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Scheme On Fisheries Training And Extension

Scheme On Fisheries Training And Extension
Mukesh Jindal
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Scheme On Fisheries Training And Extension – The Scheme on Fishers Training an Extension for formed under the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying, and Fisheries. The government of India has initiated this scheme for the development of the fisherman by providing them the training opportunity and their welfare activities. The benefits will be done only for the fisherman. The scheme will provide the fishers extension programme effectively, they will improve the skills of the fisherman and give the assistance for setting up/ Upgradation of Fish Framers during the training session. As the training will be having the awareness of the fishing with continuing for museum, library, aquarium and also auditorium facilities etc. the fisherman can utilize all the benefits of the scheme and utilize them for the development. As the scheme has also contained the objectives, which are given below

The Objectives of the Scheme:

  • Some of the main objectives of the scheme is, the scheme will be providing the training facility to the fishing person. Also, it will assist them by undertaking fisheries extension programme effectively.
  • The Scheme will be giving the assistance to the fisherfolk in upgrading their skills.
  • The enhanced training facilities and the assistance for setting the upgrade of the fish farmers training centers will give more boost to the farmers.
  • The fisheries training centers are available in all the states.
  • Along with the assistance of fishing, they will also provide establishment of an awareness center comprising of the museum. They can have all the collectibles in the museum and get aware of the technology to be used.
  • Also, the fishers will be having the access to the library to gain knowledge, aquarium and auditorium facilities and so on. This all are used for the individual development and get an upgrade.
  • The scheme will be having all the required features for developing a fisherman.
  • They will be developing the skill in the training program.
  • The professionals available in the training are the officials of the government, they will guide everyone with the required information.

Scheme On Fisheries Training And Extension

  • There will be a provision of trained technical manpower in the Fishers Department in all the states as per the requisite.
  • They can also transfer of technology in the same sector.
  • The scheme will have the similar features of the upgrading the skills of the fishermen or the fish farmers.
  • They are required to upgrade their skills by enabling the new techniques, by adopting the modern and sustainable methods of fishing and fish husbandry.

Benefits of Scheme on Fisheries Training and Extension:

  • The benefits of the centrally sponsored scheme on Fishers Training & Extension are
  • Only the fishermen will be benefited in this scheme.
  • The scheme will be providing the training opportunities for the fisherman.
  • There will be proposed fisheries training centers available in all the states for the fisherman.
  • Fisherman can develop his skills and upgrade in this scheme, which will be provided by the government officials.

Scheme On Fisheries Training And Extension

Physical targets for the 10th five-year Plan of Fisheries Training And Extension scheme

As the persons working for the fisheries will be allotted with some stipend money as per the scheme.

  • Human Resource Development: The stipend provided per day will be RS. 100/- as a subject to the maximum available amount of RS. 1500/- per participant during the training period of 15 days, and also will be awarded transport facility by train/bus fare.
  • Workshop: the organizing workshop which is national level, a limited amount which will not exceed 1 Lakh will be provided and also for the publication of proceedings.
  • Documentary: As there is no fixed amount have been issues for the financial assistance has dint got approval under this component. It may get separately for each film according to the script committee on a regular basis of the script. As the rates may differ from the quoted by different agencies.

Eligibility Criteria:

The fisheries department of the states is eligible for applying for this scheme.

How to Apply:

Those who are eligible for apply for this scheme need to contact the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying, and Fishers.

Scheme On Fisheries Training And Extension

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The Scheme on Fisheries training an extension was sponsored by the central government as the scheme got its name as Scheme on Fisheries Training and Extension, under the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries. The scheme is to provide training for fishery sector, to assist in undertaking fisheries extension programme effectively. As the scheme itself has meant for the development of the fisheries. And the scheme will be providing the training sessions for the fishermen and developing their skills based on which they can upgrade them self. Also, the scheme will be allotting the various facilities under the training as they will have the access to the library, museum, training centers, and many more. According to the seventh five-year plan, one of the central schemes was implemented namely “Training/seminars/Workshops” was established under the scheme. In the year 1994-95 the main scope of the scheme was to improve a widened and a revised scheme which was entitled “fishers training & extension” has started. However, the achievement of the scheme will be monitored based on the annual progress reports.


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