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Scheme for agriculture engineering and services – Department of agriculture, Haryana Government was founded in 1882 by Indian famine commission.  This department really works as an independent unit through the director of agriculture and other supporting systems.  Since from the inception of the department of agriculture,  there are many changes took place in the way of streamlining a structure organization purely meant for delivering equality support and assistance to the Indian agricultural system.

After various changes performed in the department itself,  two new departments created named as the department of seed certification and department of horticulture and plantation.  Though these two departments run as individual entities but come under one roof named as the department for agriculture.  The main intention to separate as two departments is to generate quality and compatible productivities in core agricultural objectives. Likewise in 1982 more departments are separated namely oilseeds and agricultural engineering. All these departments’ works with the department of agriculture guidelines and also to bring new apartments in the respective section.

    • The main goals of the department of agricultural and its systematic approaches is to provide a prominent forming information to the farmers
    •  improving skill based agricultural services in pan India.
    • Adaptive research, product quality analysis and also soil testing are the major objectives of the newly established departments.
    • Providing technical and practical information, scope to learn new techniques towards improving the productivity.
    • Water conservation and soil in the catchment area of river valley project is one of the schemes under, the scheme for agriculture engineering and services. agroforestry, contour bunding, silt detention structure and drainage management automatic or objectives of the scheme.
    • Agriculture mechanization scheme designed for providing advanced agricultural equipment and other services under government subsidy.  This game is applicable in all the districts.  Farmers can get any kind of equipment, the missionary for the subsidy.
    • Water management and command area is another scheme which majorly focusing on how to manage water for agricultural farming and the handling techniques of a vast locality or agricultural land performing.  This game is also covered only for particular locations in the state.
    • Agricultural machinery implementation demonstration scheme,  under the scheming department of agriculture staff, conducts various workshops for the farmers to explain the usage and implementation process of machinery.
    • Connecting with the other schemes there is another scheme which is purely designed for providing training to the farmers on the implementation of missionary and its usage.  These two schemes cover all the districts of  Haryana state.
    • The important scheme is rain harvesting,  this is also scheduled and running across all the states of Haryana.
    • Soil and water conservation at hill areas is purely designed for hill locality for providing a proper information and ways of better farming techniques at hill area.

Scheme For Agriculture Engineering And Services


The scheme for agriculture engineering and service, the main objective is to provide a quality service and inputs for better agricultural farming.  Complete technical and nontechnical and also better output research-oriented information will be provided by the department.  Agricultural engineering,  product development techniques and also testings like soil conservation,  seeds and also final product quality and quantity.

Existing ad newly established departments which come under the department of agriculture are going to work on the above-detailed factors.  These departments will give a complete support and assessment the farmers from starting to end. Chief Minister of Haryana Shri Manohar Lal Khattar had taken many steps for the agricultural sector of the state.

Benefits of Haryana Govt. Scheme For Agriculture Engineering And Services

The major benefits of the scheme institute provide equality and proper research-based inputs to farmers and technical engineering students.

      • Department of agriculture caters various kinds of agriculture-related benefits and schemes for the farmers and graduates in agriculture.
      • there are various games available under the scheme for agriculture engineering and services.
      • All the schemes are designed for providing theoretical,  practical and technical based information to teach for the students at the farmers to help in bringing equality agricultural farming output.

Haryana Govt. Scheme For Agriculture Engineering And Services - PDF, Contact Details

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Eligibility and conditions applying for Haryana Govt. Scheme For Agriculture Engineering And Services

As mentioned the scheme basically designed for agricultural farmers and graduates who are interested in forming.  There are no specific eligibility criteria for the schemes, but farmers have to approach nearby government agricultural department for the purpose of availing agricultural machinery information and classes about the usage of machinery.

Scheme For Agriculture Engineering And Services

or else in certain cases by approaching gram panchayat office and by requesting gram panchayat officials for providing classes or information about advanced machinery usage and technical information they will assist to go further.

Required documents

To avail benefits under the schemes listed in the department of agriculture,  farmers have to submit few documents like own land or least land.  The number of acres land they are doing farming.  Locality related information and other amenities available for forming.

How to apply

Applying for the availing department of agriculture provided schemes the farmers have to first check out the schemes available in the locality. There are more than 15 schemes running under the scheme for agriculture engineering and services. Depends upon the locality and the region the skins coverage will differ.  So it is more important check the coverage games based on that the farmers have to approach gram panchayat or nearby agricultural department authority to avail the scheme or to apply for the scheme.

Contact details

The best and easy way to approach to avail any of the schemes listed in the department of agriculture is by going through,  gram panchayat officials of the village or else mandal agricultural department authority’s only.  In some cases, the supervisors or gram panchayat or else department for agriculture person visit villages and agricultural land as per the schedule, by approaching them also can avail the available schemes in that locality.

Scheme For Agriculture Engineering And Services

Some important links

Official website:- https://archive.india.gov.in/citizen/agriculture/viewscheme.php?schemeid=738

Haryana Govt. Scheme For Agriculture Engineering And Services PDF


Scheme for agriculture engineering and services purely designed to provide a proper approachment and machinery to use for agricultural farming and other approachment needs to be followed by farmers while doing farming or before or else after. Explaining, educating and providing a proper training on usage of agricultural machinery to the farmers is aiming by the scheme for agriculture engineering and services.  In particular scheduled timing the other it is from the department for agriculture approaches to the villages along with the machinery and the latest advancements in agricultural farming and provides a complete practical explanation to the farmers.  This will helps in terms of gaining knowledge practically about the usage of machinery and its benefits. At the same time couple of schemes under the scheme for agriculture engineering and services provides machinery and other equipment for the subsidy,  this can also have oil on the spot or else on later by proceeding through proper approachment with the department for agriculture in the locality.


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