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Ration card of Jammu and Kashmir is as important as the legal documents are in the other states of India. so it is as important for the people of Jammu and Kashmir as that of other states. The people living in the Jammu and Kashmir can make use of the Ration card to avail the benefit of the different schemes which would help them or benefit them in one or the other way. So the Ration card has great importance in every part of the country as the ration card service was started for the people who can’t afford the ration or the basic food items which are necessary for the humans to survive. To help such people the government started the scheme of giving ration to those people as the scheme is launched by the PDS means the Public Distribution system but the system is functioning under the control of the state government under the name of food and civil supplies department FCS.

Types of Ration Card

The following are the types of Ration card which the people of J&K avail are mentioned as follows. If you are the resident of the state Jammu and Kashmir then you should be aware of the Types of RATION CARD so that you can avail the benefit of the Ration card and their benefits.

  • BPL card– The BPL card is the green and yellow colored cards which are issued to the people of the Jammu and Kashmir and they belong to the region Below Poverty Line, the major difference in the color is to differentiate the rural and Urban areas people availing the BPL cards.
  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana cards – The AAY cards are issued to the people who belong to the category of the poorest families who can’t afford the basic food items and are living in the slum areas. There are  4.797 lakh families who are issued the AAY cards to help such families.
  • APL cards- The APL stand for the Above Poverty Line and issued to the people who are living above the poverty line people. The APL cards are of two types they are saffron and the photo card which are issued to the Rural and the Urban people Respectively.

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Commodities offered

The list of the Commodities offered on the Ration card mentioned above is as follows. You should be aware of the commodities offered on the Ration card to avoid any type of fraud with you.

  1. Sugar
  2. Rice
  3. Wheat
  4. Kerosene Oil

Note- The commodities offered at the ration card vary on the type of the ration card you own to you which commodities will you get check the details below:

BPL card Holders – The BPL card holders will be provided the Wheat, Rice, and the sugar at the subsidized price lower than the market prices.

APL card Holders – The APL cardholders will be provided the Wheat and rice and they will not be given the Sugar at the subsidized prices.

AAY card Holders – The AAY cardholders will be given commodities free of cost.

All the above mentioned are decided by the TPDS means the Targeted Public Distribution System.


Every permanent residence of the state Jammu and Kashmir are eligible to get the Ration card unless they are already a ration card holder of the State or any other state.

Documents Required to avail the ration card J&K

The candidate or the aspirants who want to avail the ration card for Jammu and Kashmir should have the following mentioned documents and also read about the conditions which can be helpful for those who don’t have the documents mentioned below.

  • The candidate should have the three passport-sized photographs.
  • The candidate has to provide the  Proof of residence and it can be any of the following mentioned. Check the list below.
  1. Identity card
  2. Aadhaar Card
  3. Telephone bill
  4. Driving license
  5. LPG Connection receipt
  6. Passport
  7. Voter card
  8. Income Tax  receipt
  • Any other document for the proof of residence.

In case you don’t have the above-mentioned documents then you can present the proof from the local inquiry by the food Inspector for being a bonafide resident.

Note – In case you have the yellow card then the verification will be conducted from time to time about the assets owned by the people to avoid the fraud or the bogus in PDS system.

Government charges for Ration card

The service charges are set by the government for the Ration card service. If you are interested in avail or apply for the Ration card then you have to submit the Government charges for the applicable charges for the service.

New Ration card Charges

It depends on the type of card you are applying for. Check the charges detail as follows:

  1. BPL card Charges- Rs.-25
  2. APL card Charges- Rs. 50

Duplicate Ration Card Charges

In case you have lost the ration card you can get the duplicate ration card and the charges for the same areas mentioned below:

Note– The duplicate ratio card will be issued to the candidate within a month from the date of application of the ration card.

And the charges for the Duplicate ration card are Rs. 100 For both the BPL as well as APL Cards.

You will be issued the Computerised RATION CARD.

How to apply for Ration card Jammu & Kashmir?

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You can apply for the Ration card by making use of the PDF form given below. You can also submit the application by submitting the Ration card Request on the Plain paper as per the regulation by the Food, civil and consumer affairs Jammu and Kashmir. Your application will be taken into consideration. You have to submit the photographs and the other documents as mentioned above.

Application form Ration card Jammu and Kashmir

You can make use of the links given below to get the application form for downloading or viewing the format of application form for the Ration card Jammu and Kashmir.

Application Form for Ration Card  pdf

Ration Card Report with Family details

Click here to get the family detail ration card form pdf

District Wise Jammu & Kashmir Ration Card List Online

To get the District Wise Jammu & Kashmir Ration Card List Online to make use of the information given below and the images along the link given. Have a Look on the steps :

Click here

  • Click on the link given above.
  • Then the district list appears.
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  • Click on the name of the District.
  • The List of the Tehsil appears.

Simar Jeet | SarkariNiti

  • Click on the name of your Tehsil.
  • Click on the name of the village.
| SarkariNiti
  • Click on the FPS name.
    | SarkariNiti
  • Ration card list appears as shown in the image below along the RATION CARD Number.
    | SarkariNiti

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