Rashtriya Bal Kosh

Rashtriya Bal Kosh
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Rashtriya Bal Kosh – The national children fund which is nonother then Rashtriya Bal Kosh, which was formed in the year 1979, its main aim is to raise funds from the individuals, institutions, corporates and others sources only for the welfare and development of the programme meant for the children. This program has just restricted assets which won’t actualize an extensive scale nationwide concede in help program.

The official request of NCF is to build up the youngsters to their potential and in their way NFC will give monetary help to capture the stopping of instruction of skilled and exemplary offspring of Children Care Institutions (CCIs) for the fundamental financial hardship, this is just by giving the grant support to seeking after the scholarly objectives, this might be useful for the kids for a main to an enhanced personal satisfaction in future. The Child Care Institutions (CCI) have them both in broad daylight space and secretly – they run give care and assurance to the vagrants, deserted load or discovered kids, and those in trouble. So as to give them a decent chance to gifted and worthy youngsters shape setting them up for productive business and along these lines prompting quality life, the kids might be helped with an arrangement of giving grant through a quicker and proficient transfer of utilization and an auspicious installment of the same. There are around 2300 enlisted CCIs which will be roughly in excess of 80000 kids. Nonetheless, these kids are being selected at different levels in the Government schools and non-government schools.Unnati scholarships will be provided for children those who are pursuing in class 9-12 stander, till attaining the age of 18 years or on completion of 12th class, whichever will be the earlier, there will be around 100 scholarships will be provided each in class 9-12 (total 400 scholarships, either by merit wise in year per class).

Rashtriya Bal Kosh

Objectives of Rashtriya Bal Kosh

  • Whereas the Rashtriya Bal Kosh will be possessing the following objectives for the welfare of children.
  • The primary target is it enhances the scholarly execution of the youngsters who are living in CCIs keep running according to the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015.
  • Thus, the plan will empower youngsters to instill a feeling of self-reliance and certainty, which will be their natural capacity an ability to go up against the difficulties, all things considered. The future would hold before them.
  • And to make an empowering environment by giving impartial openings and further the quest for perfection throughout everyday life.

So, this is the main objectives, which we found in the Rashtriya Bal Kosh. And whereas the Eligibility Criteria it will be following on the below steps. Check if you’re an application to apply for the Rashtriya Bal Kosh.

Eligibility Criteria for Rashtriya Bal Kosh:

  • The applicant should be seeking the scholarship which should be sheltered in CCIs.
  • The CCI ought to be enlisted under the Juvenile Justice Act 2015 are just those qualified to apply.
  • The candidate ought to have least secured checks around 55% in his last examination of the past class. The school head like vital/responsible for the concerned establishments where the tyke is seeking after the examination, they must affirm the enlistment of the understudy and least 75% participation of the understudy on a yearly premise to empower arrival of grant. In the event that the understudy satisfies all the prerequisite as specified above and didn’t secure the place in the legitimacy rundown of 100 understudies, at that point he won’t be granted to get the grant.
  • Understudies, the individuals who are seeking their investigation from the ninth standard onwards may have the capacity to apply for the grant.
  • The applicant should possess an Aadhar Card linked bank account in a Nationalized bank.
  • The applicant will be receiving the 50% of total scholarship money in case of girl students.
  • The child should not be assisted by any other sources regarding the education, on a regular basis.

Rashtriya Bal Kosh

How to Apply

  • The candidate can discover the researcher plot on the official site of the Ministry of Women and tyke advancement. The NIPCCD in the period of April – June and the last date of getting the application shape CCIs will be 15 July consistently.
  • Consistently the overseeing board of trustees of CCI will recognize the recipients and their qualification criteria and send the applications to the Nation Children establishment.

On receipt of the applications, the National Children Foundation Secretariat will set up a rundown of qualified recipients whose names have been sent to the different CCIs.

Scale of Assistance

The grant for the kids’ will be authorized in earlier years and if NFC chooses to proceed will be the same as given underneath.The following figures may or may not same as per the government provided a scholarship.

For the class IX &X, the amount will be Rs. 700/- per month for a child and a child will be receiving a sum of RS. 16,800/- before completing the X class.

For the Class XI and XII, the amount will be RS. 800/- per month for a child and the child will be receiving the RS. 19200 before completing the XII class.


Rashtriya Bal Kosh

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The Rashtriya Bal Kosh is organized under the scheme of Ministry of Women and Child Development. The benefits will be made only for the development of the children those who are pursuing in the class of IX to XII. The scheme will be encouraging the merit students those who have secured in 100 lists, will be getting the scholarship amount as per the scheme. Furthermore, the grant sum will be given for the time of a year from the date of start of the scholastic year. The aggregate number of grants will be given according to the administration in light of the quantity of CCIs. The understudies the individuals who are benefiting the grant will be conceded the authentication of gratefulness consistently. And the merit students those who got eligibility for a scholarship will be receiving the monthly scholarship amount and this amount will be invested directly into the accounts opened individually by the students.

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