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Sagar Mala Project – PDF, PIB, Map

Mukesh Jindal
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SAGARMALA PROJECT – Sagarmala project is a statistical approach by the ministry of shipping and the central government of india with overall in the estimate of 8 trillion or 120 billion dollars.  It aims to a huge amount of economic growth and increasing the transportation facility and bringing of the GDP value of india by encouraging sea-based trading.  The main aim of the project is to  setting up the new technology and advancement based  6 mega-ports in india,  modernizing the existing  dozens of ports  in india, and improving the developmental progress of 29 coastal economic units,  14 + economic zones development,   building industrial corridor,  connecting  rail,  road and air transport linkage with other existing and newly proposed sea ports.

This project as an initiative of prime minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee in the year 2003 which was again renamed and restarted be the prime minister of Narendra Modi. The vision of the project is to deliver international standard seaport establishments across india.  India has the widest sea corridor which can be utilized in a great way to encourage trading with other countries with low costing.  This can become reality when there is a proper establishment of eco-friendly and feasible support establishments across the sea area available.  It also brings it to the goods and commodities value which are majorly consuming by india and importing through various another mode of transportation.  The costing factor is playing a key role in the in and exports.  By improving seaport transportation,  there will be a good amount of savings in logistics which will be in billions.


This project directing bringing the facility of providing jobs to more than 1.5 lakh population and indirectly the amount of beneficiary population is 10 times more than the direct jobs.  This mega venture expecting a great revenue of 110 million dollars per annum and also become the worlds the largest and huge sea port trading country.  Integration and incorporating the world-class facilities and equipment in all the existing and newly proposed sea ports will give a great beneficiary to the traders and also increase the economical growth of india.

Coming to the background of the proposed project,  the origin proposed by national democratic alliance Atal bihari Vajpayee in the year 2003 as a water equivalent the golden quadrilateral.  It timer for the taking leverage of India’s west coastal line and industrial waterways to improve the developmental growth of industrial sector which will reflect ultimately on the government beneficiary.

The concept and objective

The main concept of the project sagarmala is to drive a prominent and sustainable trading approachment through the sea port area.  This will enhance the credibility and improves the goods delivery quality and time as well. There are various other benefits to the business and the consumers as well with this huge project.


  • Ultimately it reduces the cost of transporting domestic and cargo through the optimized pathway
  • Reduces the cost of bulk commodities through the logistics by means of establishing the industrial capitals near by the sea port
  • Improves the competitiveness in exporting and maintaining a proper systematic approach with respect to clusters
  • Optimise is the cost of eggs in containers movement
  • It also offers a huge advantage to the industries which majorly based on importing and exporting by reducing the logistic costing

It also brings a sustainable connectivity supply chain for the key commodities like,  petroleum products, thermocol, steel,  cement and other raw materials which majorly consumes by  the industrial sector. Alka project info modernizing the existing ports,  there are couple of challenges which needs to strategize,  plan and proceed for the development and progress towards incorporating the advanced technologies which are available across the globe. The main and major challenge is to improving the feasibility and creating a huge expansion scope for the purpose of storage and providing defeasible environment to the traders.

In the same way, developing economic zones is also another crucial part which majorly focusing on reducing the emission and pollution in the port area by providing advanced transportation facility in the sea port cluster.  This is also another big challenge which needs to face by the sagarmala project for the betterment in progress.  Transportation of used materials in an eco-friendly environment is really a big task to the transporter and also the transportation facility provided as well.

To reach all the challenges which are listed and aimed for the progressive development the overall strategic and concept design and implementation will be taken care by the ministry of shipping under the guidelines provided for the sagarmala project.  It covers all the circumstances and the scope of improvement and growth and also what are the additional advantages which can be covered under the project like,  various industrial zones creating near by the sea ports and the scope to the existence,  building an infrastructure which is feasible to the industries and also for the better transportation.  Allowing all kinds of transportation and goods supply within the time frames.  Preparing a proper supply chain mechanism which will be drive by the system the respective of the other existence.



Sagar Mala Project – PIB

Sagar Mala Project – Map

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The sagarmala project is one of the largest and shoes expectation based project initiative taken by the ministry of shipping and the government of india by combining various public and private sector corporation.  The overall project proposed costing is approximately 120 billion dollars.

The project is aiming to develop more than 6 + new seaports which are the best and matches with the world-class facilities and technologies,  also existing dozens of seaports to renew,  more than 14 eco-friendly zones creation and also  covering 29 + zones by connecting with all kinds of transportation facilities and bringing the industrial zone airport area to reduce the  transportation cost and lowering the logistic value as well.

The expected revenue after completion of the project is about 110 billion dollars per annum and it also creates lacs of jobs, directly and indirectly,  it also improves the economic GDP of india. Irrespective of the transportation mode this project connects,  road, airway, rail with seaports to minimize the logistic cost and maximize the production value.  It features the cost reduction in domestic and international goods.  The ultimate goal of the project is to facilitate the in zones to perform complete transparent trading without having any delay or defect delivery and also to bring a sustainable value to the economical growth.

It majorly focusing on the commodities which are consuming domestically by reducing its logistic cost and the exports cost to reduce and increase the course value in the international market by following prominent timely deliverables and increasing the benefits to the companies.  By establishing new industrial zones near by the sea ports will give around 10 to 15% of the existing logistic amount to complete their trading in domestic and international.

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