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Shaadi Shagun Scheme for Muslim Community Girls

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the Central Government of India is considering introducing a new ambitious scheme called ‘Shaadi Shagun Yojana’ for Muslim girls.

The scheme would offer encouragement in order to motivate the women of the Muslim community especially the girls from minority communities to study further.

The Maulana Azad Education Foundation (MAEF), the under-going body of the Union Minority Affairs Ministry, decided to take this step. MAEF says that the purpose of this scheme is to encourage girls and their parents of minorities and other minorities to do so that girls can complete university or college level studies. This move has been named as ‘Wedding Shagun’ initially.


Details of the Shaadi Shagun Scheme

  • Under this scheme, 51,000 rupees of Muslim community girls will be given as a gift of marriage, who have completed their graduate studies.
  • The MAEF is currently developing a website for the Shaadi Shagun Scheme registration.
  • The scheme was launched to be applicable in all the states across the country.
  • Apart from this, the amount of Rs 10,000 will be given to the Muslim girls studying in the 9th and 10th classes. So far, Muslim girls studying in 11th and 12th grade were getting scholarships of Rs. 12 thousand rupees.

Eligibility of the Shaadi Shagun Scheme

The scheme would only be available for the Muslim community girls who have already completed their graduation.

Purpose of the Shaadi Shagun Scheme

  • The main objective of the marriage planning program is to encourage Muslim girls to get a higher education.
  • Under this scheme, girls from all Muslim communities across the country will be targeted.
  • Apart from the above, the scheme was launched to eliminate the current issues that Muslim women face with regards to their social and cultural norms.

Key Features of the Plan

  • This scheme is being started only for Muslim girls all over the country.
  • A website is being developed by Maulana Azad Educational Foundation, where all information about this scheme will be provided.
  • Muslim girls who have already graduated from Maulana Azad Educational Foundation who have already received the scholarship. They can also get 51000 rupees under the Marriage Shagun Scheme.
  • Cash prizes will not be given to girls who have not completed their graduation level.
  • The government of India has taken a major step to start this scheme and the intention behind the scheme is to encourage Muslim girls and their parents to at least graduate level to complete their education.
  • Apart from this, the government has also decided that Rs 10,000 will be given to Muslim girls studying in 9th and 10th grade. So far, only Muslim students who were studying in classes 11 and XII were given scholarships of Rs. 12 thousand.

Important note: This amount of marriage omelet will be available to those Muslim girls who have completed graduation, who have received scholarships from the MAEF on the school level.

  • Under the scheme, whatever minority girls will graduate through the current scheme of scholarships, at the time of their marriage, the Modi government will give 51 thousand rupees as marriage.
  • Apart from this, it was decided that now 10 thousand rupees will be given to Muslim girls studying in 9th and 10th grade.

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The Maulana Azad Education Foundation (MEEF) made a statement saying that the scheme is only to promote studies amongst Muslim girls and their parents for the soul purpose that girls are given the opportunity to complete their studies at university or college level. The scheme may also help show case the talent that most Muslim women possess but are oppressed due to the rituals and norms they need to abide by throughout their life.


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