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Rogi Kalyan Samiti (RKS)- PDF, Contact Details, Guidelines

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Rogi Kalyan Samiti – In most creating nations, arrangement of essential preventive, promotive and corrective administrations is a noteworthy worry of the Government and chiefs. With developing populace and progression in the medicinal innovation and expanding desire of the general population particularly for quality corrective care, it has now turned out to be basic to give quality social insurance benefits through the set-up organizations. Upgradation of CHCs to Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) is a noteworthy key mediation under the National Health Mission (NHM). The design is to give economical quality care responsibility and individuals’ support alongside add up to straightforwardness.

Rogi Kalyan Samiti (Patient Welfare Committee) Hospital Management Committee is a straightforward yet compelling administration structure. This advisory group, an enrolled society, goes about as a gathering of trustees for the healing centers to deal with the undertakings of the doctor’s facility. It comprises of individuals from neighborhood Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), NGOs, nearby chose agents and authorities from Government part who are in charge of appropriate working and administration of the doctor’s facility Community Health Center FRUs. RKSHMS is allowed to recommend, create and utilize the assets with it according to its best judgment for smooth working and keeping up the nature of administrations. Deficiency of flexible-reserves at locale and sub-area levels to expand the offices and the nature of care with speed and responsiveness is likewise a noteworthy test that RKS is commanded to manage. RKS is the healing facility-based administration advisory group, enlisted as the society under the Madhya Pradesh Societies Registration Act 1973. These are to be constituted in all the general population doctor’s facilities, from Primary Health Center through Community Health Center and common doctor’s facility till District clinic level as office-based administration bodies with the center transmits of patient welfare, enlarging doctor’s facility offices and administrations with the interest of nearby individuals.

Rogi Kalyan Samiti

The objective of Rogi Kalyan Samiti (RKS)

  • Enhance the administration of the healing centers with natives’ support
  • To guarantee easy to use conduct among specialist organizations for proficient human services conveyance.
  • To land at the “Base Service Guarantee” at the office through agreement of RKS individuals and openly showed the same through “Citizen Charter” and consented to open space.
  • Show a Citizens’ Charter in the Health office and guarantee its consistency through operationalization of a Grievance Redressal Mechanism.
  • To work towards up-degree of wellbeing foundation, modernization of wellbeing offices and buy of fundamental equipment for the organization. To impart a persistent upgradation of the office in light of the patient needs and load with reference to the profile of patients and the treatment prerequisite i.e. Maternal Child Health Services, Family Planning Services, Transferable and non-transmittable sicknesses.
  • Give guaranteed rescue vehicle administrations to crises and amid mishaps to the patients inside the spiral locale (catchment area) of the office and the out/in-patients who require referral transport.
  • Organize great quality eating regimen, and medications and stay plans for the patients and their relatives or attendants.
  • To guarantee value through the arrangement of free treatment to the patient’s underneath destitution line, socially and monetarily in reverse gatherings and instruments to take care of their entrance costs (transport, diets, specialists’ stay et al).
  • To embrace uncommon measures to come to the unreached/ disadvantaged groups.
  • Give supervision to support an extension of hospital facility building.
  • Guarantee a proficient and levelheaded utilize and administration of doctor’s facility arrive what’s more, building.
  • Arrange preparing and workshops for staff individuals in their open managing furthermore, guiding techniques.

Rogi Kalyan Samiti


  • Recognizing the issues looked at the patients in CHC/PHC.
  • Gaining hardware, furniture, rescue vehicle (through buy, gift, rental or some other means, including advances from banks) for the healing center.
  • Growing the healing facility working, in meeting with and subject to any Guidelines that might be set by the State Government.
  • Making plans for the support of doctor’s facility building (counting private structures), vehicles and hardware accessible with the clinic.
  • Enhancing boarding/lodging plans for the patients and their orderlies.
  • Going into association game plan with the private part (counting people) for the change of help administrations, for example, cleaning administrations, clothing administrations, symptomatic offices and walking administrations and so on.
  • Creating/renting out empty land in the premises of the doctor’s facility for business purposes with a view to enhance the budgetary position of the Society;
  • Empowering people group investment in the support and upkeep of the healing center;
  • Advancing measures for asset protection through an appropriation of wards by organizations or people.
  • Receiving economical and natural inviting measures for the everyday administration of the healing center, e.g. logical clinic squander transfer framework, sun-based lighting frameworks, sun-based refrigeration frameworks, water gathering and water energizing frameworks and so forth.
  • To give supervision to guarantee satisfactory and safe transfer of doctor’s facility wastes.
  • To guarantee legitimate support of Hospital, Wards, Beds, Equipment’s counting provisioning of safe drinking water and toilets and tidiness of premises.
  • To guarantee simple access to office-based social insurance programs i.e. Janani Suraksha Yojana, Deen Dayal Antyodaya Upchaar Yojana, Rashtriya Swastha Bima Yojana and National Health Programs et al
  • To take an interest in the region wellbeing arranging procedure to guarantee the particular ailment profile and patient necessities are incorporated into the financial plan projections and yearly designs


Those who are interested to take part in RKS executive committee need to have following eligibility criteria.

  • The personage should need to exceed more than 18 years.
  • The resident of India.
  • He has to follow all the rules and regulations of the RKS.
  • In his previous background, he should not have any criminal offense.
  • Also, the member should not be a bankrupt.
  • The member should sound physically and mentally a healthy person.

Rogi Kalyan Samiti


How to Apply

For more information in applying for the RKS Executive Committee, you need to contact the Department of Health & Family Welfare.

Contact Details


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Rogi Kalyan Samiti PDF


As the Rogi Kalyan Samiti was formally established under The Department of Health & Family Welfare in the organization of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The main aim of the scheme is to give welfare to the health of a family. The Society might keep up a move of individuals at its enlisted office and each part should sign the roll and state in that his/her rank or occupation and address. No part might be qualified for practice rights and benefits of a part unless he/she has marked the move as previously mentioned. An individual from the Society should stop to be individuals if she/he leaves, is the fate of unsound personality, ends up wiped out or is sentenced a criminal offense including moral turpitude or expulsion from the post by the excellence of which s/he was holding the participation. The acquiescence of participation should be offered to the Governing Body face to face to its Member Secretary and might not produce results until the point when it has been acknowledged in the interest of the Governing Body by the Chairperson. In the event that an individual from the Society changes his/her address, he/she might advise his/her new deliver to the Member Secretary who should immediately enter his/her new address in the move of the part. Be that as it may, if a part neglects to tell his/her new address the address in the move of individuals should be regarded to be his/her address. Any opportunity in the Society or in the Governing Body might be filled by the expert qualified for make such arrangement. No demonstration or procedures of the Society or of the Governing Body might be invalid simply by reason of the presence of an opportunity in that or of any imperfection in the arrangement of any of its individuals.

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