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Promoting Delivery in Hospitals in Telangana

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

The Telangana Government is going to launch an important project to promote the quality of health services. During childbirth, the hospital will be monitored through the scheme administered by the Telangana Health Department. In the hospitals across the state, art medical technologies will be revived with new and proper infrastructure so that the children of women can get equal modern facilities in private hospitals and nursing homes to avail the services of delivery. Many proposals were also promoted under this scheme so that this project could be promoted among the general public. This plan was announced by Honorable Health Minister, Shri C.L. Reddy.


Meditation on Rural and Tribal Areas

Telangana has a substantial number of private and government hospitals in the cities mainly where children can be delivered smoothly. But the main concern of the health department is the population of rural areas and the tribal belt. Those who either have to compromise with the rural medical facilities of the Government of India or have to go to cities for delivery in hospitals. In some cases, delivery is still done with the help of women of the village with age-old technique. Therefore, more pressure in the implementation of this scheme in those areas where there is a majority of the rural population and tribal people. In order to implement institutional delivery, special attention will be given to rural and tribal communities.

What is the hope for this plan?

According to the announcement of the health minister of the Telangana Government, the government will soon formulate a project plan to promote delivery in hospitals. In the forthcoming budget session, the Telangana Government will allocate a good amount of money to health services.

Below are some key points that are being included in this plan

Under this project, the government can start any cash prize for every delivery. Hospital cash prize throughout Telangana can be increased in the case of delivery in rural and tribal areas of the state. This will help the State Government to promote the idea of institutional delivery in hospitals.

All government hospitals will be upgraded and modern facilities will be used to replace existing medical facilities across the state. The state government will open more new hospitals in the rural and tribal belt. For example, according to the plan, the Government of India has a 50-bed facility in Paddapalli, which will be converted into a hospital of 250 beds.

Providing medical facilities at a very low cost equivalent to a private nursing home will be one of the important ideas of the plan. This will surely boost the beneficiaries in public and private hospitals to make the choice for delivery. More hospitals will be allocated under beds and ambulance plans.

The establishment of the hospital headquarters in all new districts will complete the work of the hospitals located under all jurisdiction and will submit the progress report to the Health Department regularly.

Through more awareness programs, health officials will encourage the general public to promote this scheme throughout the state and avail government benefits. Hospital facilities will be provided for institutional delivery.

Unnecessary surgery and cesarean delivery will be done in more private hospitals with more strict measures.

Government hospitals will get prizes for institutional delivery.

The promotion of the scheme with a promotional offer and the Telangana Government is committed to increasing the number of institutional deliveries, being delivered in government hospitals organized by the government. The government of India will announce some incentives for beneficiaries in hospitals. The Tamil Nadu government is launching similar plans for the people of their state. The family giving birth to the hospital will get prizes of up to Rs. 12 thousand rupees.

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