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Rajasthan Sampark is also known as rajsampark. Rajasthan residents are announced with yet another interesting and welfare scheme which will focus the people and their problems. The Rajasthan Sampark Yojana has been launched with the same aim, the scheme will allow the people for registering the online complaints under the portal. The Sampark Rajasthan has been set up with the facility of helpline numbers. The chief minister of Rajasthan has inaugurated the scheme with the location contact helpline sampark portal. So that the problems can be tackled as early a possible.

The complaints received are to be registered on the portal within the 24 hours by hearing the public and try to solve the problems at the earliest as possible.

Online Portal Rajasthan Sampark

Already mentioned in the above paragraph about the online service of the Rajasthan sampark which will help the people to cope up with the problems they faced as the government is trying to solve them and creating more comfort for the citizen of the state Rajasthan. The online portal is designed in such a way that you will get various facilities under the portal of the Raj Sampark. The image for the online portal is also given on the page for the assistance of the user.

rajasthan sampark | SarkariNiti

Advantages of Rajasthan Contact Portal

The list of advantages which are offered at the portal are mentioned as below:

  • The facility to register online problems.
  • Facility of Lodging complaints at the different contact center at the Panchayat Samiti and District level
  • The complaints would be lodged without any charges at the Rajasthan Contact centers
  • The citizen is also provided by the helpline facility by which they can register complaints by calling at 181
  • The mobile application is also available for the registering of the complaints at the portal.
  • There is a check on the cases recorded and the solution provided at the portal. As meeting are held at the concerned department on each Thursday each month.
  • Under the  Panchayat Samiti, level cases are concerned and try to solve the local disputes among the people if people still not satisfied with the solution can contact the  Rajasthan Contact Center.

Rajasthan Sampark Helpline

If you are facing any problem in the department such as work, land disputes, education, school, office, electricity, water, roads, toilets and etc can register there complaints by calling the  toll free number-181 free service which will consider the problem and will make the complaint register for you at the portal and will try to provide you the solution for the register grievance or the complaint.

Points for consideration before you register a complaint at Raj Sampark

  • The complete description for the complaint is required to be written for the complaint you are registering at the portal.
  • You should write the complaint number or the grievance number/ mobile number to remember because it would be required later to check the status of the complaint/ grievance later.
  • If you are registering a complaint through your mobile number then the grievance id will also be sent through the SMS on the registered mobile number.
  • The category of the complaint is also required such as if you are registering the complaint against any employee then the complete info of the employee is required.
  • The document uploaded should be in the scanned form and should be clearly visible images for the uploaded image data.

The complaint registered here have no connection to the complaint in the court.

Rajasthan Contact online

  • To visit the Rajasthan Sampark an online.
  • The following image appears:
    | SarkariNiti
  • Select the option register complaint.
    | SarkariNiti
  • Click on grievance section on the portal.
  • The following image appears as shown below:
    | SarkariNiti
  • Enter the required information such as such as mobile number, complainant name, and address
  • You can also upload the document, image for the complaint or the grievance you are registering at the portal of Rajasthan Sampark.
  • Submit the complaint at the Raj Sampark.
  • Then the second part of the form appears.
  • You have to also complete the information over there.
  • You will be issued with the Grievance Id or you can also make use of the mobile number if you want to check the status of the application.
  • The procedure of checking the Grievance status is as follows.

View Grievance status Rajasthan Sampark

You can view the View Grievance status Rajasthan Sampark portal as the online portal of Rajasthan provide you with the facility of viewing the status of the grievance or the complaint you have registered at the portal.

To view the status of the Grievance


  • Select the option Grievance Id/Mobile number.
  • Enter the Grievance Id or the mobile number.

Reference Image:

| SarkariNiti

Reminder of complaint

The Reminder of the complaint is also possible at the Rajasthan Sampark portal online. For the Reminder of complaint  http://sampark.rajasthan.gov.in/Admin/CompReminder.aspx

The following page appears as shown in the image below:

| SarkariNiti

You have to follow the following steps for Reminder of complaint.

  • Select the option Grievance Id/Mobile number.
  • Enter the Grievance Id or the mobile number.

Rajasthan Sampark App Download

The User of the Rajasthan Sampark is provided with yet another benefit of Rajasthan Sampark app Download which the people can make use. The mobile app is so easy and simple to access as the steps to access the app are simple and similar to the one which is mentioned above so you can make use of the Rajasthan Sampark apk Download to get the benefit of Rajasthan Sampark to your device itself. You can download the app from the link given below and install it on your device to make use of its services.

Click on the link below to get the Rajasthan Sampark App Download for your mobile Phone.


Contact Info

Department of Administrative Reforms

Government Secretariat

Jaipur- 302005 (Raj.), India

Phone: 91(141) 2227889

Toll-Free: 181
E-mail id-r[email protected],[email protected]

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