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Mukesh Jindal
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The Central Government of India has announced a new scheme that is called the ‘Power for All Scheme UP‘ which is intended to provide 24 hours electricity supply for the people of Uttar Pradesh. Under this scheme, the government will provide 24 hours electricity supply to every house of the state by the year 2019.
The CEF officer has ordered the Power Corporation of Uttar Pradesh to create a list of electricity defaulters of all the villages within the state. The government will construct power stations to provide electricity 24/7 to households.


About the Scheme

Citizens of Uttar Pradesh will now avail the benefits of electricity supplied 24 hours under the Power for All Scheme UP. According to government reports of 2016, there were about 2.54 crore houses in all the villages of UP. Around 60,54,000 houses had been enjoying the benefits of electricity being supplied 24 hours a day.
The more recent decisions of the central government are to provide 24 hours electricity to all households under the Power for All Scheme UP. There is a total of 2,54,75,017 houses in the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh and 60,54,978 houses have electricity connection.
Under the Power for All Scheme UP, the government would establish new powerhouses and stations to provide 24 hours of electricity to households of the state. The government will provide electricity to people according to the government data under this scheme.
The Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh has launched many schemes after assuming power. Mr. Yogi himself has said that people feel that we are working fast but in reality, the government must work at this speed. On Friday the Yogi Sarkar lay down the foundation for a fulfilment of another promise made during his election. Now the 24/7 Power for All will be signed between Uttar Pradesh and the Central Government of India.

Important things to know about the Power for All Scheme

• The mission is to provide reliable and quality electrical power to all houses by 2019
• The Central Government and the UPA Government’s goal is to make the 24/7 Power for All electricity supply scheme available for every household in UP until September 25, 2018
• To fulfill the ambitious resolution of the state government, a target of electrifying about 1.12 crore rural areas and 0.15 crore unauthorized homes of urban areas has been targeted at the war level
• Ujwala scheme of the central government has been implemented in the whole of the state from today.
• On the other hand, there is also a plan to give an energy efficient. Through the distribution corporations, the Government of India initiative EESL plans to sell energy-efficient bulb at INR. 60 and tube light at INR. 250 and fan at INR. 1150.
• Like rural cities, rural consumers will also be provided with online e-payment facility through an online portal at www.uppclonline.com
• e-governance will be implemented to realize the dream of Digital India.
• The toll-free number will be able to complain to the consumer on 1912.

Objectives of the scheme

• Is to provide the whole state of Uttar Pradesh with electricity 24/7
• Providing every household in the urban area wth quality electricity
• Providing the poor with cheap and efficient electricity

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