Seven Rail Projects, 7-Star Village Scheme Announced by Haryana Govt.

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Haryana Govt. is rapidly focusing on the development side by virtue of this Govt.has started various schemes for children, youth, women, farmers, Industries, infrastructure, health etc. The chief minister of Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar by himself has taken a keen interest in the development of society and state respectively. Khattar allocated sufficient funds for the state development by generating new plans and ideas for implementation in the Haryana State. Haryana state is developing very fast with the vision of Khattar govt. Everyday Khattar team monitoring and examine the state development scenario. Khattar govt. set an idle example for the whole nation.

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In the chain of progressive nature, Khatter Govt has started seven new railway projects with the collaboration of railway ministry and Haryana rail infrastructure development corporation which leads to developing the railway line infrastructure in the state. This project will be feasible in around ten months. The length of this railway lines is 439 km which would cost around Rs 20 crore.

The vision of Haryana Govt.

State Govt. have a vision of the overall development of the state with good infra, health, prosperity, and employment. Khattar directly involves himself for the state progress to make the state no. 1 in the whole nation. Lots of projects schemes are undergoing in the dynamic leadership of Manohar Lal Khattar. The vision to expand railway and also to start new railway project is also the part of Khattar progressive vision for the state. Whereas 7-star village scheme is also adjoining with development at grass root level with competition to be a no. 1 village in the state with high ranking stars.

seven railway project announced

State Seven new rail projects

  • Yamunanagar-Chandigarh via Naraingarh
  • Delhi-Sohna-Nuh-Ferozpur Zhirka-Alwar,
  • Farrukhnagar-Jhajjar-Charkhi Dadri,
  • Jind-Hisar,
  • Bhiwani-Loharu,
  • Karnal-Yamunanagar
  • Manesar for Maruti Udyog.

seven star village scheme

Seven Star village Scheme

Haryana Development and Panchayats Minister also launched a ‘7-Star Village Scheme’  for Grassroot overall development of the villages to strengthen and awake the working concept of Gram Panchayats in the state. This is the f=great initiative taken by the state Govt to provide more development and awareness at a village . under this scheme that Gram Panchayat who does good work in the are they will get colorful starts up to seven and seven-star villages will be awarded by the state govt. Seven stars which include, Pink star denotes to the best performance in the sex ratio improvement, Green star will indicate about environment protection and cleanliness, saffron star will show the zero crime in the area, Sky blue color showed zero dropouts, Golden star will be given for the best governance, silver star is for best participation in the village development. This is called star rating according to the development in the villages and these starts are awarded to the concern gram Panchayat of Haryana state. The state will give incentives to the Gram Panchayat for further progress. Best gram panchayat will come under the category of  Inderdhanush.

Seven railway project


Khattar govt. revoke an idea to develop the villages. Railway new project will create the great buzz in the development of the state. This initiative will facilitate the masses with direct involvement in the scheme. Where railway line boost more transportation facility and star scheme will make the further competitive mode in the rapid pace of development in the state.

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