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SAATHIYA SALAH Mobile App for Adolescents, Resource Kit, PDF, Download

SAATHIYA SALAH Mobile App for Adolescents
Mukesh Jindal
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SAATHIYA SALAH Mobile App for Adolescents – Shri Do K Mishra, Secretary, Health and Family Welfare established the SAATHIYA Useful Resource Kit such as ‘Saathiya Salah’ Cellular Application for teens, here now, as a portion of their Rashtriya Kishor SwasthyaKaryakram (RKSK) Method. Some of many major interventions underneath the programme are the debut of their Peer Educators (Saathiyas) who behave like a catalyst for developing the requirement for its teen healthcare along with devoting age proper wisdom on vital teen medical dilemmas into their own peer to peer groups. As a Way to equip the Saathiyas in Doing That that the Ministry has established the Saathiya Useful Resource Package (such as ‘Saathiya Salah’ Cellular Program).


This cloth has been an exit from the legal stance on customs of your government at which it’s nonetheless to offer validity that is whole. According to regulation, marital rape isn’t punishable. However, the material articulates regarding permission in associations — something that shows this us government’s stance on the issue’s dichotomy. Three announcements from the resource material underline the dichotomy of the viewpoints of their government. “Yes, most teenagers usually fall in love. They could feel the charm to get a pal or some other species of the exact same or another gender,” a paragraph from the fabric reads. It includes which connections really are “predicated on mutual approval” and “boys really should know that if a lady says ‘no more’ this suggests ‘no more'”. One other paragraph, ” that amuses labelling men and women as ‘sissy’ or ‘ ‘tomboy’, claims that currently being “insensitive and impolite isn’t an indication of masculinity” and it really is “okay for boys to enjoy such things as designing and cooking which can be normally related to ladies”. Department 377 has been keeping about the statute books of the country however, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare seemingly has a rack for it. Even though 377 criminalizes homosexuality as ‘unnatural’, ” a fresh reference kit published from the ministry will be telling youthful adults it’s fine to “really feel fascination” for folks by an identical gender, one of the other matters. The Secretary, Family Welfare, and Health established that the SAATHIYA Useful Resource Package, that Comprises the ‘Saathiya Salah’ Cellular Application, on February 20. Improving reproductive wellness and sexual can be an aim of this programme.

SAATHIYA resource kit and SAATHIYA SALAH mobile app for adolescents

MoU for welfare of handicraft artisans belonging to SC

It is likely to soon be guaranteed there surely is their manufacturer classes in marketing and advertising activities along with the participation of planned Caste artisans. The MoU offers extensive and continuous collaboration involving business office of DC (Handicrafts) and also NSCDFC, aiming in the examination and gap investigation as a result of popularising a variety of approaches by retaining consciousness peaks.

Access most recent news and live upgrades around the move in your own computer system with information Program. Down Load The Occasions of India Information program on the apparatus.  MoU is signed with all the purpose of working to enhance the revenue of artisans owned by Scheduled Castes groups. The MoU has been signed at the existence of both Union minister and also Union cloths ministry Smriti IraniThaawarchandGehlot, of empowerment and justice. Smt, Textiles secretary. Latha Krishna Rao and secretary, the ministry of social morals and justice, Rashmi Verma, were found in the affair. It’s going to concentrate on ability up gradation from the clusters having the existence of planned Caste artisans, within adoption of tools and methods, and also the area of market-friendly and advanced layouts.

SAATHIYA resource kit and SAATHIYA SALAH mobile app for adolescents

Ministry of cloths and also the ministry of social unity and empowerment have to get collectively to measure up interventions to its financial creation of an estimated 1 2 lakh planned caste artisans.

Eligibility and Conditions applying for SAATHIYA SALAH Mobile App for Adolescents

Introduced on 9th may possibly 2015Eligibility: Accessible to folks in age class 18 to 70 years using financial institution account.Premium: Rs.1 2 a annum.Payment Mode: The top will probably be straight auto-debited from the financial institution by the reader’s accounts. This really could be the sole way available.Risk protection: For both casual departure and complete handicap — Rs.two Lakh as well as to get partial handicap — Rs.inchLakh.Eligibility: Any man with a banking account along with Aadhaar variety connected to the lender accounts may grant an easy sort towards the financial institution annually prior inch June so as to combine the strategy. Name to become supplied from the proper execution.13

Arrange SwasthyaParikshan Camps, SwasthyaRakshan OPDs along with health insurance and cleanliness comprehension programme Produce awareness concerning the cleanliness of both national environments along with the environment.Provide professional medical assistance and significant aid to the cities that are adopted and colonies.Document demographic info, healthcare requirements, food customs, seasons, and lifestyle etc., prevalence and incidence of disorder as well as their connection to the prevalence of disease.Assess well-being condition along with propagation of the Ayurvedic idea of pathya-apathy and expansion of medical care solutions.

Procedure For SAATHIYA SALAH Mobile App for Adolescents

India is dwelling to 253 million teens that can be largest on earth in conditions of total amounts so if Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCH) apps were established worldwide.

SAATHIYA resource kit and SAATHIYA SALAH mobile app for adolescents

India has been the 1st country so as to bring the ‘+A’ i.e. teenager factor of the RMNCH, rendering it now’s RMNCH+A app. The approach was created to supply an knowledge of ‘continuum of care’ to ensure attention on life phases.

Rashtriya  Kishor  Swasthya Karyakram (RKSK) application is just a medical plan for teens, at the generation of 10-19 decades, that could aim their nourishment, reproductive wellness insurance, and chemical abuse, and along with other problems. This was started on 7th January.

Contact Details

  • Download “Saathiya Salah” app from Google play store.
  • “Saathiya Salah” app was launched by C.K.Mishra, secretary of Health & Family welfare.
  • Toll-free Saathiya Helpline Number:- 1800-233-1250

SAATHIYA SALAH Mobile App for Adolescents PDF

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India can be really a house to not exactly 253 million teens, that could be the most significant from the entire world with respect to total amounts. After RMNCH programs were established internationally, India was the very first state to bring the +A, in other words, teenager element of the Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (RMNCH), rendering it the RMNCH+A app’.

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