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Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana Kendras (PMBJP) – PDF, Price List, Application Form

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Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana Kendras (PMBJP) – The initiative of the scheme taken by the Department of Pharmaceuticals,  Government of India under the guidance and protocol given by the Ministry of Health,  Government of India in 2016.  The main aim of the project is to provide the quality medicines to the people at an affordable price through the various special kendras opening across India.  These stores are purely for the purpose of providing quality medicines at an affordable cost to each and everyone.  These medicines basically called as the generic medicines which are available in the market also but to encourage people to get other medicines and get the profits from the companies that generic medicines or not popularized.  To avoid such situation the Government of India taken a great noble cause to provide quality medicines to the people at an affordable costing,  where the amount taken for the medicines are purely based on the MRP and in some cases the amount will be lesser than the MRP.

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This generic stores or special cameras avoid selling branded medicines which are more expensive compared tothe generic medicines. The overall procurement and maintaining of the stores will be taken care by the Bureau of Pharma public sector undertakings of India which will be under the department of pharmaceuticals,  Government of India.  This day bureau will monitor and execute the requirements and transactions of each and every generic Store established across India.

Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Pari Yojana Kendra

The base of this project is in the year 2008 with a noble cause of providing quality medicine at an affordable costing as named Jan aushadhi by the government of India,  this campaign basically aims for providing generic medicines through the Exclusive outlets established in India namely Jan aushadhi medical stores.  This scheme successfully Ran until the September 2015. Later the scheme was revamped and named as Pradhan Mantri Jan aushadhi Yojana in the year 2016 November and again renamed as Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan aushadhi pariyojana.  With adding few more additional benefits to the user Who is facing financial issues due to buying the branded medicines.

The working hours of the stores start from 8 a.m. To 8 p.m.  The therapeutic type of medicines are all compositions available in this Jan aushadhi stores.  These tours also provide the surgical items which are provided by Bureau of Pharma public sector,  and also these stores sell the medical products commonly sold for necessary drugs and also the medically related equipment which is basically used.  By coordinating all the supply chain and procurement for the requirement of drugs,  The Bureau of Pharmaceutical public sector and ensure the quality,  safety, and medical standards before sending to the Jan aushadhi stores.  The testing and approval authority will be given to the enabling approved Laboratories across India.  These labs should give a proper testing and approval for buying these medicines and distributing to all stores as well.  This stores majorly opened by the NGOs,  charitable institutions,  the doctors,  trusts and private hospitals who are serving people and working towards Social Welfare as well.  These stores should have a qualified B Pharma or D Pharma degree holder As your pharmacist to provide medicines to the customers.

Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Pari Yojana Kendra

The financial support for these Jan aushadhi stores available from all kinds of people in India specifically like NGOs,  public and private sector agencies and also individuals who are willing to establish Jan aushadhi stores in the government hospital and other premises.  The bppi  will provide one time financial assessment and assistance to the stores of rupees 2.5 lakh as rupees 100000 as the reimbursement of furniture and fixtures and the 100000 by way of providing free medicines at the starting stages and the remaining 50000 you will be for the computer and connected to printer to generate bills and a scanner for additional document processing.  The overall trade margin for this stores is a maximum of 20% and the minimum of 2%.  In case of the medication drugs are expired,  then those drugs should return to the bppi according to the protocols and guidelines are given.  The return stock stated as the expiry will be a loss to the BPPI only.

People who are looking to open a Jan aushadhi store need to provide if the valid post-dated cheque for availing the benefits and approval for establishing a store.  Within 60 days of time, the confirmation and further proceedings can start by the applicant along with the guidelines provided by the bppi.

Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Pari Yojana Kendra

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This scheme is really Appreciable and noble causing further people who live in India and having health complications and unable to procure the medicines which are prescribed by the doctors from the respective brands at an expensive cost.  These Jan aushadhi stores provide the complete drugs and medicines and also other medical equipment at an affordable costing which is comparatively lesser than the branded drugs.  This medicine composition is same as the branded drugs but the first just in the brand name only.  Due to lack of awareness on this Jan aushadhi medicines, many of the people are unable to avail the benefits of the scheme.

These Jan aushadhi stores are available across India and provide all kinds of major and minor drug medications for a lesser cost.  As per the guidelines of the government of Pharmaceuticals, at least one generic or Jan aushadhi Store should be available nearby the government hospital premises to provide the drugs at laser cost.  More expensive drugs are also available at cheapest costing where the total difference is huge.  In case of any drugs are not available,  the customers can request for a particular drug which can be available according to the stock availability at bppi.  These stores or working from morning 8 a.m. To evening 8 p.m.

These stores are managed and run by a qualified B Pharmacy or D pharmacy pharmacist only.  Each and every drug information should be available. According to the doctor prescription, a patient can get the medication with the same composition in this Jan aushadhi stores,  which means you respect to of the drug brand the same composition which is helpful for the therapeutic procedure can avail in this Jan aushadhi stores for the lesser cost.  These medicines are comparatively very lesser price than the branded drugs available in the market.  Just, for example, the branded drug which is available at rupees hundred can get the same composition drug in Jan aushadhi store for rupees 10.  By knowing the details of this information people can avail the Jan aushadhi Store medication for the therapeutic treatment.

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