RICH to setup Agriculture-Park with Rs 25 crore, targets 1 lakh Farmers

RICH to setup agriculture park
Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Telangana Govt promoting RICH (Research and innovation circle Hyderabad) in the State for a new change in the Agriculture, pharma, food grain sector. Through RICH, the Indian government is going to set up an Agriculture technology park in the state worth  Rs.20-25 crore and it will expand in 70-75 acres land. According to RICH, this is the target to provide benefit to around one lakh farmers in few years.


Agriculture technology park will provide training to the farmers by teaching them about new innovative techniques of agriculture and how they can use them. Even though till now there is no training lab in Telangana to facilitate the farmers. The initiative by the RICH is really admirable. RICH have a team of very professional peoples and always try to find the new ways of innovations. RICH is mainly focusing on three sectors which include Agriculture, food grains, pharma, life science and defence. RICH has a very prominent motto innovate-integrate-create impact. RICH is not only constrained for Telangana but it will also give way to the whole nation.

What is RICH?

Research and innovation circle Hyderabad is the top scientific research organization in Telangana. It is a platform for institutions, academies for research programmes. The RICH centre is very innovative with full of technology to fulfil the gap between the technology and industries, agriculture, pharma, aerospace, defence etc.


  • To provide better innovation and technology to the farmers.
  • To provide agriculture training to the farmers
  • To enhance farming life cycle.
  • To do various research on agriculture, pharma as well as food grains.

Significance and Importance

  • When technology enhanced then definitely work become more efficient and easier.
  • It will help to grow better quantity with better quality.
  • Through training programmes, farmers can learn and try to implement their learnings into practice.
  • More and more knowledge will create a lot of impact on the agriculture.

RICH to setup


RICH is working continuously for the state for better research and development to boost agriculture. Agriculture technology will generate more opportunities in the state like institutions and more jobs in the same field.

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