlled and managed by the NATIONAL PROGRAMME ON SCHOOL STANDARDS AND EVALUATION (NPSSE). The Project on Shala Siddhi was started to improve the quality of education as well as the school performance to improve the system of education in India. The Shaala Siddhi id the major step in the direction for the comprehensive school evaluation to improve the quality of education. The Shala siddhi is the programme initiated by the National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA) under the Human Resource Development Ministry.

The objective of Shala Siddhi

The reason for starting the Shaala siddhi is to evaluate the school performances and improvement required for them. So the NPSSE visualizes ‘School Evaluation’ and ‘School Improvement’. The major objective is to develop the technical framework for the school evaluation So the School Standards and Evaluation Framework(SSEF) has been made for the school evaluation.

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Shaala Siddhi Format

The schools have to fill the hard copy of the dashboard before the uploading of the information at the web portal of Shaala Siddhi. Schools need to register them on Shala Siddhi Web portal:


Important instructions

 Before you start the registration process at the Shaala Siddhi you should be aware of the Shaala Siddhi.
  • The website should be used by the personnel of the School.
  • Save the login id and password and PIN code.
  • Fill the information at the Dashboard.
  • Icon on the portal/ dashboard can be used.
  • Information can be edited at the portal.
  • Then final information only uploaded at the portal of Shaala Siddhi.

Online Registration at Shaala Siddhi

The steps are given follows if you are to register at the portal of the Shaala Siddhi. Check the steps below:

Click on the link


  • Click on the New User.
  • Then Click on the Login icon.
  • If you are a new user then click on the new user option.
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  • Fill in the details of the New user.
  • The OTP will be generated.
  •  Select the level.
  • Enter the  UDISE code.
  • Enter the First Name, Last Name.
  • Enter the Mobile No or Email ID
  • Then Enter the OTP received on your  registered mobile no. or the Email ID 
  • Then click on Submit.
  • Then a Password will be needed to be created by the user. 
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  • You have to save the Password and PIN for future use.

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Login at Shaala Siddhi

To login at the Shaala Siddhi Login Page, you have to follow the following procedure.

Reference image:

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  • Enter the 11-digit School U-DISE code which is your User Name. The U-DISE code is the code generated for the school is registered at the Shaala Siddhi portal.
  • Then Enter the Password.
  • Click on the Submit Option.

Filling Shaala Siddhi Dashboard/ self Evaluation

Reference Image:

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  • Fill the information at the Dashboard
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  • Fill the Demographic profile at the portal.
  • Then enter the class wise Attendance rate.
  • The class-wise annual attendance is also required to be calculated.
  • Then submit it at the portal
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  • Then you have to fill the class wise outcome percentage for all the classes.
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  • Click to submit and then click on next option.
  • Then fill the information about the number of Teachers as well as the teacher attendance is also required to be filled in the same way.
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  • Click again to submit and next option.
  • Then the information regarding the improvement or the core has to be indicated as shown in the image below:
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  • Then the information regarding the school continuous improvement to be taken is required to be filled.
  • The submit the application.
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  • The information on the portal/Dashboard can also be edited.
  • Click on the unfreeze option and confirm the unfreeze request to edit the information at the portal.

Reference image:

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Note- The information is also available for the manage your request and generates the report is also possible at the portal.

Data Status Dashboard Report

You can also view the data status report at the Shaala Portal. To view the data status report at the portal.


Reference image:

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Then follow the following procedure to view data status report.

  • Select your state
  • Select your district
  • Select your block
  • Select your cluster
  • Select your village
  • Select your school
  • Select your academic year

Contact details

National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration
17-B, Sri Aurobindo Marg
NCERT Campus, Katwaria Sarai
New Delhi, Delhi 110016
Phone Number: 011-26544963, 011-26544965
Fax: 011-26853041, 26865180

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