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Goa State Government (Art and Culture of Directorate) has a new scheme to promote writers and publishers in Goa, which has been started to provide financial aid to publishers of the authors and publishers of the book in Goa. Under this scheme, the government has provided financial assistance to the publishers of Goa for the publication of the books of Goa authors in the market.

The main purpose of this scheme is to support the publishers of Goa for publishing books to the publishers of Goa and encouraging them to publish books.

Under this scheme, a total of 300 books will be procured by Directorate of Arts and Culture, in which the total amount should not exceed Rs. 50,000 / – and the publisher will be given a discount of at least 15% on the book price. The main purpose is to promote the work of the writers and publishers of Goa by providing them financial assistance. The Government of Goa has done a very good initiative for the author and publisher in Goa by providing financial assistance to nurture talent and encourage them to write in the field of writing. Goa is rich in cultural and ethnic diversity and this type of scheme will encourage the writer and publisher of Goa.


Benefits of financial assistance to writers and publishers in Goa

A total of 300 books will be purchased by Directorate of Arts and Culture under this scheme, whose total cost should not exceed 50,000 / -.

The publisher will give a minimum 15% discount on the book’s price.

Eligibility for Financial Assistance to the writers and publishers of Goa

Any writer and publisher of Goa is eligible for this scheme.

The applicant should have enough experience in publication.

To get financial support, the publisher will have to publish minimum 500 copies of the books.

The book itself should be published by the author or should be published by any other publishing unit.

No compilation will be considered for this scheme.

The book should be 100% original and the work of translation in this scheme will not be considered.

No other grant will be provided for the printing of the second edition of the books.

Book printing and paper should be of good quality.

The person who has been living in Goa for a minimum of 10 years of his creative life, will be considered as Goa for this scheme.

Essential documents for financial aid to the writers and publishers of Goa

  • Aadhar Card
  • domicile certificate
  • Three copies of the book along with subject and language of the project.
  • Writing details, publication

Details of the cost of publishing the book

  • Process of applying for Financial Assistance to the writers and publishers of Goa
  • Applicants must submit applications submitted by the Department of Arts and Culture in Goa.
  • The applicant will have to submit the proposal to the project along with the following statement.
  • The proposal submitted by the publisher should include three copies of the book, including topics, languages such as language.
  • Before applying for this scheme, the details of the writing, publication by the applicant.
  • Details of the cost while publishing the book.

Reference and Details

Click here for more information on plans to provide financial assistance to the authors and publishers of Goa


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