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Samarth Sangini Yojana-Safety for Women-Madhya Pradesh

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

The Samarth Sangini Yojana was implemented by the government of Bhopal. The Director General of Police (DGP) made instructions clear to the Superintendents of Police (SPs) with regard to the scheme.

The scheme was introduced by the government of Madhya Pradesh in order to check crime that happens against women. The scheme involves NGOs, Anganwadi workers, and helpers as well as agencies associated with the counseling members and other government organizations to take a major step towards getting rid of the problems faced by women.


Highlights of the scheme

  • To increase the safety for women
  • To have better inspection against crimes on women
  • To give women and opportunity to file complaints against any kind of violence
  • To make officials take strict and instant action against the complaints lodged by the women
  • To reduce crime against women

What does the scheme behold?

  • The scheme holds better inspection against crime on women, as per the announcement made by the DGP Mr. Shula
  • The scheme would create nodal officers and the officers will be under the SPs and also the DSPs
  • The authorities as well as the government, have opted to protect women especially in the rural areas of the state
  • Women and lodge complaints against molestation, domestic violence, and rape
  • Under this initiative, the officers who receive the complaints must act immediately

Objectives of the scheme 

  • The scheme aims to provide better safety to the women within the state and would easily be able to conduct investigations.
  • The scheme allows women to take the upper hand against men and if a woman files a case then the report would be considered a crime and actions would be taken accordingly.
  • The objective is also to lower the rate of crime against women to a considerably minimum number and thereby allow women to safely use the roads at night.
  • With the department launching the scheme throughout the state that would allow women from all districts to feel safe at home and outside as well.

How can a woman lodge a complaint?

  • Women can easily lodge a complaint by just stating the person’s name, location or any other details that could be specified by the person who has been harassing her. Then the government police would act immediately.
  • A woman would have to report to local authorities and if the complaint is not filed or investigated the offenses will be considered serious and as an act of corruption.

The results of the scheme so far!

The implementation of the scheme has come up with some effective results and as per the results of the crime rate against women has been reduced considerably. This is essential for the development of the nation and to make India a safer country for women to live in. The success of the scheme was achieved by the department of police and has made the state of Madhya Pradesh a safer place for women.


The implementation of the Samarth Sangini Yojana has helped the women of MP come up with better plans for themselves against violence that are imposed on them. The scheme has allowed women to finally take a stand against the opposite gender and achieve a better position in society. The reduction of crime against women has helped develop the state of Madhya Pradesh and become one of the states in India to act against crime on women.

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