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Rail Drishti

Rail Drishti

Now the citizen of India can access the Railway Servics at a click. The Railway has started the official site named  ‘Rail Drishti-Dishboard’. It is an online portal. It is designed for the people to help them access the information about the Indian Railway. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal opened the online portal service.

Rail Drishti Online Portal

The Government of India wants to provide its citizen with a convenient service. Now the Indian Railway has made it possible by providing the passenger the access to the services and information online. The launch of the official portal made it possible. You can visit the link below to get to the Rail Drishti the official site of Indian Railway.

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Rail Drishti

Any one from any where can access the official site. The official site can be accessed on laptop, desktop, mobile phones or tablets. As the site is designed for the help of the people around.

Rail Drishti Benefits

There are number of  benefits of Launching and using the official website of the Rail Drishti. You can get to  know about the benefits in the following points:

  • The government launched the official site for the convenience of the public.
  • The Passenger can get to know about the train schedule.
  • System became more transparent each each information regarding the Indian Railway can be accessed.
  • Use of the CCTV in the kitchen of Railway make the system trust worthy.

Service available at Rail Drishti

The service which you can make use of the at the official portal. You can access the services. As the list and the details of the services you can come to know by reading the topics in the article below.

At A Glance

At the Glance is the section where the passenger can make use of the services like Ticketing, Reservation, Unreserved Ticketing, Freight Earnings and Freight Loading Information. Beside this you can also see the network of the trains running  online anywhere any time.


For the convenience of the passenger the government has arranged a section for the user. The passenger can get the status of the various service online. And also you can watch the service status. The digital access to the services like  PNR enquiry, complaint enquiry, ODC application enquiry, shramik enquiry, tender enquiry and freight-related information.  Under the tab you can also access the eight different websites online. As link to those railway sites is available online.

You can enquire about the PNR which means the Passenger Name Record. As the information regarding the same is available on the site. The candidate has enter the PNR number to get the status of the PNR.

Complaint Enquiry

The information regarding registered a complaint is also available online. You have to enter the Complaint Number to know about the status of the complaint registered by the candidate. It is useful step for the user.

Tender Enquiry

Information regarding the tender is made available to help the people. Now the people can get the tender information online. They have to visit the official site. As the link for the online portal of Rail Drishti is above. Then they have to select the railway. To get the information of the tender available and the other information related to it.

ODC Enquiry

If you have to get the information regarding the ODC which stands for the Over Dimensional Consignments. Then you can easily enquire about it by visiting the Rail Drishti Portal. You have to visit the site of the Rail Drishti. Then you have to visit the service section. Thereafter you can enter the ODC Number to enquire about the Consignments.

Shramik Enquiry

Information Regrading the Shramik is also available at the Rail Drishti Portal. As all the required accurate information can be achieved from the website started by the government for the convience of the people. You can enter the Shramik Number to get the information.

FNR Enquiry

The user can know the about the Freight Operations Information by visting the official site. You have to access the online portal of Rail Drishti. Make use of it by entering the FNR number to enquire about the FNR.

Other services

You can also access the other site as mentioned above in the article. In the service column you will also get the link to various other site, You can make use of them. To attain the following facilities.

Trains on Run

Another facility available is  you can track the train. Means you can know about the status of the Train on Run. This information can be useful to the candidates. As they can visit the site and can also call the services of housekeeping staff. Contact number are available in the section of Trains on Run.

IRCTC Kitchens

This one of the best facility type the user can get at the online portal. With the help of the facility the candidate can know the food served to them is hygienic or not. As the user will come to see the IRCTC kitchens live at the portal. The CCTV cameras installed in the IRCTC base kitchens. The passenger can get to know the cooking procedure as well.


A section for the people to register the complaints. The candidate can get to know the status of complaints registered through the Complaint Management System (COMS). The information regarding the number of complaints resolved and still pending will also visible on the dashboard section of Grievances.


The Passenger can also check the  achievements of the railway. In the tab the different Railway Information of  Indian states is available.

Station Images

The passenger can see the  important programs launched by the Railway. The information of the work under the programs. The images of the different areas under the work such as rail network before and after the tasks have been finished.The images will be uploaded.


The cultural side of travelling is also considered by the  Indian railways. The four section has be oranized by the railway under the tab. The information and the tourist services of memorable journeys, rail heritage, trains, 360 degrees virtual tours of routes.


The information regarding the  bills which has to be paid by the user to the Suppliers.On the dashboard you can see the Duration-wise pendency of bills.

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Freight Earnings

This section of the Rail Drishti Portal will allow you the information gain regarding the freight across the Indian Railways Network. The revenue of the day, week, month or year with their zones and commodity-wise breakup is available for the passengers.

Freight Loading/Unloading 

You can also get the access to know about the freight loaded and unloaded, Each time, Quantity and the  number of rakes along with their zones and commodity wise breakup.

Passenger Earnings

This section will provide information about the Passenger Reservations and Unreserved Ticketing. The information about the Number of  passengers, tickets and earnings will be available here. Beside that the data of Unreserved Ticketing, mobile bookings, suburban and non-suburban.


All the information about the activities and the expenses made by the Indian Railways can be seen in this section of expenditure.

Sugam – The Freight App 

It is the aapplication which will guide you about the business of  Indian Railways freight. The customers can keep a touch with the consignments by using this app. By using the application you can get the data of the nodal officers, indent status, prevailing freight rates, rake allocation plans, restrictions applicable and more about the freight performance.

This website of Rail Drishti is designed and developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems, Ministry of Railways, Government of India. All efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the Site.

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