10% Reservation for Upper caste, Required Documents

10 % reservation upper caste
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As before the Lok Sabha election, the Modi Government has changed the Scenario with the great card of Reservation in Hand. The Government announced the Reservation for the people. Who belongs to the Upper caste but are economically Backward. The Reservation of 10 % will be given to those people. The Cabinet of Modi announced the Reservation percentage.

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Whereas the Implementation of the Reservation seems to be difficult. As to ensure the benefits reach to the right hands is the great task. As no constitution has been set for the reservation but as the scheme announced. There would be surely some way out to tackle the problem.

Change in Stream

As per Article 15 and 16 amendments in constitution needed to be done to make sure the implementation of the scheme. As per section 15 reservation for the education and government jobs as per 16 sections of the article. As the Limit for the Reservation has been increased from 49.5 percent to 59.5 percent. The Demand of the Upper caste has to be fulfilled. So the reservation will benefit the  Brahmins, Rajputs and other upper castes.

Who will get a reservation from the upper castes?

The Reservation aims to benefit the Economically weaker section people.  As the points for the eligibility or to attain the Reservation of 10 %.

  1. People with income less than Rs. 8 Lacs Annually.
  2. Farmers having Land less than 5 hectares.
  3. People having Residential Land of less than 1000 square feet.
  4. A plot of residency less than 109 yards as notified under municipality.
  5. Non-negotiable residential plot Less than 209 yards.

Documents Needed for reservation

To get the Advantage of the reservation mentioned above the contender should be having the Documents mentioned below:

Income certificate

Income Certificate has to be given to get the benefit of the reservation for the Income Rs. 8 lac Annually or Less.

Caste Certificate

To get the benefit of the scheme the seeker has to give the Caste proof in the form of Caste Certificate.

BPL card

BPL card is needed to prove that the contender belongs to the poor upper caste and is the eligible candidate.

PAN Card

PAN card is one of the essential document needed for the Jobs and the Services. So it is compulsory for the seeker to give the PAN card details.

Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar Card acts as the Proof of Identity for the Indian Citizen so the candidate is required to give it. As complete Information about the Candidate can be obtained from Aadhaar Card of the candidate.

Income Tax Return

If the candidate from the upper caste has to avail the benefit of the reservation then income tax return details have to be shown. To claim the reservation the details of the Tax filled.

Bank Account Details

The Bank account details have to be given by the candidate such as a copy of the passbook.

Bank Account under Jan Dhan Yojana

Bank account should be linked or opened under the Jan Dhan Yojana. As the account under the Jan Dhan Yojana is opened for the candidate who belongs to the weaker section. 10 % reservation will be given to only those candidates.

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