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Power Tex India scheme

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

The power loom sector has a crucial role to play in the development of the country. The government of India has launched a new scheme this year for the Powerloom sector. The power loom sector has a lot of potential for growth and all it needs is some support and inspiration. The main aim of this scheme is to boost the standards of the power loom sector all over the country. This will help to increase its reach globally which is again a very good step. This scheme was launched at two places by the ministry of textile. It was launched in Bhiwani in Maharashtra and Erode in Tamil Nadu. It was also launched in almost all the power loom centres of the country.


Components of Power Tex India scheme

Now there are some sections which will be under major focus in this scheme. The main components are listed below.

These components will unite to add to the development of the power loom sector.

  1. In-situ up-gradation of plain power looms 

There are some units of the power loom sector which need a lot of financial assistance. These units which are economically weaker low-end units need up gradation which comes in the form of money. This will help these units to upgrade plain looms into semi-automatic/shuttle less looms.

This Assistance will not only help them with the infrastructures but other fields as well. The fabric quality is very crucial in the power loom sector and so it needs major attention. This assistance will improve it and increase the productivity as well. This component also covers units of the power loom which have up to 8 rooms.

  1. Yarn Bank Scheme

Suitable funds will be provided according to the requirements of small weavers. The fund will be interest-free and is basically meant for specials purpose vehicles (SPV) / consortium. This is going to greatly help them further.  They can purchase yarn at the wholesale rate and sell further at reasonable prices which will be very beneficial to everyone. This component has a specific purpose which is fulfilled very well through this process. The charges applied due to middle man / local supplier’s brokerage will be cut off and therefore it will help the weavers a lot.

  1. Pradhan Mantri Credit Scheme

The Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana has taken up the initiative to provide loans to these power loom units. Also, weavers which are decentralized are also provided with the same benefits.

  1. Solar Energy Scheme

The solar plant is very important and requires proper funds for the installation process. This financial assistance or capital subsidy will be provided under this component of the scheme. Power Tex India has, therefore, a very well defined and planned approach towards everything. Now, this component is subdivided into two options which are given below

  1. A solar photovoltaic plant on a grid without any battery backup.
  2. A solar photovoltaic plant off the grid with battery backup.

These two options or basic components will help this main component to achieve high production levels. Also, the quality is going to be improved a lot. The plantation of solar off grid plans will need subsidy which will be around 50% to 90%. This agenda is working for the use of solar energy in the power loom sector. The emphasis is on its development.

All these components of the Power Tex India Scheme are working unitedly for the development of this sector. Also, the competition in the global market is not so easy and certain. This scheme definitely helps the power loom to achieve global level recognition. It all depends on the working of the scheme and these components which will further decide the status of power loom in the national and international markets. All these steps also help the power loom sector to become self-reliant.


The power loom sector has a lot of potential and growth if its implementation is taken in the right direction. The components included under it are very crucial and effectively work for the development of the overall scheme. Global market recognition is a heavy word but if the process goes in the right direction, it can be achieved easily. We hope that the scheme works the way it is planned and all components keep working well and fair on their part so that the overall progress is not hindered.


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