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SATH Program Launched By NITI Aayog

SATH Program Launched By NITI Aayog
Mukesh Jindal
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SATH Program Launched By NITI Aayog – Five are shortlisted. Afterward, three will be chosen on the basis of additional tests and goal assessment of standards affecting the prospect of impact and chances of success. Metrics like MMR, IMR, the prevalence of malaria and many others are considered for discovering possible impact whilst density of physicians and nurses, compliance with IPHS standards are a few of the metrics used to determine chances of succeeding. The application will be launched from the three nations following the signing of MoUs.

The application addresses the need expressed by most nations for support. To pick the 3 version conditions, NITI described a three-stage procedure — an expression of curiosity, demonstrations by the countries and evaluation of devotion to health sector reforms. NITI encouraged UTs and all states to take part in the program. Sixteen states voiced prima facie fascination, of which their demonstrations were made by two. Construct and SATH intends to identify three ‘role model’ conditions for health programs. NITI will operate in close cooperation with their state machines to design a solid roadmap of intervention, and create a program governance arrangement, set up monitoring and monitoring mechanisms, hand-hold state associations throughout the execution phase and supply support on a variety of institutional steps to get the finish goals.


NITI Aayog under the SATH activity intends to recognize and construct three future ‘good example’ states for wellbeing frameworks. It will help in planning a vigorous guide, build up a program administration structure, set up checking and following instruments, and offer help to the state organizations to accomplish the end destinations.

SATH Program Launched By NITI Aayog

The vision of SATH program is to start a change in instruction and wellbeing areas. It typifies the rationality of co-agent federalism to addresses the need communicated by numerous states for specialized help from NITI Aayog.  SATH Program means to construct three chose states viz. Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka as future ‘good example’ states for wellbeing frameworks.

SATH program Launched By NITI Aayog

To introduce change in the training and medicinal services areas alongside State governments, NITI Aayog has propelled the SATH (Sustainable Action for Transforming Human capital) program.

“NITI will work in the close coordinated effort with the State hardware by building three future ‘good example’ States for wellbeing frameworks,” an official articulation said.

Five States were shortlisted post venture introduction by 14 States. In this way, three States will be chosen through further appraisals.

SATH Program Launched By NITI Aayog

How to apply

Other than the above exercises, the database was accumulated for more than 50 enterprise plans of GoI and a

the proposition was submitted for the advancement of a web/versatile application. There are customary associations

with ILO specialists on issues concerning work advertise changes, Skill Development Indicators, formalization

for the casual part, the fortifying government-managed savings et cetera.

Eligibility and conditions for SATH program Launched By NITI Aayog

According to the declaration of Hon’ble Prime Minister, the Maternity Benefit

The program must be actualized in every one of the regions of the nation as per the arrangement of

the National Food Security Act, 2013. Every single Pregnant Woman and Lactating Mothers (PW&LM) who

have their pregnancy on or after 01.01.2017 for the first tyke in a family with the exception of those accepting maternity

advantage are qualified. The goal is to: I) give incomplete remuneration to the wage misfortune as far as

money motivations with the goal that the lady can take satisfactory rest when the conveyance of the primary living

kid and ii) the money motivation gave would prompt enhanced wellbeing looking for conduct among the

PW&LM. According to the PMO command, NITI Aayog has been appointed for Monitoring and Evaluation of

the Maternity Benefits Program. In like manner, first Quarterly Report and Dashboard have been

arranged with inputs got from MWCD and State and imparted to PMO.
SATH Program Launched By NITI Aayog

Procedure for SATH program Launched By NITI Aayog

NITI Aayog has revealed a program called SATH alongside the state governments to kick begin the way toward changing instruction and wellbeing divisions. SATH, which remains for ‘Practical Action for Transforming Human capital,’ will involve the administration think tank to give specialized help to State governments in the two parts. The program expects to distinguish and assemble three future ‘good example’ states for wellbeing frameworks, an official explanation said. The Aayog will work in the close joint effort with their state apparatus to outline a powerful guide of mediation, build up a program administration structure, set up observing and following instruments, hand-hold state establishments through the execution organize and offer help on a scope of institutional measures to accomplish the end targets. The program will be actualized by the Aayog alongside McKinsey and Company and IPE Global consortium, who were chosen through a focused offering process.

Contact details

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