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Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana (PMRPY) – PDF, Application Form

Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana
Mukesh Jindal
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Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana (PMRPY) – The scheme is started by the ministry of labour and employment  in the year 2016  August by having to provide incentive employers for employment generation by the government of India by paying the employees contribution for eps around 8.33% for the new employees,  for the first 3 years of employment.  This will reduce the cost of employers investment on the employee for additional benefits to provide. The main reason to provide such additional benefit to the employees is to encourage the employees to facilitate a number of population to engage in the employment.

The main objective of Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana (PMRPY)

The employees registered another employee provident fund organization will get the additional incentive of 8.33% contribution for the employee’s eps amount which leads to paying for the employees on monthly basis. By generating a new universal employment number for the new employees the scheme will be applicable and the scheme benefits will be provided to the employers and employees further first 3 years only.  Based on the eligibility criteria 3.67% employee provident fund also pay by the government of india depending upon the employee services and eligibility only.  This additional benefit can be available only specific category population across india.

Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana

This newly launched scheme has double benefits like the employer will get the added incentive for the new employment generation and the other benefit is a large number of workers will be benefited under the scheme.  Which means the scope of getting jobs under an employer is increases at least 30 to 40%. In unorganized sector, the employee will get the social benefits and security provided by the employer and government of india.

Eligibility criteria

The employees who have registered under the employee provident fund organization can apply for the scheme benefits to avoid by following the conditions mentioned below,

  • Along with the registration under employee provident fund organization,  the employer should have also registered in labor identification number a lot under the skin called shram suvidha portal,  this act as a primary reference number to all further communication under the scheme guidelines.
  •  The eligible employer has to follow the guidelines and a reference to the given instructions at the time of providing employment by giving the additional benefits to the employee.  With a proper approachment for hiring an employee will get the benefits announced under the skin like the 12% of the benefits  (8.33% of eps and 3.67% of epf) will be deposited to the employee unique account number generated by the employer at the time of joining.  This will continue all the period of time and give all the benefits as compared to the scheme for at least 3 years of the duration.

Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana

  • Employers who register after April 2016 will be considered as the zero and all employees,  this means the all-new employees whoever join in a respect to the organization will get all the benefits of the scheme party.  All the new employees will get the benefits of 12% directly from the government of India.
  • This is scheme usually targeting the employees whoever having their monthly wages less than 15000/-  to provide financial security after their retirement.  The employees who are not at work anywhere where the organization or fair is not registered under epfo will be considered as a new employee to avail the scheme benefits,  based on the universal account number ( aadhaar number)  the benefits will be provided to the employee.
  •  The benefits listed under the scheme will be provided to the employee for the next 3 years of duration fair the additional benefits can also get based on the employee and employee performance during the period of time.  The overall contribution of the employees will be reduced to the less amount to minimize the spending and maximizing the job creations under the employer.
  •  Specifically, the employer who belongs to the textile industry will get direct benefits like 3.6% of epf contribution to their employees which will be paid directly by the government of India under the scheme.  Majorly the textile industry belongs to the apparel sector dealing with wearing apparels specifically following the nic codes  1410 and 1430.  3.6% off proposed epf amount will be credited agonist and employee after successful completion of employer deposition.  Based on the industry as mentioned textile and all other subcategories which comes under the textile will be counted and considered under the special epf loan scheme.
  •  In case of any false statement made by the employer or fail to proteus proper documentation at the time of verification further validating the scheme benefits,  then the employer has to wait for a long time  to continue with the benefits provided by the government of India and also the allergen statement is true then the employer has to face the penalties as well.  The duration provided the benefits under the also bear by the employee itself.
  • As committed the scheme duration is for 3 years to any of the employees who join under an organization.  The complete scheme benefits can be availed by employee and employer for the period of 3 years without having any difficulties.
  •  The complete setup of existing and new employees list will be multiple the government of India ministry of employment.  The oral scheme benefits and proper approachment of the scheme monitor.

Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana

PMRPY Apply online

To apply online for the scheme click on the link given along to avail the benefit of the scheme.PMRPY Apply online

Steps to apply

The steps to apply online are given below check the steps carefully to apply the scheme online.

  • Click on the link given above.
  • Register yourself at the portal.
  • Enter your details and the  LIN/EPFO registration ID.REGISTER
    | SarkariNiti
  • Enter the organizational PAN number.
  • The procedure is explained in the pdf below.


PMRPY Log in

Login yourself either you can visit the official website of the Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protasahan yojana or click on the link given along PMRPY LOGIN

Steps for log in

  • Click on the link given above.
  • Enter the username and password.

S0me Important Links

Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana (PMRPY) PDF

Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana (PMRPY) – Application Form


There are certain strategies and proceedings followed by the employee and employer to get the benefits of the scheme irrespective of the locality and additional factors.  This scheme mainly aiming to provide a proper employment to all the people who are jobless and looking for new jobs.  By providing additional wage and also the spelling of 8.33% on an employee for securing their financial status about 3 years duration will give a great advantage to the employees to have.

By taking second part by the government of India to provide financial security to the employee will give additional advantage to the employer to cut off on their additional investment on an employee for at least 3 years duration.  This will also bring the additional advantages to avail by the employees like 3.67% of epf amount which will be directly credited to the employee unique identification number provided based on the aadhar card.  This will give the financial benefits after the retirement stage.  An employee who is registered under the scheme will get the benefits till the year 2020.

There are certain standards and protocols followed by the scheme to provide these benefits like,  the employers should register under the license agreement of labor which is mandatory to register an employee under the scheme.  Focusing on the textile industry, the additional benefit of 3.67% epf will be credited to the employee account directly irrespective of their employer’s.  Also the benefits of getting the advantage of more number of employment and availing the benefits the government of India offering various other additional benefits to the employees to avail at the time of recruiting an employee.  By providing all the valley documentation of an employee under the scheme the employee also benefited on various methods.  The oral screen printing of the new job creation and benefits to the employees as well.  Spending on an employee for various social welfare benefits are drastically reduced and the amount can be Spencer organizational growth by the employers.

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