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Pradhan Mantri Gram Sinchai Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sinchai Yojana
Mukesh Jindal
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Pradhan Mantri Gram Sinchai Yojona – This scheme was launched in the year 2016. This initiative was taken by the central government to provide water to every small farmer for better cultivation. Every year farmers in India commit suicide because of drought, which is a major concern for policymakers and legislators of the country. That is why rural development ministry, the ministry of water resources and various other departments of Indian government have taken this initiative. The motto of this project is to provide adequate water to every small farmer. Because of drought and lack of infrastructure, most of the small farmers the in the country can’t provide sufficient water to their crops.

  • The central government will apply different techniques to reduce wastage of the water by the farmers.
  • Government authorities have created special team of expert to use water efficiently for the crops.
  • Different techniques for irrigation will be taught to the farmers like drip irrigation, sprinklers, rainwater irrigation and various other advanced techniques.
  • The government will use expert team of agriculture specialist of ensure more drop per crop. The main aim of the government is to use maximize the application of water so that they can prevent the crops from getting spoiled due to drought.

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sinchai Yojona

Objective of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sinchai Yojana:

Since independence, India had an agriculture-based economy. The central government of India took the Green revolution initiative to increase the agriculture-based productivity of this country. The main problem of the advanced hybrid seed is, it needs more water and fertilizer. Previously farmers used to dig canals to supply water to their fields. Recently due to drought, the groundwater level has been decreased and the agriculture-based production has also decreased. That is why the central government took this initiative to rejuvenate the agriculture in the country. India will adopt the advanced technique of irrigation from different countries for a sustainable growth in the agriculture. The main objectives of this initiative are:

  • Send adequate water to every farm in this country. Which was named as “har khet ko pani”.
  • Distribute water to every farmland by using advanced technology.
  • Adopt different techniques of micro irrigation like sprinkler gun, drip irrigation etc.
  • Reduce the wastage of water for better irrigation. This step is needed to send sufficient water to the farmland. This part of this scheme was named as “ more drop per crop.”
  • Adopt different techniques for saving the natural source of water. Like rainwater harvesting technique.
  • Recycle and use the urban wastewater for irrigation purpose in small farmlands.

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sinchai Yojona

Major Components Of This Scheme:

The central government has allocated $7.7 Billion for the implementation of this project. Both the central and state government will be responsible for the implementation of this project. In the normal rainfed areas the center will bear the 75% of the cost and the state government will bear 25% of the total cost for the implementation of this project. In the north-east part of India, the central government will bear the 90% of the total cost and the state government will bear 10% of the total cost of this project. To reach the grassroots level, block level officers, and district level officers will monitor the implementation of this project.

Benefits Of This Scheme:

Farmers will now get help from experts to adopt the new sustainable technology of irrigation. The irrigation process can be completed in a scientific way. It will reduce the water wastage and with help of minimum water more crops can be irrigated now. The central government has already allocated $7.7 billion for the development of this project. Small farmers will get a subsidy for adopting the latest technology for irrigation purpose.

Eligibility and Conditions Of This Scheme:

Small farmers and large commercial farm, both will get the benefit of this scheme. The farmers have to enlist the name to the block level or district level governing officials to enlist their farmland. They will get the basic knowledge and support to adopt the new technology for their farmland.

Required Documents:

The farmers have to submit their voter card and adhar card to the district or block level governing bodies to avail the benefits of this scheme. The farmers have to enlist the map of their farmland for the implementation of this scheme.

How To Apply:

Farmers have to visit the block level or district level development offices to enlist their farmland. Then they will get expert advice on the latest technology of irrigation. Experts will also provide them the health card of their soil so that farmers can have a good idea about the quality of the soil of their farmland. The soil health card will help them to cultivate the right crop for their farmland. It will reduce the wastage of fertilizers and water and farmers will get maximum crops by using less resource.

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sinchai Yojona

Contact Details:

Farmers can get help by contacting the Block Development office (BDO) or the office of District Collector. They have to enlist the map of their farmland to get the benefit of this scheme.

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Agriculture plays the major role in Indian economy. Recently lower level of groundwater and drought has affected the Indian farmers. To rejuvenate the Indian agriculture, a sustainable step was needed. The modern hybrid crops need more water compared to the natural breed of the crops. Adopting the micro irrigation process will reduce the wastage of the water and the crops will get adequate water. Also, the recycling of the city water will be used for irrigation purpose. Previously drought had affected the small farmers and the economy of this country. After adopting the micro irrigation technique, crops are not going to be affected by the drought anymore. Also, farmers will get soil health card, which will help them to choose the right crop for their farmland. Choosing the wrong crop was also a reason for poor cultivation and small farmers didn’t have enough money to support such examination. Now farmers can get a better result by using the minimum amount of resources.

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