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Pradhan Mantri e-Basta Scheme

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Over the past couple of years, the Modi-led government has introduced numerous schemes to better the lives of the citizens of India. Irrespective of one’s financial background and religion, the Pradhan Mantri schemes have benefited the public. From pension to insurance and several other saving schemes for the people, the government has looked at all the facets of society and attempted to raise the bar, thus inevitably reducing poverty and increasing employment by giving people opportunities.

Next, is the eBasta scheme, through which the Government of India is looking to better the way education is imparted to children across the country. A branch of the Digital India campaign launched by Narendra Modi, the eBasta looks at centralising education on one online portal for all to access. The initiative is managed and run by the Center for Development of Advanced Computing.


What is eBasta?

  1. Basta, a Hindi word meaning school bag, is an online platform that teachers, publishers and students can access using the internet.
  2. On this platform, all the books – depending on the curriculum – is uploaded, and students and teachers have to only download the material and study.
  3.  The material which can be downloaded from the eBasta portal can be read on one’s mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  4. All that the students and teachers have to do is to select the curriculum they are currently following and the material is available on the site for download.
  5. The books are selected and organised by the school faculty according to the Board they fall under and the curriculum for the year.

Benefits of eBasta

The eBasta has come as a convenient option for publishers, school teachers and students with regard to accessing material that falls in the curriculum of the year.

  • For publishers, all they have to do is to upload the material they would normally publish for the year on the eBasta platform. School teachers would then access the material uploaded online by the publishers and decide which material their students have to access – pertaining to their curriculum.
  • With digital boards becoming the latest means of imparting knowledge to students, the eBasta comes to school teachers as a sigh of relief. Now, all teachers have to do is select the material they wish to download – following the curriculum of the year and the subject – and the material will be displayed or shared with their students.
  • For students to access the study material on the eBasta portal, they have to use the eBasta app to download the material on their phones, tablets and computers. The material they would have to download for the year – following their curriculum – would already be selected by the publisher and their school teachers. With this, accessing school material hasn’t been easier.

The eBasta app

  • For students to access study material on the eBasta portal and download it, they would first require having the eBasta app.
  • Using the app, students have to just download the material selected by their teachers and the publishers according to the curriculum of the year.
  • This way, a student can always access his/her study information and there wouldn’t be a case of losing the material as would be with a physical book.
  • With technology penetrating into all the sections of society and improving lives by primarily making it convenient, the eBasta scheme is yet another beneficial advancement for society.
  • With the online platform, accessing material required to study for teachers and students has never been easier.
  • This also has helped publishers in numerous ways. Now publishers can directly upload their material, get recognition and lastly get direct and immediate feedback on the material that they are sourcing.

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